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LoL - Riot vs Pro Gamers - League of Legends

by CasualProGamer • 1,713,152 views

The Riot team got to pick the champions for the pro gamers and went for 5 support characters. The idea behind it being that they could still kill them with ignite and burst damage. Riot team...

hello, Riot games I contact you for a bug in my League Of Legends because I did 2 left and I crash I still access the games my little I play and I took over 20 afk leave buster aumoin I am a person of French riot staff was raising me to leave my Bouster and help me to solve my beug I Esper a raipons as soon thank you from wallowing comprension.
back then when riv... didnt have silver hair
I completely forgot Kobe was in this match and Dyrus was still on EG, what a throwback! XD
its funny cus in season 4,5 u realize tht this was a 5 support game. were these champs op in season 1?
+Aditya Mehra Just because they make the game doesn't mean they're good at it
LoL has sure come a long way....
after that match, Karma, Taric, Sona, Soraka and Janna got nerfed.
Riot should do more of these
hope most people here..understand that this was like..over 2 years ago :/
Does anyone know the name of the shoutcaster on the left?
Hopefully game would get to look at graphics more like HoN (Heroes of Newerth) than now ,which looks like dota 1 . IF i'd saw the game in this state ,2011-ish , i would uninstall it .. from my head and intentions .
10:24 juke is nothing compared to Dota 2...
I played league when it looked like this needless to say I uninstalled it. Now I'm back and the game looks much better.
True, i did the same thing, and now im playing ranked everygame :-)
+Will Ozellman I guess that is true because I heard when the game came out some people build ad swain because that don't know the difference between d and ap 
Why people calling Riot in to rito.. Still am Riot name for me. Since I went LoL website. And the name is still "Riot"
rito ples no kapparino
It happens when Riot made an april fool video and at the end of the video, the Riot Gaming logo was suppose to have 'Riot' and a fist but it showed Rito...and the rest is history
I looked for 25:30 that moment for sooo long :;D
xpeke backdooring assses even from rioters since season 1
Best league of legends video in history.
omg:( season 1 league of legends was terrible as that commentator XD
Dyrone and sexPeke? young bloods! edit: knew I recognised "xPeke" should have listened to comms!
is that guy in the yellow supposed to be xpeke???? i cant see him anywhere
Dyrus and Shushei 100kg ago!
Why does it even matter? Seriously don't people in season 4 understand at all that it doesn't matter who you play where but it's how well you play them and btw in season 1 anyone go anywhere
+Karn Phutanate indeed back in the days i remember cait was op in mid
Shoutcasting while being high, was that a season 1 thing too?
As far as I know Rivington is still in silver.
Too bad Phreak got fired gonna miss his commentating. No more tons of damage from him
+FF Breezy there is a translate button under your text. lol
Gotta love the time when anyone go anywhere without people rage quitting or flaming... Soo sad I didn't played that time T_T
Wow Riot picks the MOST NOOB champion EVER. Master Yi. Know u know what Riot is ... Also that greedyness at 18:00 says enough about Riot right?!!!
You know I absolutely HATE when people say things like noob champ like wtf are the champs made for if they don't use them
He's most likely bronze
Best HD ever from Nokia 3310
hakirk streaming, challenger EUW going for first place in 48 session
Is it just me or would be great to go back to season 1 and 2? I know it sounds stupid and is pretty much impossible to play in both the current season and in patches from the oldest seasons, but come on, would be great wouldn't it?
Who is the guy in the yellow sweater, is that xPeke?
lol 35:24 haa gayyyy! xDDDD
If you missed it, how do you know it was better..?
what even was this on ?
Is that someone on Dyrus's account? Cuz I didn't see him at all there!
so fun to see those classic tsm players: Dyrus, Regi, Dan dinh.
+Adam Lmao yes, dyrus was on epik gaming at that time, the team that had westerice 
Make Jack Frost champion
What have lissandra
my god those guys were noobs xDDDD
It's interesting to come back and visit this. "AP Karma is never going to happen" haha
Man, shout casting is half of the game. It makes the game more exciting.....
I got quite suprised when i saw kobe as a pro XD and not a riot'er ;) I didn't know he used to be a pro :D
Riot vs SKT T1 who will win
season 1 was better than season 4... i missed season 1
Very nice! :) Hi from Latin America!
Phreak uses his mouse with his left hand??!!
Oldschool Karma <3 Fuck yeah, dem times.
xPeke en esos momentos se marcaba el backdoor con soraka D:
why did the riot lose to a pro gamer
heart of golds and philosopher's stones stacks.. the feels!
It's so funny watching this in seasen 4 it changed so much
Rivington so shitty, lol.
Where the fuck is xpeke?
lol its only taric that hasnt got a splash art rework
He was already fabulous
Anivia too. She still haves her old Splashart.
who's the guy in the yellow from the pros?
wewillfailer, he was the substitute player for Fnatic and played for xPeke the first two days (due to some travelling problems). That's the reason he's using xPekes account. Later on he was in a pro team as a regular player for a short while. As support i think, but can't tell you which team.
Where were xpeke in that place? i can't reconigzed
the pros play only supp and win 
I'm kinda disappointed that RIOT isn't doing stuff like this anymore. Except for the "URF" game some weeks ago, they didn't do anything exciting this season (like some Dominion / Aram / RIOT vs Pros / whatever).
I have phreak as friend on LoL
phreak probably has like over a hundred friends
Probably even more than that
Who cares when it was or how good the characters are they used, a good match is a good match! Plus im pretty sure they never made a bad character, all there characters can be just as good if you know what your doing. If you disagree with this, you might sadly be admitting that you don't :D. (MIND BLOWN)
Stop using high settings if your pc cant take ıt
Back when league was a good game ... lol
DYRUS is gonna be the next rioter :)
Dat Soraka walking animation tho...fckn zombie.
25:35 Best Critical Ever !!! hahahaha
i played with Jeff Jew before
Remember when wriggles gave lifesteal, yeah i do to. GIVE ME BACK WRIGGLES DAMNIT
who is riot and who is pro gamers?
2:50 maybe he does tons of dmg :O
anyone else think the guy with long hair sounds like robin williams mrs doubtfire? :D
Report commentators OP
Omagad, Kobe was a pro player !
Oh the good old LoL... 😄
What it takes to become a pro in LoL? 
wich one of these guys is peke? i cant find him
Phreak goddamnit where are your 6 trinity force ?
Doublelift deals tons of damge
Sona and soraka duo lane is really good tho
i remember watching this game on stream xD
terrifying? I would say TARIC-fying huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue
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