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Adventures With Aviator - Cloud Surfing --- (Wingsuit Adventures With Aviator!)

by AviatorShow • 15,046 views

More Details Here! Music By Sean Fournier: As always, thank you so much for watching...I...

Molnsurf När jag drömmer ser det ut så här.
Man coming back to these adventures. I lost my old acc and forgot to resubscribe to you, man been a few years but these videos still are amazing.
Glad you like them still man, it is good to have you here.... Welcome back.
Eric I just love your skydiving videos! They have so good quality and awesome filming jobs :). It sucks for me because I cant go skydive myself 'cause of the winter weathers (windy and cloudy ). This really cheers me up and makes me wait for summer and blue skies. Love<3 -Stealtti
@xDoubleKProductionsx We can achieve glide ratio's as high as 3:1. Meaning that, for every foot we drop, we travel 3 feet forward. We can fall as slow as <30mph and travel horizontally as fast as ~200mph if we are really pushing it. Not both at the same time though. We usually drop at 60-80mph when are are going for maximum horizontal speed. Flight times are ever-increasing. We have exceeded 5 minute flights at my drop zone from 23,000'.
hey eric what do you need to do to get enough experience to use wing suits cause i really want to use one some day :)
That was really epic! Your channel is awesome, keep it up! :D
what was that thing he pulled off the parachute after it was deployed?
I can't stop watching these Clouds, Aviator I swear you need to upload more epic skydiving videos!
@TheAv8tqr how much does it cost to go on one of these?
Eric, you're an inspiration to me! I strive to live my life like yours every day!
@stealttiFIN You need 200 skydives before you can start wingsuiting. Talk to Scotty Burns at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL for more information. You can contact him via facebook dot com slash scottygofast
@joshjamesjones17 I am terrified of heights. That just makes it more exciting. The way I see it, I can control my fear or I can let my fear control me.
Awesome video, would love to do something like that, shame about being afraid of heights :P Absolutely love the music though, nice to relive the beginning of Music Mondays. Keep up the great content Eric.
i dont understand how anybody can dislike this
Boy, you sure got some balls... I think ima stick where humans were meant to be... the ground...
at first i thought this was aviator skydiving and I had mad respect for him but then he says that its someone else so that new found respect has disappeared completely.
Hey Eric what is a good source if info on skydiving and wingsuit gliding I'm only 16 so I have 2 years where I live to go but I would like get Info
how come you dont jump out of your own planes?
I used to be an av8ter like u..,. But then i took an arrow to the knee
SEAN FOURNIER!!!! :D I remember when I first listened to him because of your music monday. Thanks Eric :)
Drop Me A Like Guys? I'd truly appreciate it! :D
A few questions cuz i would love to go skydyving. ok so 1 is how much does it usually cost? 2 is how high were they? and do you go skydiving Eric if you could answer THX!!!! love you all homo lol
@MrOllyharrison I had exactly THE Same question:p
Btw how many jumps were needed / what lincence was needed for permissing to fly with wing suit?
dude.....this is the one thing am gonna do before dying
dude you live such an epic life, if i do half the stuff you do in a life time that'd be great.
do you fly more forwerds then you fall down?
wow this was epic i love your vids man you are by far my favorite youtuber and as always great music choice
@TheAv8tqr. How long does it take to get your skydive licence?
I'm sure if you uploaded this video with the original audio, all we'd hear is PHHHHBWPBPPBPHHHHWWWWWFFFFPHWWWWWBBBB
Sean Fournier is perfect for your videos Eric!!! You should put some of his musics more often :D
Erik you are probably one of the coolest people on youtube, love watching your vids when they actually hit my sub box and love watching your streams.
Now I Want To Skydive!!!!!!!!!!! (^v^)
This deserved to be added to favorites, THAT WAS SO AWESOME!! Btw you now have the right to ask for likes in case I forget
looks as if if is BIG FUN!!! and with that song on your eartubes - must be great! i imagine flying in a wingsuit with more than 300 km/h - WOW, human testarossa
I need to come do this with you Eric, I'm terrified of heights but I think I could manage. :)
Eric..Do you realise how cool you are..? :D
if you want crazy skydiving you shuld go to norway and do some basejump wingsuit flying in our fjord's
I would love to go through that (cumulonimbus?) cloud!
That looks amazing! Did any one else find themselves tilting their head along with the camera?
@IIDragonzIII NO! this one is much better!! /watch?v=LxFk9-UhY_Y&feature=related trust me!!
i first i thought the clouds didn't really look all that big but then when you see your buddy fly through them and look so tiny i was like: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeett
@haraldinho13 People think my first name is funny until they hear my last name. I find it amusing. It's nice to have a unique name. People know which Forrest Dix you're talking about because there's only one of me.
would you get soaked if you flew through one of the big clouds ?
@ForrestDix thats awesome! I just dont have the guts to take the jump haha, nice video man :)
LOL "I want to sky dive so bad!" Easier sad than done. Though u feel kinda bad becus i was on the plane when my sister jumped,was pretty exciting but now i want to do it myself :)
must be the best thing to do ever!!
Pause this video open new tab and watch this:/watch?v=WBupwW7RZWo Mute this one and start the other one at 10-15 secs=Perfect song for this!
By far the BEST skydive video I've seen to date. Superb job, man!
i would do this but i would screw the parachute up somehow and die lol (happy thoughts lol)
@IIDragonzIII One of my FAVORITE Approaching Nirvana songs... If I hadn't used them so much lately I would have probably used it! :D Good ear!
1080p Fullscreen. Feels like I'm actually there :)
@TheAv8tqr i know this may be a stupid question....but whats it like to go through a cloud? i cant wait till i can go skydiving
it would of been awesome if he went through the clouds :D
id only do this if the plane was going down on fire :p no point of jumping out of a plane that still flies :p love the vid though(:
@Wickedshrapnel You haven't seen these airplanes ;) Parts fall off from time to time... haha ;)
what would happen if you would go through a cloud?
i wonder what it's like having a shower while freefalling
hmm ur above clouds have you ever been smacked by an airplane from U.S airlines lol
How does it feel like going through clouds?
@mischiefcauser Lol? :p As much as I'd like to be jumping all the time, I spend more time on YouTube and hanging out with my family :p Working on getting back into it again this August with some BASE jumps in Switzerland though :)
@TheAv8tqr I guess that helps motivate people to abandon them mid-flight
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