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Charlie Sheen Outburst at Kings Game!

by TYT Sports • 21,411 views

Charlie Sheen was in attendance at the Los Angeles Kings-New Jersey Devils game (game 4) last night. Sheen, the former Two and a Half Men star, had a verbal dispute with a security guard outside...

hey people whats about go? i dont understand haha
Sheen spent thousands on tickets, he's good for business & a celeb so i'm surprised they didn't let him back in. The policy must also apply to celebs.
I bet they let Kobe go in...
The security lady is awesome. I would hire her in a heartbeat. Also I think Charlie Sheen is pretty awesome in his 'I don't give a fuck what you say about me' attitude. Who are you to say you can run his life better? He doesn't do it in a 'I'm better than you' way, I thought (this video didn't help defend that). With that said, I think everybody has come across this sort of situation 'you just saw me, c'mon!' and although he may have gone a tad overboard, I forgive him.
.......and you're a weak-minded jackass who thinks women are special creatures
hitler, get off that public computer and get back in your plot in germany, you asshole!
he swore more than he won in that video
Sheen is out of control. He's nothing more than a low-life asshole who happens to be a high-paid celebrity - an over-paid one at that. What a loser!
bullshit. stupid rule, stupid security guard, stupid charlie sheen. its all fucking stupid
look at all the celebrity worshipping right there
lol, they're one of the biggest (if not the biggest) online news organisations in the world- they're also on current tv. tyt= "the young turks", google that to see what it means...
2:37 what is he saying? FLO-RIDER? FLORIDA?
Chalie Sheen is on the most epic pursuit of happiness in modern history
AMEN! Women fought hard for equal treatment in this country. If I treat men like shit now I get to treat women the same way. They burned thier bras, not me.
Real tough Charlie, surrounded by how many goons? Nutless punk.
Its a good rule. He should respect it. But its to easy why someone can get pissed off by it! lol
hahahaha that girl is soooo fired. if her boss sees this.
uh. lots of musicians are drug addicts and are popular all over the world. infact if you count alcohol as a drug, and tobacco, which they are. almost everyone who can afford them, is an addict.
I don't think there was a "before the drugs" for sheen...
those are his buddies, 'sides he doesn't need any protection against a woman
Ofcourse, because everyone after being told to F-OFF by a security guard at the stadium should tuck their tail between their legs and crawl away.
She must have dreaded telling him he couldn't go back in that way. Rules are rules and security has to follow them even if it's inconvenient or seems illogical. Even if you are Charley Sheen. He just made himself look like more a jackoff for cussing out a girl who was just trying to do her job and judging on her body language and facial expressions was trying to be very nice about it.
I think the whole situation is dumb.
Is he trying to look like Hunter S. Thompson?
Eh. Thems the rules. There were signs EVERYWHERE when I went to a Rammstein show at the Quicken Loans Arena. I mean everywhere. His own stupid fault. I would be so pissed thogh.
then again he accomplished more than we will in our lives and has more money than our entire families, millions of people love him, and has sex with women all day long in his mansion.......if thats what being a loser is then its cool with me
LOL! Whiteknighting faggot is such a great term lol. I totally agree that people get treated as they deserve, man or woman.
When will they learn.. You don't fuck with Charlie Sheen.
Lost in all this: that security guard chick was pretty damn cute.
Looks like he took in too much Tiger Blood lol
yeah but these guiys arent officical there only on youtube as far as i know and tyt is very strange name for a news thing
I agree with some of your points but definitely not point 4. Sue him for sexual harassment over a single comment!? What a waste of time and money that case'd be lol. Are you Gloria Allred?
Hey Rick, will you guys be following the Euro 2012 tournament?
it says fuck you bitch, you only wish you were an American, fucking hating bitch
No dont, im just letting you guys know its not th4e best name im not trying to be a dick or any thing
Rick I got to correct you. It's: I love how she stands her ground, [No] Florida. Ur welcome lol
Haha!! Right on, girl!! Tell that bloated crackhead to fuck off! If only more people had told him to fuck off he wouldn't be the train wreck he is today.
The reporters seems like the assholes here.
looks like his tiger blood is all out. Fuk that Sheen. Watch the game at home punk. 2 bad security may get fired for talking to paparazzi
lol you have to be stupid to not let a celebrity reenter and create drama and bad PR
are these tyt guys aware that there name sounds an awful lot like tit
i must say, charlie is starting to look like larry king.
Looks like he was seeking some attention to promote his show.
sheen is great i love him WINNING
Charlie is out of his damn mind lol
what have you done in life aside from being a dick on the internet? at least sheen has entertained people in pictures and television for 20+ years
Of course you wouldn't act like that Rick, because you are not a douche bag...a claim Charlie Sheen can't honestly make
Dude the Oakland A's let you leave and come back if you still have your ticket. She knew who he was and wanted attention. She is hot...
Seems like a dumb rule but I don't see any reason why she should make an exception for Charlie Sheen.
Yeah it's Sheen's fault for smoking in the wrong place but let the guy back in ffs. Just another case of a person who has a little tiny bit of power like this security guard abusing it. Yes you have to follow the rules. BUT she knew damn well who he was and why he was there and she had no reason other than that she could to not let him back in. I hate people like that.
just saw your comment- couldn't agree more. keep up the good work.
well it's an acronym... that's like saying ABC sounds like ahh-bhh-kh, or CNN is "cyn-nnn"
lol wtf is she a robot the guy came out for a smoke so what she saw him come out why not just let him back in
Why all these so-called celebrities have to dress like pimps?
Bullshit rule. If you have a valid ticket, you should be able to enter and leave the arena as you please.
lol that girl is socially awkward as fuck.
"I love how she 'stands her ground'... Florida..." haha i love that part.
My mistake. I didn't realize she was screaming profanities at him and telling him to blow her balls. You'r right. he was just treating her equally... What does having sex have to do with anything btw? Clearly you're just another Sheen fan who thinks he's some kind of immortal God.
just let him back in, its a silly rule. I'm sure he had his ticket stub. Just let him back in, and say hey, you shouldn't do that, we have smoking areas. Ya see now security looks like a dick. BUY GUNS, GO KINGS!
that is an extremely stupid rule. go charlie.
Yeah, he's the man all right - a crazy man who is a drunken, drug-addicted piece of crap.
That security gaurd was hot. Too bad she got struck by the tiger blooded ninja that is Charlie Sheen.
"Stands her ground (Florida)" - Subtle and hilarious, go Rick!
The Young Turks is the number 1 online news show in the world. TYTSports is a branch included on the TYT Network. I'd say we are "somewhat" official. Rick
shut up, you stupid caveman, you're a fucking idiot, regardless of whether sheen was wrong, women are no better than men, you moron!
Damn, i have a lot of respect for that security guard. I think im in love xxoo
is that war reporter Micheal Ware?
where did he attack security??? did i blink?
Every comment so far has had the word jew in it :P
One, he needs to learn how to treat women. Two, he doesn't get special treatment. Three, rules are rules. Four, she should sue him for sexual harassment for "blow my balls". Five, she could have lost her job for not following the rules. Six, this guy's a total piece of shit in person. Only time I like him, is when he's "acting" in movies or shows.
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