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Dot Rotten - Overload ft. TMS (Pyramid Remix)

by UNITEDubstep • 100,228 views

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@XxGrimx wtf watch out we got a pedoooooo over here
mf 10 minute advertisement!
No doubt an amazing mix
No I don't sorry I tried researching :P, please explain. :)
Children by Robert Miles..'90 disco in the future..awesome
I was fapping..then heard this...sorry pornhub, mabe later.
not sure if they say it, but i hear " overload" and when i hear that i always think about "Runescape"
Lol, Haters gon' hate. Just know you're what gives this genre a bad name.
this song told me to subscribe
Erm if the channel name is unite dubstep show a little love for other dubstep providers bro stop hating on ukf cos some of there stuff can be amazing some can do with a little work
attention dislikers im goin to hunt you down and beat the shit out of ya just like the end of jay and silent bob strike back !!!!!!!
STFU, did I not mention that he may not mean that song? Next time send you answer to the right fucking person instead of sending insults where they aren't needed. I may have misread the original question but how the fuck does you replying to me help the asker? Dumb cunt, take your shit elsewhere.
Ugh sounds like Bass Culture trash
I get the impression UKF is slightly more mainstream dubstep. I usually come to UNITE for a bit more dirt in the dub tracks..
wen u gona stop taking other peoples songs faggot ur a UKF fanboy thts y u made this bad channel
TTL ftw! Thumbs up for Logan!
Not as good as the Dubstep Channels on Mars though.
it's Children by Robert Miles, Dot Rotten sampled it, very recognizable melody!
First, and I'm loving the music. <3
i'm assuming someone has already answered this, but incase they haven't:sandstorm by darude i think.
It's children 2012 by Mike Candys...
Original piano from Rober Miles - Children :) AWESOME TRACK BTW
haha no, he's german, like me, and he used a german phrase translated into english... sounds a bit strange but it's not easy to avoid it.
Change up he's voice when he said OVERLOAD on the drop
Hey, we're a new dubstep duo! We're asking for a minute of your time to go check us out!
Nice! This I can vibe too. The rapping reminds me of Foreign Beggars. Love it <3 I love when he says painkilla! Cause I got them Percs son! lol
Anyone else's youtube running really slow today?
Why so much hate on UKF? Once the best promoters on Dubstep and DNB.. And they still have some good uploads. Its people like you who makes UKF looks/sounds bad imo..
Fuuuuuck, I LOOOOVED the tune with Dot Rotten but Pyramid you did your thing this is big!
Whats the backing track that plays from the start of the song till about 00:40? Its been bugging me for ages :c
UNITEDubstep = Daily banger overdose.
It's the artist's that makes UKF look shit, all UKF does is upload new talent :)
in my opinion, UKF is the definition of Conodontophorida. ygm?
the D is for both actually... United Dubstep written long, UNITEDubstep, see what i did there? Fits both ways imo
It's annoying that when people imagine the dubstep listeners, they think of 12 year old immature dumbasses. Hate how the normal listeners are the complete opposite and are represented by them.
i Have a L0:55 of hearing now...
I will second this comment!!! its frustrating not knowing
you really made a channel hating on another channel....
Cool song! Great tunes nowadays :)
I know alot of people like UKF too...but UNITED is SOOOO good, the overall quality of EVERY track they upload is better than alot of UKF uploads to me.
Fellas, what' the original song under the song? I think it's an older song, and i don't know its name. Thanks for helping!
aaaaaaahhhhh likeee aaa boooooooossss!!!!!!!!!
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