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1.21 Gigawatts - Back to the Future (6/10) Movie CLIP (1985) HD

by MOVIECLIPS • 364,835 views

Back to the Future movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: With Marty's (Michael J. Fox)...

It's almost 2015 and plutonium is still not available for sale at my local drugstore.
I'm pretty sure Nintendo will invent a toy/game that uses holograms in another 10 years from now.
+Matthew Brown After hologram porn they will work on gaming.....
Teaching people how to mispronounce "gigawatt" for nearly thirty years.
+Nozyspy Well, "gee" really is a word in the Engish language, that's pronounced with the "J" sound.  I never noticed it though until I was in a class with another kid whose name was spelled "Guy", but pronounced "gee" where the G was pronounced like the "G" in "Guy", but the "uy" was pronounced like the e's in "Jee".  I had to make him a phonetic name tag this one time when a reporter had to go down a line of kids and pronounce all their names on the fly on live television, and I had no way to write his phonetically, so of course the reporter got his name totally wrong when he got to him lol.  Everyone else's could be written phonetically though so there were no other screw-ups.  :)
+gobo760 Ahh I see, yeah I take your point there. His name may be the French pronunciation of Guy.
Wait, there's nothing written on the back of the paper . . .
later they corrected it, also the changing color of the skateboard wheels ;) 
Adam Stanway Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Take a look at this video on YouTube: One Point Twenty One Jigga Watts translate American English to British English One Point Twenty One Gigga Whats Anti Dark Energy Technology Right? To go back in time
No it doesn't. A gigawatt is 1 billion watts. Like a gigabyte (quite a bit more than a billion but quite close so it's rounded.)
1:08 (sarcastic tone in use) Yeah, no kidding, how can you be so careless as to get a poor youth get trapped in one of your experiments -_- ; then (spoiler) doc then understands his future self knew his past self would succeed.
Cute when Doc was talking to the picture of Edison. Edison was only responsible for D.C. current. Where's Tesla's picture?
Well why Humans celebarte Alan Turing and not Konrad Zuse for the invention of the Computer?????(because he was gay and Zuse was "bad bad bad German")in the case of Edison because he was yankee and Tesla a european.
Historic Accuracy. Edison, at the time this scene is meant to take place, was still being given credit for nearly every technological advancement that we should have been thanking Tesla for. Doc Brown can't be held responsible for not knowing how important Tesla actually was, considering the time period in which this scene takes place and how the media from the past decade (then) spun the stories, which the education system blindly followed.
Why does the old Doc in the tape say Twin Pines Mall? Is there a ripple effect for that too?
Let this trilogy serve as testimony that yanks don't understand the English language or SI units. Case in point for any butthurt burger munchers: Since you use imperial and have somehow made a metric ton equal to an imperial ton, what is a stone?
1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!!
'next saturday night we are sending you BACK TO THE FUTURE' hence the title lol
"What the hell's a gigawatt?" - LOL!
This movie was done right.
Why does Doc Brown pronounce it as "jig" instead of "gig"?
1.21 times 10 to the power of 0. Most mainstream use of the decimal point. ; )
So 1.21 watts, then? I think what you meant was: 1.21 x 10^9 W. Sorry, I know that you just accidentally missed the 9 key on your keyboard, but I kinda have OCD when it comes to math.
Is it just me or does Marty look good af in this scene? Especially @ 2:39-2:42... Damnnn. 😍
Best scene in the movie!  1.21 GIGAWATTS!
When you play Black ops 2 Online, look on the back on the Guardian. It says "1.21 GW."
I love this scene but I just found a very minor plot hole. How could Marty and Doc manage to hook up an 80's camera to a T.V. From 1955...
I'm going to take a guess that you're not old enough to remember when cable came out and have never had to do that.
+TheDullahan He may not be some kid  Hell I grew up in the 80s and even BACK THEN I wondered if it was possible to hook up an 80s camcorder to a 1950s TV set.
Anybody notice that Doc has a picture of himself right next to Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison above the fireplace?
ehhh that's Albert Einstein. Same wild hair, same genius, though.
It wouldn't be possible to hook the camera to a TV from the 50s...
And yet...plenty of people have done just that. Is it PRACTICAL? No. But Possible? Yes.
What the hell is a Gigawatts!?!?
Кааааааааааак меня заебал этот ёбаный "Окейгугал" :)
So... What the hell is "Gigawatt"?
A Gigawatt is 1 billion watts of electricity. So he needed 1,210,000,000 watts.
Anyone else feels that "Eureka!" would've been more suited at 2:14 for this scene then "this is it" given all the scientific cues in it ?
1.21jigowatts! Great Scott! 1.21jigowatts!!!! 
my last electric bill said I used 0.000647 Jigowat-hours of electricity My computer had 64 Jigobytes of memory My iPhon6 is a 124 Jigobyte phone
My computer has failed to generate the 1.21 Gigawatts to play this video SOMEONE HELP
Delete System32 speeds it up aswell.
What if I told you, bill nye corrected the pronunciation for gigs watt in 1990.
there is a place in gta V with a sticker says: 1.21 GW
JVC makes good cameras :D I own one 
I think if he said it one more time it would have been better . .. But still one of my favorite scenes in the movie...
I like how when he says "To the future!" he points and looks at the audience for a moment, because anybody watching the movie would have to be watching it forward in time from when he said/filmed it.
My computer's hard drive is over 1.21 jiggabytes..
IMHO the 2nd greatest comedy film of all time!! The ONLY one I'd rank ahead of it--(and by the slimmest of margins)--is "Animal House." The casting of this movie is dead-on perfect--ESPECIALLY Christoper Lloyd as Doc Brown!! The whole concept and storyline of this movie is creative genius!!
1:18 - My favourite part! Marty: "All we need is a plutonium." Doc: "G'oh, I'm sure that in 1985, plutonium is available in every corner drug store, but in 1955, it's a little hard to come by!"
Yeah, lol. I forgot about that.
They should re-release this film in 3D! It would be worth it just for that moment when Doc Brown says "We're sending you back...TO THE FUTURE!!" and points right at the viewer!
Soooooo if marty didnt have that paper he wpuld have been stuck there
Myles White Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
1.21 Gigawatts !!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.21 Gigawatts! You don't need a bolt of lightning, you just need 4 Tesla Model S's.
Tesla's didn't exist in 1955 :P
It's not that hard to get a lightening to strike to a specific place, right? Ben Franklin did it with a kite and a key.
i love this part :D
Channel it into the fucks capacitor one gives a flux. ;)
"what the hell is a jigawatt?!" THAT'S THE POWER OF LOVE!
Theme: attitude Setting: house Well, that's a pretty literal description of this scene, you kinda left out the fact HE IS STUCK 30 YEARS IN THE PAST!
"Look at me, I'm an old man!" -As he looks exactly the same hahaha. 
one of my favorite childhood movies .... so much nostalgie XD 
"Marty I'm sorry, but the only power source capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity is a bolt of lightning." says Doc. "What did you say?"Says Marty. "A bolt of lightning!"says Doc. BEST PART HAHAHAHAHAHHA
C'est pas 2.21 gigawatts???
Doc just saw some serious shit.
How did they play the tape?
What the Hell is a Gigawat!
Jason mitts Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Great movie, i should watch it again one of these days
Did anyone see a cord drop when doc picked up the camera
Doc, my sailing yacht took 1.1 jigawatts after a lightning strike once, but I do not think the outcome was the same.
I was at a pier  While we were at the southern border, our neighbors were learning their abc's and 1,2,3's while operating larger vessels alongside, they were gambling who didn't and did get to use the junction box on shore powered sources, from one of those plug in power bars, next thing I knew shazzzam!   I think some of them mistaked me for a Genie in a Lamp too.
+James Christopher Oden Did you have a Flux Capacitor installed on your yacht?
It's still gigawatts, it was just pronounced as jigawatts
1.21 JIGAWATS hahahaha
guyes if you play gta 5 theres a easter egg that has a note that said 1.21 gw
Next Saturday, we're sending you...BACK TO THE FUTURE!
This movie is awesome.
Greater than the one he did about old man peabody and pinecones? Lol
The interior shots of Dr. Brown's house were taken inside the Robert R. Blacker House. The exterior shots were of the Blacker House's smaller brother, the Gamble House.
"random quote from the clip"
there's that word again. is there something wrong with the Earth's gravity field?
@vidwatcher31951 Actually, Jiggowatt is an acceptable pronouciation of Gigawatt
I'm writing to you from the year 2084, still no plutonium bud..
god damn i love this movie. didnt like it as a kid cause i thought it was old but now its a right on amazing movie
If he brought along the correct adapter, all he would have to do is clip onto the antenna leads and tune to channel 3.
In just over 2 years it will be exactly 30 years from 1985. We've got 2 years to make a hoverboard and a flying car, we can do it we just need to try.
Lol I don't think anynody knows how funny that line truly is.
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