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"Atheists...What if you're wrong??"

by bdwilson1000 • 349,957 views

An answer to a common question from believers. Reuploaded with permission of TheoreticalBS. Check out his channel for more great videos: Transcript:...

I think everyone would be a lot happier if religious people did their rituals, put up their little cross's, put forward their beliefs or whatever they do, in the privacy of their home/ church and not in public or on youtube. It's very offensive to the majority of intelligent, logical thinking people. Keep it private for sanities sake...
If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Who gives a shit. I wouldn't worship him if he existed.
Agreed. If the Christian/Jewish/Islam God finally made himself known and was exactly like he is in the Torah/Bible/Qur'an then I would accept his existence. Then promptly join the resistance. Because this God would be a evil Dictator with superpowers.
It's the same tired old Pascal's Wager.  What it is really saying is, "Our god is so stupid he will accept fake belief before a life well-lived with kindness and compassion for all." Pascal's other quote and much more rational,  "Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions." Personally, if I ever meet the imaginary christian god, I'll bitch slap that genocidal, evil, arrogant, SOB into the middle of the next universe.
Aw man, it has never stopped me.:)  +Truth Teller 
No I think God would say, forget the bible.  Since I left up to man to write it, I could understand how there could be some confusion in your understanding of it.  However, you did consider my existence enough to create a YouTube video about how you are going to react if you meet me, yet you couldn’t take some time to try and build a relationship with me so I could maybe demonstrate my true meaning to you?   He might go on by giving you examples such as, you were willing to take a leap of faith by having confidence that pilots, engineers, and mechanics knew what they were doing when you boarded an airplane.  However, you couldn’t have a little faith and confidence that you were actually created by me instead coming into existence from nothing?  He might also explain how he sent Jesus as proof, but you guys killed him, denied he was real, then turned around and demanded even more proof.     God judges us on what we know – not what we don’t know.  However “taking orders because you had no choice” or pretending that you didn't know any better didn’t fly as an excuse in Nazi Germany.  Therefore, I don’t know if it will fly when it comes to God.  I personally believe that God will most likely forgive followers like you and he will punish the promotional advocators who go out of their try and push people away from him instead.  But that is my opinion.
+Jenna.S  Ask a Hindu why he doesn't Believe in Jesus. Hindus exist, and they're online. And they don't believe in Jesus. Do you wonder how it's possible to not believe in God? That's weird then. You already don't believe in Krishna, and in Zeus. And they're Gods. Ancient Greek and Hindu Gods, but Gods nonetheless.
If I died and was surprised to find myself in an afterlife to be judged by a God that does indeed exist, I'd have thousands of questions for him/her, beginning with; Why did you make me an atheist? Why did you give me a rational mind, and surround me with perfectly plausible explanations for my existence in the natural world, accompanied by overwhelming supporting evidence, such that I was convinced that your existence seemed totally unnecessary? Why did you remain perfectly hidden my entire life, and never allowed me access to a single shred of objective evidence that you exist?   Why do you favor the most gullible, and easily fooled among us? Why do you need mere mortals to believe in you and continually praise you? ..etc .. etc.
Seriously, you are the first and only "non-believer" who I find more than acceptable.  You are obviously very intelligent, sincere, and articulate regarding your thought process and reasons for why you believe as you do.  I don't think I've ever been so impressed with anyone as I have been with you and this video.  The vast majority of atheists are so arrogant in their diatribes regarding Christians.  It almost seems as if they can only justify their non-belief in God by ridiculing and demoralizing those that do believe.  In my opinion, that just makes them look angry and childish which then leads to me feeling that they have no credibility.  You on the other hand speak only of yourself and your conclusions without degrading anyone else in the process.  Your reasonings are sound and thoughtful but always applied to you.  You are calm and seem to be comfortable in your own skin, and there is a kindness about you that I don't see in other "non-believers".  You are an impressive young guy, and I applaud you for this video.
You are absolutely correct.
Perhaps atheists are only replaying some of the arrogance, hae, and ostracizing they have received from theists. As rational thinking and atheism becomes the majority as it already is in some countries, the best christians can hope for is that atheists don;t treat them as they have treated atheists.  Such as, no burning at the stake, tortures, relegating to sub-human status and kept out of many professions.  That's only a few of the crimes theists have committed.
Why religion can be bad? I used to be satisfied just smiling and nodding whenever anyone would begin on the topic of religion. After all, I’m a civilized man – there’s no need to argue with someone over something as frivolous as their supernatural beliefs. I mean, it’s just not polite, is it? But over time, I started to see what religion is doing to the world in which we live. I’ll admit, at the grassroots level, it almost seems like a good idea; certainly, harmless enough. Religion provides a good deal of charity to communities, it offers support and guidance to those in need, and it fills advocacy roles which may be missed in government policies. But at what price? Before we continue, it’s not my intention to pick on any one religion – most of them have the same attributes: 1) belief in the supernatural, 2) a moral code with supernatural origins, and 3) the need to spread their “truth” to the uninitiated. The only religion that doesn’t fit the above three characteristics is Buddhism. Buddhism’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, is quoted as saying “Don’t become a Buddhist. The world doesn’t need more Buddhists. Do practice compassion. The world needs more compassion.” By the way, I have studied and still studying Buddhism. So going back to my question, why religion can be bad? Well, here’s the thing – it isn’t so much what a person believes, but what follows as their behavior that is harmful. Followers of a religion tend to have a "pack mentality". They became rabid if there is an issue that go against their beliefs. Take a look at what's happening  whenever there is an article about the Catholics. Religion is the systematic marketing of fear. Religions are also authoritarian hierarchies designed to dominate your free will. They’re power structures that aim to convince you to give away your power for the benefit of those who enjoy dominating people. When you subscribe to a religion, you enroll in a mindless minion training program. Religions don’t market themselves as such, but this is essentially how they operate. When you subscribe to an established religion, you have only two options. You can become an idiot, or you can become a hypocrite. First, there’s the idiocy route. You can willingly swallow all of the contrived, man-made drivel that’s fed to you. Next, we have the hypocrisy option. You immediately see the bad things other people do, but you tend to ignore, or even justify the bad things that you do. Religious rules and laws invariably hamper the development of conscience. This causes all sorts of problems like pointless violence and warfare. Those who preach nonviolence as a rule or law tend to be the most violent of all. Such people cannot be trusted because they’ll violate their proclaimed values with the weakest of excuses. Religion also hampers progress in Science and Medicine. They believe that anything they think are against their “holy books” is evil. They will immediately attacked it call it an atheist attempt to discredit God or even “playing God”. Take a look again on what “religious people” do if there are articles about the latest discoveries in science. But to be fair, people USED religion to justify their positions in order to gain followers and/or to feel righteous about what they are doing. I do not believe that religion is bad by itself. It is people in power who manipulate their members to hate other people are the main problem. If you will take a look at religion, they all teach to do good to other people and to believe in a benevolent deity.  "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" – Epicurus 341 BC
Yup. Religion often unfortunately also carries with it ancient superstitions and practices and prejudices, and on top of that, many nationalistic types, try to marry their politics, with their religion... so that it all becomes one giant mess of "god given" political religion. Unfortunately causing religion to drive their ugly politics to cruel regions of thought, and voting for bad candidates.
ATHEIST WAGER Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.    “Suppose we've chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we're just making him madder and madder.” -Homer J. Simpson
What if when we died we actually have to keep living in like different life's until the last life where we like do the uh thing. So if your most recent life was Christian than like you would be sent to this like virtual reality. But if u didn't like you like had to keep living in different lives till you see the light. I don't think that was weed we just smoke
Actually if you are an Atheist that has mocked christianity, mocked the bible, mocked the top deities of christianity ect ect, then you are one of many Atheists that have committted the Unpardonable sin for which there is no forgiveness, thus you cant go to heaven period.... Not to mention biblically There is no pardon for a person who dies in any arguement that you may bring up after you are dead and stand before god is pointess because you died in unbelief. so youre screwed all way around.... Many christians will tell you that the unpardonable sin doesnt apply in this time period, the reason they do that is because they still want you to convert and they still want your money even though they know you are damned to hell... But its a good thing this is all just fairytales and hocus pocus religious
Sir, I am not sure how I came across you video, but I have to say, as a Christian, I accept your answer to my questions (though you kind of ruined it at the end with your final comment). I have to say you are right about God and what he would say and feel about your decisions. He does know you, and he will most likely accept everything about you in all your fine tuning......... There in lies the problem my good sir.... God accepts you and all your flaws, no matter how bad your flaws may be.... he accepts your reasoning and all the questions that come with it......but you could not take it upon your self to simply accept him, to truly accept him. That will be your missing link, that you would not fully just submit yourself to him and accept him to, to let his holy spirit fill you and GIVE you the understanding. It goes both ways, we already know that God accepts us and our sin, that is why Jesus died for our sins, but all we need to do is accept that.... instead you question him and deny him after all he has done. Now to your last comment, "Good thing I'm not wrong"......... Lets say you aren't wrong for the sake of taking the atheist side.... Now what? You died...... now what? That is it, your consciousness is gone..... there is nothing. So much happiness to think about now......
Yeah. Or you choose not to accept bullshit into your life and just enjoy life to its fullest. God would understand anyways, how scott preferred to pick the atheist side because the religious side didn't back itself up, and would limit his only life.
He said in the video that your mythology makes no sense to him at all. How can you expect him to submit to something that is utter nonsense to him?
The difference between you and us, is that we know we are not wrong, and are not intimidated by a fairy tale God.  To constantly question your beliefs proves that you are suffering from The Stockholm Syndrome.  This is where you have been brow beaten down so far, you are afraid to think for yourselves, and will buy into anything that might offer you a respite from your emotions and that self doubt. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing you he didn't exist, but lets rewrite this so it is more fitting to today:  "The greatest trick your devil ever pulled was convincing you he was the opposite of what he was." IE:  Your God YahWeh was no more than a psychopath who ordered the Jews to wander in the desert for 40 years killing and destroying village after village of those who would not just get down on their knees and worship the group that nut case walking on. Ya think that might be what is wrong with our society in this 21st Century?  We have paid homage to a psychopath as if he was a conquering hero, when in actuality he was not that in the least.  AND, now everyone believes that whole cadre of supposed Gods are ours for the season, to emulate down to that last straw, which by the way folks is about to blow our nations to bits !!!
What if I'm wrong. Well, I would have to believe in every god out there to be safe. Which god to believe in would be problematic. So "what if I'm wrong" makes no sense. What if they are wrong. What if we should have been believing in Thor this whole time! OMG! 
i love this video. it answers the question absolutely perfectly.
That's an excellent answer. The problem is it rings hollow with christians because they don't accept that an eternal existence of torture and absolute pain and suffering is incompatible with omnibenevolence. Personally I no longer provide my answer until they answer the question that given numerous religions that proclaim the same punishment for non-belief what if they're wrong. And I declare upfront I will not accept the argument the words written by men of their god are true and the words written by men of other gods are not. I have not had to present my answer since that decision.
some say its illogical to believe in something that there is no proof for. ignoring that most Christians use nature and the very existence of the order and system of the planet and the stars. but because we don't actually see a God physically that a God doesn't exist. yet for you not to believe because there is no proof takes the same faith. either or lets take this video for example, what do you stand o lose if youre right vs wrong. i believe in jesus that he is my lord and savior and if i die and it was all a lie well guess what nothing. but if i die and i was right now i made it. did i lose anything did the life i chose make me regret not picking up beer bottles and blunts? no but what do you stand to lose if you dont believe and you are wrong? now what?
+Jenna.S Also, of course not. Nothing could bring any doubt into my heart either. How could a blood pump doubt anything?
+Noah Baker Nope. Not proven. According to your defention of proof = appears in the bible. We're talking about scientific proof. In that case, there are books and books and books, enough for literally a MOUNTAIN of evidence. I'm serious, enough evidence that if stored in physical, printed books, can create a mountain.
--- The Irrationality of Atheism --- If evolution is true, then "reason" is just a figment of our imagination: a clever mechanism devised by the evolutionary process, in order to help us adapt and survive a hostile environment. Why? Because, having no intrinsic intelligence within itself, evolution's goal isn't to give us "reason", nor for that sake give us any reliable tool to figure out "the Truth", or even "the reality", of our surroundings; it's all about survival!! In other words, there's no reason for evolution to let you understand "the truth" of your environment; what evolution aims at, is for you to interpret that environment in a way that will let you survive [regardless of the "truthfulness" of your interpretation]. Thus, in a rather ironic fashion, evolution gives us no "reason" to believe in "reason". In fact, maybe "the reason" why many human beings pretend to use their "reason" as a tool to justify atheism, is simply that their atheism is evolution's way of helping them cope with their personal environment; to help the gay man [or the morally weak person] survive what he considers to be "a hostile religous environment". So, if the evolutionary mirage of "reasoned Atheism" is evolutions way to let them survive their environment, they should feel no shame acknowledging it.
Intelligence is frequently described culturally (most of the time, in both hemispheres) as the ability to reason abstractly and understand the information around us, aiming for accuracy in formal language. Based off of the mathematical, physical, chemical, and physiological laws of our neurobiology - the DNA in the neurons in our brains (via cell to cell electrophysiology) function with neuroplasticity. Binding neural networks together the more we are exposed to various stimuli. Such structures determine our own consciousness, the consciousness of other animals, and our capacity for ambiguity and discreteness in our language. As social mammals, this is in fact very advantageous for communication, psychological function, motor movement, etc. But another adaptation that happens to be, is that we want to have certainty. There is nothing more certain than to claim there is such a concept of "god" - described frequently as man (through functions of the brain that support anthropomorphism), who will mitigate our natural fears of death, and bind us in social religious institutions that have held their ground for centuries. Principles of scientific and empirical reasoning (in basic research) actually do the opposite - withholding conclusions that haven't been justified by rationality and observation, using indisputable principles of mathematics and logic. But I would understand why many religious people may deny it. People strive to keep up their self worth and esteem - and go through numerous methods in self justification, by principles of sociopsychology. It takes someone very brave to admit... that they are wrong for circular reasoning and tautology. So while yes - part of our nature is to discover more about the world around us to feel "sufficient" for the environment, rationality sacrifices assurance in the sake of accuracy and clarity of how everything works. Religion simply jumps to conclusion with a concept of "god" that happens to be nurtured through cultural generations of various sorts. Scientific method discards the fear of clinging on to absolute certainty until something has been proven. Attributing significance to an intangible being, that you were raised with to believe with your family and community... only brings feelings of sentimentality, and in effect dilutes the fear of ever needing to think for ourselves. 
+RabinoBoricuaVirtual In addition, simply because N. Korea discourages it, does not prove that religion is correct, or has any basis whatsoever to be taken seriously by concept. The point is to be intellectually honest with ourselves. And it's difficult to admit, for especially elderly people, that they were "wrong" this whole time, as they feel their age necessarily gives them entitlement to a higher and more superior opinion - due to their past sensory experiences. This is primitive culture, at its best. Coming from someone who was raised Jewish - I understand the "feeling" of belonging that comes with a social group of collectively held belief. But in no way whatsoever, has it lead to being truthful and seeing by the observation of studying how our cognition works, that this is necessarily a truth value that exists because we "feel" it so - or because it came from fictional literature. An idea that has been emotionally mis-attributed to the confines of natural language's structural and semantic ambiguity under the influence of very strong and lasting social institutions, that have their corresponding sanctions to those who are deviant. Yes, it was heartbreaking. And I've realized there are consequences to avoid living in blissful desire of ignorance. It's a dilemma between the red and blue pill. I happen to choose the red one. 
Excelent video! Excelent responce. You talked about all the reasons why Pascal's Wager is a bad argument. +1
6:43 to 50 Answer: Of course you will go to hell If I were God I would never accept you for denying me of my existence. Would you let someone inside your house who does not recognize your authority and house rules or ever disrespect you that you don't even exist. PLUS to the matter That God gave you so many chances to know him like you said you read the bible. 6:53 to 03 Answer: Wrong, not all who repent before their demise gets accepted to heaven much more you said "Extreme" rapist. This is the misconception by ignorant people about salvation. There is so called "too late" for salvation. What good a very old weak man can do to atone his past sins if in his entire young life he did great sins steal rape kill cheat and lie. PLUS it is almost next to impossible to change heart once a person becomes an Extreme rapist. Extreme Alcoholic, Extreme Drug User, Extreme Disbeliever like you. Can a person like you change heart? NO its more of acceptance of being who you are. like in your last statement 7:15 to 39 7:11 to 53 Answer: You don't know God. Plain and simple and you said you read the bible.
+VoiD And what is your contingency plan when God asks you to explain your failure to follow Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:31 Luke 6:37 and Colossians 4:6?
This baby denied me of my existence!!! Send her to hell!!! - God "Oh your so cool God, I wish to be more like you by posting and pretending I know the mind of God on YouTube" - You
If I'm wrong, then I suppose I will burn in hell. And I'm fine with that, I rather burn for an eternity than to be bound by the shackles of religion. I rather spend my short life discovering and learning about our vast amazing universe. I rather ask endless questions and search for those answers, instead of having one answer for every question in my life, and close my mind and eyes. If God does exist, why did he create my mind to have free will if he wants me to believe in Him and not question anything of His great divine power?
+Jacob Bocaj If god existed and truly wanted mankind to be lap dogs, he would have taken away free will long ago. Not to mention religion existed way before christianity with various gods. Your answer isn't the only one and statistically is the wrong one. 
Well, to begin with your initial question, I would ask him why he has chosen to be a racist, sexist, murderous prick, while staying mute for several thousand years and still hoped that any thinking human being would believe in him. The question is not why do I not believe, the question is, why do you believe? Because you have been told to believe, but not by god, you were told so by humans, they have been told by other humans, and those agian have been told by other humans, and so on, back until the the very beginning of the christian idea. There was no god involved, at no point, only humans, so you do believe in humans. Humans just like you and me, and what you believe is that an ordinary man actually really told the truth when he claimed to have met god and now be his speaking tube. So to answer your question once more: I really would be surprised if that happens to me, but I would still refuse him, just for acting, or better non-acting as he did.
Nope wrong! Dont let you who take you to far now!
Hell? this god doesn't believe in "Let the punishment fit the crime"?
You can't claim there's no God if you've only studied Christianity, and not other religions. Read a Quran. :)   
+Liran Piade Fair enough, studying multiple religions might wean someone off of their religion, when they realize their own god claim is as bunk as any other.
+propoetide That's why I made this suggestion.
Optimal love,compassion,mercy,and concern for others?!?! You must have read a completely different version of the bible than I did. This is more like an ideal image of God that one might hope for despite the depiction of the evil monster god of the bible. I wouldn't call what you described the 'Christian' God. More like the new age spiritualist feel good fantasy god. If there is a God, and the Christians have it right, your fucked. But just as Christians don't spend any time worrying whether they are wrong about Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, and the Norse pantheon, you shouldn't spend a moment entertaining the thought that Christians have it right.
Where the hell did everyone go who died before Jesus arrived?      Did they become ghosts? Did they all luck out and go straight to heaven? Or did they go to Hell because Jesus wasn't around for them to "accept" him?  
+Truth Teller   That is a matter of opinion and the viewpoint of the historians.  Now for your proof of spontaneous generation?   
+Jeffrey Cordero It is not a matter of opinion.  It is fact.  I know you hate facts and those that use them because they are always fatal to any religion.   They are still facts no matter what your uneducated, uninformed opinion may be. Nor is it a "viewpoint of historians."  It is a matter of record or, in this case, a lack of records.   What proof?  You religious reich nuts are the one that claim proof isn't necessary.  "You must have faith".    You can't use that ridicuous statement and then not expect to have it tossed back in your face.  You produce some facts.  Show some proof that anything in your religion is true. Show some proof that anything I have posted is not true.  For that matter, show proof that anything you have even thought in your life is true. Keep in mind your personal beliefs, likes, and dislikes, do not constitute proof.
Unfortunately this guy does not realise two things: He is possessed by a vanity about his so-called "goodness and intellectual efforts" or in other words pride. And: He does not know God. He applies his little human mind in order to grasp a being that created everything ... From there all his thinking goes in the wrong direction. Sadly.
If I die and find myself standing in front of the God of Christianity, I'm going to spit in his face and call him a dirty fucking asshole for not properly creating a world or humans. That fucker created man KNOWING that some of them will hurt others and not only that he created people knowing they will not accept him as God, so he created a person just to torture them fucking asshole is that?  To create something just to cause its pain. He then tells his creation it has the free will to choose good vs evil, but he doesnt provide his creation with the needed evidence to choose good over evil... then sends them to hell for believing in evidence that supports God doesnt exist... so again God causes pain for his pleasure which makes him a fucking asshole.
If your god is one who judges people purely by their beliefs, not their actions or intentions, he is not the kind of guy I want to be associated with. I surely wouldn't want to piss him off, but more than that - I wouldn't want to be his friend.  To that end, kudos to the Westminster United Church for trying to improve Christian morality by stating "God Prefers Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians".
You're awesome, I love your videos. :) If I am wrong and god wants to send me to hell for thinking, then fine....I wouldn't want to go to heaven with that self absorbed god who needs us to warship him.
God knows all and is concerned about me. he made me, made my brain, knows how I think, knows what shaped my life to make me think the way i do as an adult and if, when i die I'm wrong i'm ok with hell because I REFUSE to spend my life afraid of your evil god. 
+Grape koolaid Yes. I didn't mention you for a reason. Guess who was I replying?
While untold millions worldwide are debating, arguing, and demanding evidence and proof of the God of Abraham,  Christians are receiving the Prophetic end time warning and encouragement from the throne room itself,  as I have to broadcast the message of God saying;  "TELL THE WORLD I AM COMING SOON ...SPARE NOT MY WORDS."  This message is not for private Christian circles,  it's  f o r  the world steeped in sin giving them a last opportunity for eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ "who only was crucified"  and took the burden of personal and national SIN upon Himself that other's may live who accept Him by "FAITH" not by demand of evidence.  Those who are demanding obviously have no spiritual insight and consequences of this.  God "forces no one" ...but He will not accept sin and will judge it as evil in the end time judgments already visible in the world today.  Quote of Christ;  "E x c e p t  ye are born again (accept Him by faith not by demand" ;  ye will not enter the kingdom of God."  John 3:3  KJV. 
So, you are saying: how can a god that knows you perfectly with his omniscient understanding of your every belief, send you to hellfire for not having the belief that Rev. Rapesboys wanted you to have (that the Christian God exists unseen and undetectably,) despite how you would feel dishonest if you affirmed it? I think I can see why the "what if you are wrong" question is utter BULLSHIT.
If believing in God was easy then everyone would do it. 
+Han SooNeul Believing in God is simple, but having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is work. Science is a cake walk. Ask Hugh Ross.
+wayne lawson ''a personal relationship with Jesus Christ''.... You are delusional.
Tom Cruise converted to Christianity?? Go back to Scientology you F%$#
I'm an atheist. If I were wrong then, I'm wrong. There is nothing else i can really say to this.
In the words of the great philosopher Homer J Simpson, "What happens if you've picked the wrong god and everytime you pray you're making the real one madder & madder?".  Checkmate, I win Pascal's Wager.
What if Christians are wrong? What if there is only a Muslim god,or any one of the other thousand or so gods man has dreamed up? If I am wrong,I will gladly take Hell over kneeling to Christians immoral God
Thank you so much for this.
I prefer the Atheist Wager than Pascal's Wager. Here's why: 1. You may live a good life and believe in a god, and a benevolent god exists, in which case you go to heaven: your gain is infinite. 2. You may live a good life without believing in a god, and a benevolent god exists, in which case you go to heaven: your gain is infinite. 3. You may live a good life and believe in a god, but no benevolent god exists, in which case you leave a positive legacy to the world; your gain is finite. 4. You may live a good life without believing in a god, and no benevolent god exists, in which case you leave a positive legacy to the world; your gain is finite. 5. You may live an evil life and believe in a god, and a benevolent god exists, in which case you go to hell: your loss is infinite. 6. You may live an evil life without believing in a god, and a benevolent god exists, in which case you go to hell: your loss is infinite. 7. You may live an evil life and believe in a god, but no benevolent god exists, in which case you leave a negative legacy to the world; your loss is finite. 8. You may live an evil life without believing in a god, and no benevolent god exists, in which case you leave a negative legacy to the world; your loss is finite. “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.” ---Anonymous
I like this. Imma gonna steal it :)
+dracdrum No problem. Spread the Gospel. 
I say amen to that! I think you perfectly expresses the thoughts of many people who read the bible and thought "What did God do there?" Thanks man! Thumbs up from me.
BTW, how does one 'stand before' a timeless, formless, invisible  'spirit', and how would you know it was 'god', not having any conception of what 'god' could be?
The question was not a criticism of one of my favourite YouTubers, TBS, but of the very ideas contained in my comment, which have never been satisfactorily addressed, to my mind, by believers. 
+jinitron if one word in the Bible is a metaphor, then the whole Bible could be treated as a metaphor. So let's ignore the Bible, the most metaphorical book in the world.
What if your wrong religous people youve wasted minths of your life in total going to church praying not doing something because god forbids it and even caused wars to please your god now that last one may not be relevant but the previous are very true
People seem to thin it's Christianity vs atheism. When there are actually thousands of denominations that all think they are right.
+bdwilson1000 Hi, I watched with utmost interest, and was intrigued, buy your eloquent cadence and intelligent, point of view. However, in conclusion to your video, you closed in a most childish way, a self-indulgent way. Moreover, as a Christian, I have nothing to lose when I die, if there turns out to be NO God, I simply cease to exist, but if I am right, and Jesus Christ died for all human sins, it doesn't sound to pleasant to me. Respectfully, I'm praying for you, to ask Jesus Christ into your heart, and ask Him as your Savior. Peace to you. I am right.  John 3:16  
correct, if you're right, you go to heaven and have happiness and amazing things forever. and if you're wrong, there's 2 senarios. either nothing happens, and you just cease to exist (what all possible evidence points to), or you're right that there is a god, but you chose the wrong one, and you go to hell anyways.  also, the way you say that, you make it seem like belief is optional. belief is NOT optional. i don't choose to be an atheist, i've seen the evidence i can't deny it. if i tried to believe in god right now, i would be lying to myself and god would know that. so even if i called myself religious when i wasn't, i'd still go to hell if god turned out to exist because i didn't truly believe in it.
You've ignored what I asked you. I said... what if you're wrong about Islam, or Catholicism, or any other god that will burn you in hell for being wrong? 
I thought this was a very intelligent and insightful argument that points out the illegitimacy in thinking religion is divine when all the inadequacies and deficiencies are the same ones seen in man, who of course created all of it
Who cares if we're "wrong" - If there is a God, he (presumably) gave us a brain. If he didn't expect us to reason he's not as infallible as he makes out!
This guy is fucking awesome
Best answer to "What if you are wrong?" question, by Richard Dawkins "Well, what if I'm wrong, I mean... anybody could be wrong. We could all be wrong about the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Pink Unicorn and the flying teapot. Uhm, you happen to have been brought up, I would presume, in the Christian faith. You know what it's like to not believe in a particular faith because you're not a Muslim. You're not a Hindu. Why aren't you a Hindu? Because you happen to have been brought up in America, not in India. If you had of been brought up in India, you'd be a Hindu. If you had been brought up in... in uh.. Denmark in the time of the Vikings you'd be believing in Wotan and Thor. If you were brought up in classical Greece you'd be believing in, in Zeus. If you were brought up in central Africa you'd be believing in the great Juju up the mountain. There's no particular reason to pick on the Judeo-Christian god, in which by the sheerest accident you happen to have been brought up and, and ask me the question, "What if I'm wrong?" What if you're wrong about the great Juju at the bottom of the sea?""
but would not this christian god be a figment of your imagination? if you did die, you can not come back to prove it. so in a way its a catch 22
If I'm wrong...It doesnt hurt me whatsoever. If there was every any strong evidence of God and science proved him to exists, I would just say "Oh wow, there IS a God. Look at that." and move on with life.
Lol if there is God, welp I'm going to hell
We praise Jesus. God is great :)
Not to forget non-existant.
Yaweh is a cunt. Read the Bible.
WOW, This is the most concise, on -point, secular oriented Atheistic response to this question that I have ever heard enunciated in under 8 minutes. It's like you took every single thought in my head and chained them together in a cohesive way that perfectly states my position, and nullifies the argument entirely. I think every single Atheistic Speaker should see this video and begin incorporating these arguments verbatim. Well put. +1 add sub
"What if you're wrong?" First of all, don't assume YOU'RE not.  You stand just as much chance of being wrong as I do -- and it's NOT 50/50!  Here's an analogy for you:  look at the roulette wheel -- each number there can be used to represent a world religion, past or present.  Let "00" equal atheism, and "0" equal n 'unknown god', whom no one has conceived of or discovered. Spin the wheel -- every number has the equal chance of being true. Still feel safe and secure?
Good question, what if you were wrong and what if all that you said about a God you just created in your mind as you say if he was to exist was wrong. Then you would have to consider the eternal pain and suffering that would come from being wrong. I pray you change your thinking before the day comes when you can't.
can you keep your religion to yourself and other believers?cuz no one like to see you shoving the jesus statue into your ass and feel good about it on YouTube
that's what i want to say to those who force their religion on others
I'm an atheist and personally I would accept the fact i was wrong.
Well your not right either trust me I'm atheist too but I wouldn't mind an eternity in hell I've been through worse have you ever physically manifested your self into reality because I have it hurts like someone fucking tore you in half p.s. I'm a kyuubi no kitsune ha lol.
Oh God you're cute- pardon the pun...
horrible reasoning. this is what religion produces. intellectual castration!!!
I do not believe in your god.  If your god existed I would want nothing to do with "him" because he is no god.  To create a situation as described and then to judge people who fail that situation is obscene!  To me "hell" would be spending eternity worshipping a megalomaniac like that.  No, your god does not exist and I wouldn't care if he did.
What if I'm wrong and have to stand before God someday? I would kick him right in the nuts!
If I'm wrong? Then I'll supposedly burn no matter what I do. Even if I convert, the all knowing God would know I lie so it's useless. AND what if you're the wrong religion? Then you would join me.
extremely well said......I do not believe in god as the bible states him, but I do believe in some sort of a higher power, that I cant explain with words...I don't believe  in heaven as most do, I believe that our consciousness is in existence forever...wherever it may go...religion is nothing more then a way to scare people into doing what the church says is right and wrong....a way to keep people in check....why does god need so much money?  why did a 3 yr old boy die 3 weeks ago at the hands of his own parents who hung him by his feet from the ceiling after they spent 4 days torturing him? oh yeah, god says theres a reason for everything!!!!  god the all knowing, all seeing, all doing will send you to burn in hell if you fail to believe in him, do everything he says, pay your taxes, but remember, he loves you!!!!  what a load of crap....
i dont get why christians believe god is all that omni stuff. in the bible god makes mistakes, god gets angry and jelious, and god clearly is limited in the extent of what he does. 
Verses that give proof to your logic, don't just listen to another person mindlessly
This is the perfect excuse for those that wish to live wicked lives. Lies, twisted truths, poisons, you are a very dangerous viper indeed. But I see right thru it. For instance, God won't allow no one merely if this person believe Jesus is the Salvation. You have to be a Christian! Being a Christian is following his path, and by doing so you attain repentance, which in FACT is the promise one does to himself not do it again, and by not doing again you start a process of spiritual cleansing that will ultimately save you.  BS indeed. Doesn't matter WHY you did what you did, what it really matters is THAT YOU DID when you had the free will not to. And by making excuses like this one, mixing truth with lies, you go on denying how the true salvation can be attained. If God let one single soul go without absolutely just judgement His perfect way will be no more. The abusso is there, it exists, and Jesus even say that  it was not meant to humans, but that very mention implies that it is being used also for humans.  SO and again... This is the perfect excuse for those that wish to live wicked lives. Stop deceiving people, or your punishment will be even greater. Repent. Have faith. Have the knowledge that you have no knowledge. How can we, with our limited human minds understand the inner workings of His blesses creation, and the purpose of His ways are?! We cannot, that's exactly where faith comes in. Faith means: SON YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I AM TELLING YOU NO TO DO THIS AND TO DO THAT, JUST FOLLOW MY LEAD, AND DO AS I SAY. - Yes father! I will, you know better. I will do whatever you wish! That... is faith.
This is really well done.  Great job.
I'm a believer but I love your answer
Does he look like Brad Pitt?
What if? What if you are wrong about Brahma? What if you are wrong about Allah? What if you are wrong about Waheguru? What if you are wrong about Thor or Hercules or any other god?
Pascal's Wager is a False Dichotomy. You're making the assumption that there are are only TWO possible outcomes when we die. 1. There is a god, heaven, and hell. 2. There is not a god, heaven, and hell. When in reality there are an infinite amount of possible afterlife scenarios if there is an afterlife at all.
it's liam from bold and the beautiful
Waht if we're both wrong and we find out God is Ra?
I am an atheist and I could be wrong.  If I am wrong I'd be excited to learn the truth.  How about christians?
Id rather live my whole life believing in god and find out he isnt real then live not believing in him and find out he does exist ps. I am a christian :)
Inescapable logic...inescapable.
everyone is so tied into religion i dont believe in religion. Christianity is not a religion it is a philosophy it does not require you to do anything extra except live free of sin. what most people fail to realize is that many of the religions of today are all the same anyway. you tell 6 people one story and you end up with 6 story's now  or 6 versions of the same story. the bible talks more about self than it talks about anything else after that its more of a history book. im not telling anyone im right or that they are wrong all im saying is who cares?!? i dont want you to believe in my god anymore than i want to believe in yours i just want you to see truth and understand that there is a creator. you do have a soul its proven. your soul is energy and like all energy it cannot be created or destroyed so fun fact weather you believe it or not you will live forever. stop fighting each other about whos right or reasons you dont believe and just love one another how about that? 
There is no scientific evidence that we have a soul.
christianity is absolutely a religion.
if he was Christian imagine all the butthurt atheist uhhh ohh !!!!!
Video made me think. Hmmf.
Interesting viewpoint. This is definitely a different way to approach the argument about the existence of god. 
Every religion in the world what if your wrong? Like is this guy thinking atheist could be right for all we know
I would stab God and slit he's or she's THORAT and burn he or she's body and luagh
what if we are wrong? what if you are wrong? what if the sky went green? what if god was a cookie? you see, its not realy a statement :p you can make every situation that suits you with "what if"
+12rednas Of course. Your comment addresses nothing in the video, just the title. It looks as if you failed to realise that there is more to the video than the basic question, and there is more to the question than "what if".
all time favorite video on the internet.
if your wrong then this god can forgive you for not believing in him
Excellent! This might be the best response I've seen to this question.
I would roll another blunt
To be honest, if Satan and God are real, pretty sure Satan would win.
+HughJaxident67 I heard that too, interesting to muse about but it's not really worth the time. 
To quote Jim Jefferies "god and the devil are having an argument and the devil's being the bigger man. Because god's just writing shit about him, and the devil's saying "I'm not even gonna comment son if you're gonna talk about me like that"
You remind me of someone...
What if God made the dying people in Africa as a challenge and they know theyre like angels?its a challenge. Im a christian
That's not a challenge. There is no way for them to survive.
challenge for us not for them. u may not know they're not true people. they may be angels that disguised as 'em. Ain't you thinkin
no afterlife, sorry people. no sweeties either. that feel i know, but really. childhood is over. wake up.
Wow thanks for the tips i think you just solved all are problems omg thanks your obviously smart enough to know and to tell us to wake up!!! Stupid bitch how bout you wake up and learn why your pathetic ass is alive and on this planet and then teach us about your dramatic thoughts
Pascal's wager the dumbest piece of shit in the universe and what if the omniscient one didn't know something he didn't know about
+ben harrison "what if the omniscient one didn't know something he didn't know about" What if you don't understand the question you asked?
Joel Mouton Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
In reading the Old Testament, I see that the highest priority for humans is to worship the God Jehovah, and none other.  I see that God finds this to be very important, so much that He will destroy nations that do otherwise.  He is holy.  That is greatly emphasized.  If the young man wants to get to know God and Truth, he needs to understand why God instructed certain things to be done.  Things need to be kept in context and not preconceive what God should be.  He does extend grace to those who truly repent, and others may not think it is fair.  But it is consistent. Additional to the man in the video:  It seems that you want God to exist, but on your terms.  You stated that you have a moral code.  Where do you think it came from?
Morals have been around longer then the Christian idea of god. Morals extend from logical rules for a communal animal. For the community to prosper and get larger you need rules. Even apes in the wild have basic morals. Extremely basic mind you. But there none the less. The morals preached in the bible have been around thousands of years longer then the Torah or the bible. Weird. I just found out Torah auto corrects to capitalized on my ipad. But bible doesn't..... Anyways. Yeah. Morals come from man. Just as thousands of gods did as well. And bacon. I'll stick with the bacon.
Funny thing is... Humans; the only species with religion, are the least moral species of large mammal on earth. We're pretty much the only ones who kill each other just for the hell of it. So I hate to tell you this, but if a god is responsible for human morality.... He's getting his ass kicked by mother nature.
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