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How to Get Girls to Like You

by Adam Lyons • 85,935 views

Learn 101 ways to meet your next girlfriend for only $7 by clicking on this link: Learn dating advice and techniques that work on how to talk to girls from...

ye apart from in the morning you have a horrible hangover and realise your lying next to a fucking smelly troll covered in big mac 
What about morning breath?
what about morning breath?
you know i did but then i was too lazy to erase the comment. sry man Mr Justin bastard. 
 Ok clever guy, your real original...
Great advice! You really are a love doctor.
thanks inetresting insight.
wtf no dude you still using her & in the morning shes gana think its serious & all you want is a blowjob
WTF ! Barry Stinson Lied to me :<!
great advice bro are you going to be in Bristol in 2012?
she slept in her own clothes, that's minging!
Lmao, 1:43 Replay that and it's pretty hilarious
I wake up make my Biotin filled egg sandwhich with my coffee and drill my date
Great advice as usual Adam! Thanks :)
The video's title is TOTALLY MISLEADING
the title had nothing to do with the video
Limy English bastard explains you well
Hey.. I agree but one needs to consider all dating options. We cover interesting "dating advice" topics based on interests and requests. "PrimeDatingAdvice @ com"
You need to get your facts straight. The difference between me and you is I chose to respect what God says instead of the world. I know how it is the world tell you it cool to have sex with anyone and spend your life living a party lifestyle. I seen first hand the consequence of not following god rules. I use to be that way partying and sleeping around but God reach out and I wise up and realize that isn't that way. Get right with God before he ends up teaching you a lesson the hard way.
Possible fix for the morning breath problem: food play, especially something like strawberries.
Are you serious? I didn't know guys go on dates the sex up a girl. Men these days...
this helped me...proven dating secrets .kmmakers. com
What, Adam Lyons with his fine ass wife on Epic Meal time? This is Epic!
quite thrilled for your new videos coming soon! :)
Well loveless sex is not much of a prize anyways.......
Great stuff Adam you are a real inspiration.
"and ur building up a massive level of comfort with her" ya. I suppose. I'll definitely have something else massively forming for her too. : )
argh I aint taking this advise....Hate morning breath...if she doesnt have sex with me that night i kick chicks out and sleep by myself because I snore loud and it kinda kills my chances later on...spooning is great for building comfort.... but i prefer forking :-)
in the morning?! with bad (alcohol-) breath, a massive pee-boner, full belly, etc?
Travis made the comment 3 weeks however that person is exactly right. It amazes how the world has got so far away from God. Bottom line is sex is an intimate act between people. It was design that away. To sit there and act like sleeping with random women is way to go is wrong. It amazes how backwards the world is in this day and time where a man who does the right thing as far as waiting to getting married to have sex is look as weird. However a man that sleeps around get praised.
Morning sex? No thanks! Her makeup will be shot by the morning and you'll want to take the casual morning dump. Damn adam wtf kinda advice is this...REALLY?!
Last time I had morning sex I gagged whilst kissing her cause her breath stunk so bad! I'll skip this one thanks :)
thats probably why you're watching the video and hes in the video.
the title of this video did not relate to the actual video at all... but still good advice
wtf? this is stupid. good advice ur giving to guys
I agree.......Ican put up with morning breath if it means getting a morning bj
The title didn't match the content...
Hey, I'm a pretty big fan of your advice Adam, I've used a lot of your techniques and it works! However a lot of it is really manipulative and I'm having trouble using it on this new girl I've recently met because I really like her and don't want to manipulate her. Any advice?
That indian dude reminds me of my old indian exflatmate lol he very forward..
I came here to try and get girls to like me instead I learned that's not the best idea to fuck on the first date.
y r those always the top comment! ROAR!!!! @blah yeah i think thats a good tech. BTW!!! check out this techniques -->
look at the pushy rapist indian looking shit guy.. FUCK U I WOULD KILL U IN DIFFERENT WWAYS
i agree with you... dame your a genius
Morning breath kills it and you get blue balls.
Kissing in the morning? are you kidding me? breath tastes worse than garlic and waking up just to tell them to wash their teeth, and then come back and try to feel the warmness would look funny. Maybe kissing but not the mouth...
AFC Adam on Epic Meal time!!
Mike Chang ! got me here ,, im lost
lmao im 15 to nd stil use this pua stuf to get girls...
with 'ANOTHER' girl? So you do sleep with your mom!
how does this have anything to do about what the title intels
Go to Karizma and then you'll get one
who wants to kiss first thing in the morning
Men just have to be observant and caring to find out what a women want. It's easy to find the topic to talk about :)
i like adam, but hate the "PUA" acronyms.
Like this if you wanted the chance to knock mister hill billy lumberjack998 riight the fuuuckk out
Bottom line if the chick is willing to get to your place on the first night, she already knows whats going down. She'd never put herself in that situation if she didnt want to smash
Chewing gum in the bedside condom drawer. Problem solved.
Sure, recouping from your fear may be the initial primary step, anxiety about approach and anxiety about rejection, but you will find several great communication abilities it's possible to learn. Vulnerable to interesting point that is not totally discussed, that is fascinating: in social psychology there is the question of once the behavior changes people mindset, or possibly the mindset may be the responsible within the behavior. im quit imporessed while using the video keep writing mate !!!
If you want to change and start getting women or are wondering how to date women go for it!\15mu1Lw
Having sex first thing in the morning? When her breath stinks like hell?
Problem is i'm 15 and my mom would never let me sleep with another girl
My uni was in holloway near to Arsenal FC we use head up there most the time.
Guys, getting girls does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Search a dating course known as Zuntramax Secrets (do a google search). Seriously, that program has transformed my entire life I probably shouldn't even be mentioning it because I don't want a bunch of other folks out there running the same 'game' but whatever, I am in a good mood today so I will share the wealth haha.
so.... wake her up with morning spray as a means of breaking rapport? ILL TRY IT ADAM!
this idiot talks as if all girls think the same one advice i would give is if its meant to be done then go for it i cant stand mornin breath its even worse
how to manipulate others for your gain, lovely
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