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Gold MSR - The Final GOLD GUN!!!

by JayEx23 | Top 5's, Guides, Commentaries and More! • 132,377 views

It's been such a BEAST series!! See if we can hit 2k Likes for the final Gold Gun video? Every MW3 Gun Gold here! If you enjoy these don't...

hey any1 wanna join my itz clan (PS3 ONLY) Add me my ps3 is itzQuAcKy but message me for clan only
it's bolt action 
thAT GUN is so easy to get gold just quickscope lol haha!
turn on annotations and look at the bottom left at the very start
he's 2 kill he didn't hit him?
Stop givin him a hard time
turn on annotations and look at the bottom left at the very start
I watch it on my phone
It's clearly Bolt Action mate!
Now prestige and do it all over again! :D
And you're retarded because there are multiple annotations stating that it is bolt action. JX, get dis SCRUB comment out of here at once!
First off, he must've been tired or something to make him say the MSR was semi-automatic twice, second, of course their were different people on every clip, it is MW3, I think there are going to be a lot more than 12 people playing the game, and the clips were clips of him doing good with the gun, watch his videos and you'll find out
MSR owns! L118a and Barrett and as50. R just all hit markers. I believe the battett should be the best, but the MSR Is better and my favorite
2:52-2:54 how did u missed him???
good as it does take awhile for the snipers, i found domination surprising to be good with snipers
The msr is one of my favorite snipers in the game but it's sway is horrible so impact is the way to go
msr and AS50 are to me the best sniper rifles in this game
i loved this and i love the MSR and the L118A Im a Quick scooper
Dude, I acog scoped people in the ass and they get killed just like that lol.
Soo who cares is not like we are going to die for hardscoping..
U unlock extended mags before variable zoom
Bro really the msr is bolt action
Uhh dude sorry to break it to you but the msr is bolt action it's just really fast so it can be hard to see at times but it is
your not a smart person are you, btw speeed and dead scilence is the best ones for the msr also like on all the snipes ASSASIN works like a beast use it and ull realize how shit you are for not using it
no shit theres diffrent people on his vid, you think this is a pv match?
@Berkeley199 Thanks you! Snipers are for hard scoping
Hi. See that funny looking tube on top? It's there for a reason
Speed profishioncy is best because it makes you run 98% run speed
i agree it is hard to get in gold but i did it
The MSR is the best sniper statistic wise I'm pretty sure. Using it makes me wish there was a snipers only playlist, it's so rage inducing sniping against Assault rifles and Shotguns... );
rsass is the fastest reloading sniper!:)
to all of you who say "fag hardscoper"....fuck you. just. fuck you.
i have a gold mp7 acr mk14 autom msr and red type 95 dose anyone hve any recommendations for any other gold guns
You should do a gold gun series for black ops 2
Pls show your create a class! lol everything gold
Hey I heard of yea ur friend told me about u HOW IN THE F**** do u have lots of viewers NO FAIR JUST TO LET U KNOW
The game isn't supposed to be "realistic." If it was, you wouldn't be able to shoot your mp7 fully auto with perfect aim all the way across the map. And how is quickscoping wasting time? Time spent doing something you like isn't time wasted.
I've used the MSR and I got a 12 killstreak with it
This is the best sniper for quickscoping!
You're retarded. There are multiple annotations on the video that say he knows it's bolt action and if you comment that it's bolt action it will get removed.
It Fucking Hurts Lol And This is a moment for NO SHIT!
read the annotations before commentating stupid things
Eemmm... It's not like a bolt action. It IS a bolt action
I have every gun gold too! Add me on XBL of you think I'm lying... GT = Explied
its a bolt action not a semi auto u will c that u need 2 cock the bullet
tats the class i use but i would chang scavenger for sleight of hand and first perk blin eye
Great Sniper. I havent unlocked it yet but try out the AS50 beast sniper.
If anyone wants a good quick scoping class. MSR Ext mags with Speed .44 magnum akimbo sleight of hand, quickdraw, dead silence specialist assassin, sitrep, scavenger
do you have the riotshield all the way leveled up?
Btw its not a semi automatic gun
i luv the msr but if the as50 didnt get me so many hitmarkers on quickscopes i would use it more but i do luv the msr
You still havent done the golden riot shield.
msr is a bolt action sniper rifle
what is the song at the end please tell me!
Great series! But its a bolt action rifle just so you know.
God dude i dont know what it is about your vids but i just absoloutly love them keep up the OUTSTANDING work
I hope he steps on one then takes a step pack from pain then steps on another one with his other foot then has to sit down for a bit. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I think quickscopers are try hards! I like hard scoping because it is sort of eazier
Go back to second grade and learn how to spell
My first gold gun ever, in any game, was the M16A4. That thing is a beast.
Im the leader of the quickscoping clan and I hard scope lots of times
When you get to weapon level 30 as you see it The bar for it takes a long time. if you have over 1000 kills liks i did for The mp7 you will get it gold
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