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Sims 3 | FRESH START! | Part 1 ft. Immortal HD

by ImmortalHD • 490,916 views

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Well, with the his new lets play of Sims 4 I felt like i just had to come back and rewatch this
Ahh....memories of the first video I've watched of Aleks~
Immortal had a Sims series? Dammit, and we just ran out of popcorn!
The video that got me into watching youtubers. Brings me back
Haha oh the memories
The memories He was the first youtube I watched and this brings me back :D
JESUS CHRIST!? your voice is so different! you sound like such a teenager XD and now you sound like a man
Haha it's funny how when this video was uploaded he was a teenager. Lol
15:21 it took you to make a character!?!?!? whispers to self I wish I could take about 15 mins
"I'm not a tranny" Aleks you r00d shit
Dude the clothing styles and stuff is very common
Your voice is so different from now! Hahah!
This is only 2 years ago and his voice is so much squeekier 😅
Im a virgo too. Im the only Virgo in my house!
Didn't sound like one. 
no offense but i hate the intro music
It's just really loud, lol.
I love this series. 3rd time watching it.
hahahahah worst character customization eveeer!!!
he turned so mean when he join the creatures
i doubt he means it, its for the camera
my first sims was the one on pc sims pets i loved it but its pretty old so it does not work now but them my brother showed me sims on computer and i play that lol
if only he knew he could pick any lifetime wish -_- *shakes head *
U R S O F U C K I N G P I C K S I O U S .
JEASUS! You've defiantly changed..... Oh wait, this was posted like three years ago? I feel old, Time is flying by.
Hey! Dont hate on loners. People suck most of the time.
Dude don't you want a wife why do you want to live alone don't you get board
Of Alexs I am just warning you the sims 3 is a VERY ADVANCED game
Aleks! AleKs!!!!!!!!! With a K!
Uh does he know you can change color of clothes
He's Probably new to The SIms
LOLOL YOU GOT 31 MORE LIKES ON YOUR SECOND COMMENT THATS AMAZING im giving you another like now because i love you
his voice is so squeaky compared to him in his sims 4 
Get CC to get better hair and clothes
is it your better CC or no
That's Aleks criticizing hair, shirts, and pants! Great video keep them coming!
"To be fair I have some muscles because I moved box one time" lol did u do to yourself in the beginning?
Dude  i em  alex lol :D
i don't really understand the age settings on the Sims, because your considered an adult at 18? so your a teenage adult... i guess that's what the young adult is for.
I skippet ahead and then I saw him looking like fucking slenderman
what expantion pack do you have
I like how in these videos he's going all out but in the GTA Online series he's like "wut thu fuk dude" LOL
your sim looks like a charecter from Holes (The Movie)
how did u get the sims aleks
That's legit. Automatically changes to 4:3 aspect in the middle of the video.
You are sooooo fucking annoying! Why do you ask about EVERYTHING? It's Sims it doesn't have to make sense! Don't hate on hydrophobics or Technaphobics they are people ben if they don't like the same things as you.
That comment gave me Ebola...
When his sim pulled out the computer and typed then put it away I thought of Seamus uploading a video :D 
Lol he has that hair now!!! (The first hair he picked he has currently XD)
Aleks a majority of the game: "What the fuck is the fuck is the fuck is that?!"
I've never played The Sims 3 without all the expansion packs and my god does the character creation look crappy. I guess it's one way to get people to buy the expansions.
I love how half of the time you're just criticizing every little fucking thing.
Looks like converse not vans
Why does everyone buy this?
At 4:13 it look more like Marty McFly than bumblebee
the one where he said: is this a Mohawk? I said IT LOOKS LIKE JB
Count how many times he says what the heck is this/that ahaha
uhhh you can change the shirt color genius xD in the bottom left corner theres an option for that you know lol
He did know he only has to pick one goal
Alright, I'll be the one to ask, what is the name of the intro music? It's really good.
Does the people who I meet are real or not
Just saying the more expansions and stuff packs you have the easier it is to Create a Sim lol loved it though 
I hate dim sum good thing Aleks does not know what it is
One of his longest yet most funniest series evarrrrr
i hope when the sims 4 comes out he will play it (:
Right now at the end I hate the crap out of him
Aleks is so adorable <3
Holy shit. My favorite food is spaghetti. My fave color is red. Im a virgo. O_o spooky
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat you fucking play sims I never sen this
"Anger..... Angler...." Why's does that make me laugh so much xDD
So basically this first episode was Aleks making fun of fashionXD
I loved how your were super noobs at this, lol
It's Aleks...fucking noobs
your right they do have some wired looking clothing
Omg when I got the sims 3 when it first came out I got the same house!
The hell is this are you going to a beach party
in my game I saw zelda and aliens.
This was my favorite lets play along with spooky craft
What is the explanation your using?
you know what I say ''if there are no good paints put on a skirt'' its as simple as that
Motherlode is for 50,000 Kaching is for 5,000
I watch every single sim 3 generation befjase I love sim and every time people joint this town they alway pick this house lmoa !
Aleks youve changed so much
same here so you know i mainly only watch him and nova
+tardis lover him and nova are the best combination
Immortal i luv u soooo much
awh you changed so much
haha you're real great no lie
moved a box one time.
intro is awesome it makes me feel like (america, fuck yah)
"Let's go with a Black top Why couldn't they have a black top for everyday clothes?" They do Aleks They do
Can you chance your intro plzz
Watching again :P
Down here, we'll see the truth. TRy and see it here~!:TRutHconteST-0(com, read the PreSENt4
I wonder why you make your username ImmortalHD.
sims 2 have better clothes
Here's a code for 5,000 $ it's motherlode ^.^ 🍪
shut your mouth, nothing wrong with cheating.
That's another kind of cheating. The one you're describing is trying to do something which will only affect you.
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