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Obviously you all know something. What happened to Captain Boreale?

by SoldierElerium • 121,579 views

The Kaurava campaign did not go well. Tired of his Rhino transports being called METAL BOXES by Carron and refused planning permission to build BOREALLUM by Vance Stubbs, Boreale calls upon the...

We need a animated version of this
W40k He's so badass he can have infiltrated Scout Titans
@Ryuk45 Hes still a noob cause of the way he pronounces SPESS MAHRENS
now let's make it in the sens of the story and make it in chaos side "falcon pawnch!" behing replaced by "metal boxes!" would be funny
And that's how Exterminatus happens.
He is a psyker, he destroyed the Kaurava system with his mighty battlecry, you know I was joking right?
OH MAH GAWD! XD That was friggin' wiiiiiiiiin!!
@Velmarshal boreal suck ass im glad they got pwnd.
@Hlhud 100 baneblades are just enough to blast off an entire black crusade back to the eye of terror in no time. By the way,i dont' think that PsychoEditor meant that literally,Soulstorm indeed said that the Imp. Guard had 100 baneblades,but their failure at being realistic is another story.
What sort of epic win---CREED!!!!!!!!
@The0Sparkeling01 Nah, you know how this vid is based on the Falcon Punch scene? Captain Falcon talks about how only the person who exceeds Falcon can become Falcon. So, by extension, the person who exceeds Boreale can become Boreale. At the time I thought they had to become Falcon/Boreale so :derp:
@SuperMihaCar Imperial guard sergants use Power swords, Space Marine sergents use them, many people use power swords (Its not a force sword).
@PsychoEditor In the real game you can't have 100 Baneblades. Any Imperial Guard regiment, no matter how skilled or dedicated they are, would be lucky to get three Baneblades, and that's if you're near a forge world.
Special cutscene you get by pressing alt+f4 during the chaos stronghold mission while playing as space marines.
@Timmadee But that answered the question so thanks!
I like to pretend that this was canon The Blood Ravens' loss in the Kaurava conflict wasn't due to incompetence, but Boreale committing a heroic sacrifice of an epic scale to prevent Carron from releasing a greater daemon that could threaten the entire sector. Vance Motherfucking Stubbs cleaned up what remained of the xenos and heretics, so the Empra got a win in the end.
LOL LOL LOL LOL LMAO at the glowing sword
The funny part is how this is perfectly synchronized with the original Falcon Punch scene.
his last words were...SPEECE MAREENS!!!!!!!
Boreale may have died that day (he died in glory, he died a hero's death) but he did not die NO, it was Carron who tasted death and defeat AS YOU KNOW.
it should have ended with the heritics fighting orks in a big battle then crull would win gorguts would escape in a rockkit shippe tingy (is what i call it) and then crull would take some magic thing that would summon some kind of super demon that could never die but before he could do it IG come in kill all the heritics than at the end miles away from the IG base around the magic thing then a crack in the ground crull comes out ready to kill again
@deadlykeybord it was also dumb how the voice actor for gorgutz was changed i mean srsly whats wrong with normal gorgutz actor? why they have to fuck him up!? however the reason i liked it besides dark eldar was because the voice acting, i mean you have to admit all the voice actings till DOW II were hilarious, this one was no different, i laughed my pants off everytime a chaos dude would talk usually a cultist. :D but this game is pretty bad no matter what.
When I saw his sword light up I could only think of the line, "by the power of greyskull!" from He-man.
@NiteRabbit >Everyone is now Commander Boreale. 512th Boreale, move out.
holy crap, i didn't know the emperor was chuck norris!
faaaalllcconn SPHEES MAREENNS
To bad only people who have seen the F-Zero Falcon Densetsu 51st (or "Falcon Punch") episode get this :)
now THATS what I call Exterminatus!
From what anime is that sence? Sorry for my bad English.
@Scarbgunner Correction, the shockwave radiated was felt all the way over there.
No that's what happens only when either the Emperor or Chuck Norris attacks someone with a sword.
Looks like he hasn't fehld de Empra afterall.
@LMxRagnorokx No it wasn't the blood god it was a greater blood daemon which is part of Khorne. But, yeah they I think they are building up to it after seeing the Dawn of War 2 storyline it looks like all the Chaos invasions and necron awakenings and what not could easily be the fault of that Daemon.
well i didnt know boreale was a psyker (psykers use force swords)
@loszhor you mean you've never seen the original falcon punch? dude, woah, dude, dude, dude, dude, woah, dude, woah, dude, dude, woah, woah, dude, waoh, dude, woah. dude, srsly?
@GojiraTX what u talking about? boreale had nothin to do with dow 2, he died in Dow 1 soulstorm with a lot of space marines
His Baldness Shined so hard, it caused a new eye of terror. called "BOREALUM". Imperial records state, that compared to Borealum, original eye of terror is like a long gone island of Hawaii on Holy Terra. May the Emperor protect anyone that passes trough Borealum. End of imperial record.
@indendunklenschatten You got a thumb up..... FROM SINDRIIIIIIII!!!!!!!
@Timmadee I'm afraid so, I never keep with internet and anime stuff due to work. :(
I enjoyed this more when it was "How Soulstorm should have ended".
screw exterminatus, we got captain Boreal!
@tanakabrothers GENIUS, we should take this information to the Inquisition right now.
@jahahahaha That was clearly the work of CREEEEEEEEEED, as this is the conclusion of the story.
You do realise, this means that there must always be a Commander Boreale. Whoever surpasses Commander Boreale will become Commander Boreale.
@Emidretrauqe They're fighting in the Chaos stronghold, which is on the planet at the bottom.
wait so why does everyone think soulstorm sucks? ive never played that one. is it because bad voice acting, look all the games have that. anyways... SPEHSS MAHREENS WEH R TEH EMPRAHS FUREH :D
that beam of light at the end lmfao
didnt this have a different tittle?
There you go folks thats what happened to all of Stubb's 100 baneblades.
No, if that happen Borealum would have never existed =(
I replaced ME 3 ending with this. It made more sense
This is the sole reason why the Imperial Guard has lost 3/4 of their men.
@whyyoubetrippin4 no because only 12 year olds with millimeter peepers brag about their penises online
Davian Thule on kronus saw that force and yell F*ck you boreal!!! you killed almost half of our chapter marines in there!!
@Bringdasnowmonster Gabriele Angelos most FTW!!! (but Thule 2 =D)
Sorry but he didn't win he lost. Check the story in DW2. Commander Boreale had to battle 2 army's on the same planet. But i like to think that the Imperial guard won.
avrage ending of an action anime
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