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Dear Yogscast Fans (NOT the Yogscast themselves)

by EnglishableOscar • 494,717 views

PLEASE READ: If you're going to comment, please actually WATCH the video first. I'm DEFENDING the Yogscast, not hating on them. Please don't be one of the stupid people who assumes I'm hating on...

I burst out laughing when you mentioned SoI and Yogventures. p.s thanks for showing me this.
Now that was probably the best video I have heard all day, good goin mate :)
Dude, you got a good point and people like inthelittlewood promise things like this but they are so busy although they get round to it in the end. You sir, are a legend. I dk heweve
Nice video!./ I agree with you. I love the yogscast. And respect them almost as much as my parents!!!
yogscast team is awesome,take a hike to any one that doesn't like them all.
im a yogcast fan and i don't push things down peoples throats
Okay, this may be a bit outdated, but it proves a point.
Dude. Your one of the many people who get off their asses to make a video about how crap the people are, your completely right about it being a gaming channel. I salute you.
what he said but piss off instead of peace of
I don't get why you have so many trolls
How is he a noob? He is making a valid point that is most probably about people like you, the arrogant ones that think wrong and still believe its right, even though there is plenty of evidence to go against you to prove you are wrong.
Hes not hating, he likes the yogscast, stfu ignorant fat people.
I agree with you in any posible way:)...
I have been waiting for someone to tell them that
I 100% agree with this man here.
Omfg you are a legend, the yogscast are awesome and minecraft is not just the only awesome thing they do!
His right you haters out there stop watching minecraft
Go oscar,there first vids where not minecraft so who ever sent that message go get a life!!!
their very name was derived from WoW: Ye Olde Goone Squad (something like that) YOGS
@Corey Clark What Can You Do About Someone Else Having An Opinion ?
So many people calling themself yognauts without knowing they are hating on them in the comment section
TRUTH and that commenter was not a yognaut he was a fucking son of a birth who obviously dosent give two fucks him self and just needs to get a life.....fuck him
also for those dicks who keep asking for shadow of israphel it does take a while to build up the maps
i knew this at least you got off you a*s and took the time to shut the f*****g peaces of s**t that we call yognauts
People just rely like thows videos that's just why they want moar
Good point your right you are making YouTube a better place. :-)
but what is the problem that the yogscast are a gaming channel
just because that person liked minecraft doesn't mean they have to play it all the time
finally someone with actully sece thumbs up to you
Thank you, it's nice to get a nice comment for a change :)
@Nathan Berch dude, EVERYONE cares about editing
Yogscast are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your All A Bunch Of Minecraft Nerd Cunts So Shut The Fuck Up You Dumb American Minecraft Cock Sucking Bitches. If Your Just At The Yogscast For Minecraft, Then Unsubscribe And Fuck Off. P.S Well Said Oscar.
Fuck u u little fucking faggish SPED
Nice job and to all the people who hated on this guy stuff you
U fucking bastard.yogscast have million subscribers!
Like he said, hes not hating. I hate people who only like 1 game like minecraft.
For the love of GOD. Stahp. Just stahp being a fucking fanboy. We all know that they made wow videos but minecraft made then what they are today. Err mah garrd nabdy carezzz
Idiots he's not calling the yogscast stupid he's calling you stupid because you are
The yogscast rule they deserve there pride you suck so stick that up your ass
I just subscribed to you because of this video
ok first you are right and their the best channel in the world
Hmm guys this guys name is wavy arms relook at the vid
I totally agree with you, I used to watch their wow vids and still do today :)
I agree, you do have a point. And to all those who didn't watch the whole video (yes, every single one of you) he isn't hating on them, so if anyone should shut up, it isn't Oscar, it's you.
So are you doing the vid about you don't like yogcast because is you are you are a disk
screw you i hate you so much the yogcast are the best so go to hell you peace of .
Yes finally someone who knows that they are not a minecraft Chanel
I agree with everything he said those types of people are so stupid makes me wanna punch something lol
He was not hating on the yogscast and, if anything, he was praising them, we know they are funny and he was trying to make a point about the dumb subscribers of the yogscast being so, well, dumb
@hilario abreu well right back at you you don't understand life anyways
Thankyou for supporting the Yogscast :)
if all of you people consider yourself yogscast fans if u hate this vid? You guys sicken me
LOL this is so long ago but that was when i had an old computer and had sticky keyes
I do however prefer the minecraft aspect but I totally agree with you.
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