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How to Win at Scroll of Resurrection by Wowcrendor (WoW Machinima)

by wowcrendor • 422,696 views

I decided to make a Scroll of Resurrection video since it recently got updated in WoW. ---wowcrendor links--- My Facebook Page: My Twitter:...

One Question: Is the Panda in the Cinematic Master Cheng?
-Uh it has pandas is a kid's game -Oh yeah? tell me more COW man!
Whenever I hear someone say Blizzard copied Kung Fu Panda I just imagine myself Gregor Clegane'ing them. Calms me right down.
Little know fact, Donger hates pandas.
OMG! i'm in the video! 
so many people saying its copying kung fu panda, even though the pandarens were already there back in i think it was warcraft 3?
it's not about copying, it's about the fact that they're pandas doing kungfu
ok and im a blue cow who can summon angels and light spells, whats your point? i also have a midget who can summon demons. i dont see the problem with pandaren or the monk class, its probably one of the most normal classes and pandas are animals so why didnt worgen have the same reaction?
Heim just looks 1000% done
I think WoW just got unlucky with the whole Kung Fu Panda thing....Besides, what makes a Panda doing Kung Fu (or any other type of martial art) a "kids' game"
+Sophie Jones I agree somewhat if we`re talking about physical eight year olds. I`m talking about mental eight year olds who want instant gratification, hasn`t learned teamwork yet and rant and rave when things are too hard. And that`s about 75% of the people who now play WoW. They may be in their teens, twenties and thirties physically, but to me they`re eight year olds. And they have ruined WoW.
+Sophie Jones what's wrong  with zombies or demons? They are just myths. If your child is capable of understanding the concept of death I don't think it would be too far over their heads. About the only thing that would give me pause as far as introducing my 8 year old to wow would be the other people who play wow. Some of them can be real A holes. 
That's how Billy got to level 80
anyone want a scroll of rez?
send a mail/whisper to Unseenterror, horde, maelstrom(US) if you want me to send you a scroll
Any one who hasnt played in a while need a scroll of resurrection?
i could use some help with that
whats your email or somethin
i need a scroll of rezz first person to reply or if someone offers me a game card
He (and everybody else in comments) just want the mount :P
can anyone send me a ressurection scroll i want to start playing again!
Want SoR? Add my skype : eviliance
can someone pls resurect me pls im on US server message me if u could give me a scroll
I can hook someone up (EU) just send me a msg
PM me (US) only with your character name and realm (no characters with weird letters if you want a scroll and are planning on buying gametime.
could anyone possibly send me a scroll of resurrection on EU server? pm me please
Funny enough Blizzard had Chen Stormstout, a fighting panda, around 4 years before kung fu panda was released.
Why can't I get a scroll? I've ben inactive since 2 months ..
anyone need a scroll tell me your email :)
Hey does anyone knows how the gear is called wich his priest is wearing :/?
Sure, just send me a message with your in game name
I was hoping when it kept zooming in on Heimerdinger and Crendor's priest, I was hoping Heimer would've been like 'F yes, I'm joining back now.' instead of being in denial about MoP. Lolsauce oh well. xD
how do you get the armour the goblin was whereing
I can give someone a scrol if they want, pm me
If that wasn't the mage equip but the Warlock's one i would understand how the "Fear" ability really works.
pm me if you want me to scroll of ress you
I got cataclysm and a free 80 from doing scroll. I played for like 2 days and said "this is boring as shit" and then i went to movies.
this is the video that introduced me to wowcrender :D
Then you don't like wow. Why would you even take the scroll?
It's the Firelands set from Cata :D So it's probably an xmog at this point
You can get the pandarian brewmaster during the blood elf campaign in frozen throne as a bonus hero. You can also get him during the bonus campaign as well.
What class are u in this video
Email : Realm: US Khaz Modan Character Name: Klahina Please send me a scroll :) Please
someone send me a scroll : (US) pleeease
I can send a Scroll, send me a message.
0:45 how everyone should explain to MoP haters
Can somebody ressurect me? my e-mail is
If someone form Eu wants SoR pm me
Wow, my comment is top comment! Sweet!
I never said "Pandas didn't exist until now." I'm saying they really are "kung-fu pandas" in WoW. They even released "monk" with the race.
zemoski bleeding hollow server,
I don't understand the resurrection scroll, but immediate upgrade to Cata and 7 free days, gimme it! Gorejaw-Rexxar, US
i bet crendor used that mask on his character just to make a video like this
hey can any one hook me up with one??? i need one bad
hang why aren't people complaining about league of legends being a kids game? lol
Omg thats hilarious!!! I like how you repeated something straight from the video to put it under that same video! Incredible!
He was known for repeating everything he just heard.
Crendor your link to how to tell if your wsg will fail is broken =P, just thought i'd let you know
need a scroll character: Skarr server : Illidan US Thanks!!
Yes, but if you've played Beta, it's not as bad as people think, when you play the actually pushes away 98% of your thoughts that you thought'd be, and besides back in burning crusade it was either pandas or draenei, they pulled back pandarens and put in draenei, and before you call me a liar...there's a blue post about it, ages ago on wowhead with an interview with one of the blizzard people, who explained that they planned this expansion since BC.
I've never seen anyone do that in real life, right after watching something. If they did it'd be douchebaggery. People do this shit as an easy way to get thumbed up, because they can't think of anything witty to say.
Need a scroll too Character: Erdyan Server: Argent Dawn EU Havent played about 5 months Tnx
I need SoR ! Can anybody send me one?
Man you have some awesome music in your videos.
the credits music makes my hips move on their own
If anyone needs a scroll of Resurrection just message me
ironically it started buffering right when he said IT HAS PANADS
Add me if you want a Scroll Of Resseruction! Skype Name: Michael.larsson47 Enjoy!
If you want to reply while being a smartass think it through before. I was talking about the 4.0 patch set. Which is not the firelands set. It is the BWD/BoT/TotFW set. During 4.0 the firelands raid was not accessable.
anyone there need a scroll?? tell me you email and you real name :)
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