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B. Scott Ep #163: God Gives Peace

by B. Scott • 37,576 views

i'm so happy for you B. Scott....glad you finally got what you asked God for...and your sister muct've been a very beautiful woman cause you look flawless everytime i see you you much
i'm in love with u now, don't listen to these ignorant people
OMG yo guys i am so sorry you all though i posted this to B, i didnt post ist to B i posted it to gqprophet99 and i said it in my comment... i love B probly more then most of you i posted this in defence of B because of that jurk gqprophet99.... THIS WAS NOT TO B !!! THIS WAS TO GQPROPHET99!!!! I LOVE B!
B. Scott, that was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing that and God bless you! My Dad passed away last August and I'm still looking for that peace, so I know how hard it is. I am so happy God has blessed you with it!
Your not alone B. I definitley feel you. Its not easy but we just gotta keep our chin high.
Yes im sorry bout the loss B.
I was just introduced to you yesterday via the recommended column on my account. I just wanted to let you know that you have such a beautiful and warm spirit and it radiates through the airwaves. Please keep doing what you do!
I love you my brother B .Scoutt i love you so much as u sister and ur family did i love u B . scott and i respect u u as my brother becouse u are my brother and i say that from my heart . i want u know my brother B.scott that i will be with u on good time and the bad time as ur family do <3
Adorable! Actually made me cry, Long live B.
We will continue to pray for you B. we love you....
B - I have always loved you and this made me love you more. You have such a huge heart !!
i doubt if he wud fake a cry over his sister you ass
I think you're probably the most beautiful person inside and out on youtube. You're such an inspiration and your videos are amazing. We're all here for you, and I'm so happy you got closure. Stay strong (I know you will). :)
Oh my goodness... here I am wiping my eyes while I'm at work. I wasn't ready for this video either but I'm so happy and so pleased for you, B- getting the closure you needed. Your sister has always been there, baby. Time is only a factor here so it may have felt like you waited a long time to get that prayer answered but the greatest thing about God is that He gives it to us exactly when we *need* it. Not necessarily when we want it. Love you, B. All my best.
really deep video man. you really put yourself out there.
I'm glad you've peace B. God bless. truely are an amazing gift to the world...You give the most amazing heartfelt advice to your love well as opening yourself up to the world...which most people do not do.God bless you and thank you for sharing this with us...your truely are amazing!!!!
Aww B, u made me cry watching this video. I love you B. And to you E-Ballers, i need to sell some puppies. Can u please mate my dog? LMAO!
A L L A K A D world at:ubroadcast on 51hrs 13min listen time,we would like this higher,aliens do not exist,all that is there so that my son can be there writing this to the dead,on this the second coming 2000,and leaders to people have said no always and remained what man created all that is evil death on my stolen earth,I created man intentionally small,and a safe distance from Heaven if you had been any bigger you would have been dangerous,stop saying no now for death,yes for life no death
God bless you B. Scott. I am so glad that God gave you peace in this situation. He so the same no matter what you are going through. Stay positive, and keep positive people around you. God bless you sweetie.
I bet your mom is real proud of you and your brother and sister. You stay strong, ok? =-)
b have u ever heard 'my saving grace' by mariah carey? if u havent u need to i know u will feel it :)
why in the world would you post such a negative thing about someone who has passed or did anything to you. You need to grow up or embrace the inner Fag in you because obviously you might be fighting the feeling. I love you B Scott and don't let little men lik this bring you down
your tears STILL = mine!!! i'm so happy for your new found peace, B. how could your sister be ANYTHING but be proud of BEAUTIFUL you??? your dream was confirmation, i hope is that is gives you the power to see what we all have seen since we found you!!! hugs & all my love, ~CRITICAL~
Aww BScott you made me cry along with you but you Godbless you and may your sister rest in peace ...and Lord did give you a sign I love you Bscott I really do
i completely agree. this song is so inspirational. it pulled me through many times : )
Please don't let people hurt you with their idiotic comments people will judge you regardless, God is the only one that can judge and that is all you have to worry about like I said before you are beautiful and whoever don't like you is tough. I agree with those who said damn haters.
aww bless you. glad you find closure. my friend brother died this weekend she's going through a hard time.
What song is that in the begining?
I wasn't ready for this video. God bless you and keep doing U!!!
this gave me what I needed to get in touch with my family after my brother died...thank you B. Scott!!!
I think all the little things you were talking about were signs as well. But you had to come to be ready to receive them. Your sharing of your raw emotion will no doubt help others. Keep your head up and keep up the good work.
this made me cry, god gives u what you need, dreams can be and are as real as reality dream states are a reality in your mind, you can also meet ppl ive even asked the ppl who i shared the dream with if they were there and they were. and they remember <3
thats my ringtone!! love love love that song.. sorry about ur grievance
You are evil personified. B. Scott is pouring his heart out and clearly upset about his sister's death and your leaving an ignorant comment like that. Go to hell chriscrokerh8r!
u r not different b!!!! u r such a great person!!! ily ♥ (and u hav me 2!!)
B.Scott. I'm Native American, I Believe the person that we've, isn't never really gone. Physically, they are not here, but they are in everything in our surrounding. They are with in spirit, and that consistant feeling of protection is with us. In our hearts, in our mind, and the thought that our loved 1s loves us and proud they see us. My Mother left when I was 5 y.o, im 29 It was a struggle. I gone to school, and back in school again, if i'm not hurting anyone. I know my mother is proud of me
That was beautiful. <3 We're here for ya
i'm so happy for you, b. scott :]
i know how you feel i saw my grandaddy in my dreams and he said he was proud of me on his birthday and i just started crying i kno how you feel boo its okay 2 cry i cried with you and ur sister must have been very pretty if you look just like her 5 stars favorited
Oh B. Scott you just had me crying because I just lost my aunt battle with cancer. The tears I cry is pain but relief because even y aunt knew she did not want to continue living like this. I knew it was something so special about you now. Now I know cry babes, and let it out. God has sent you your sign, so now your can start to heal.
A L L A K A D world at: ubroadcast on 50hrs 44min listen time,we would like this higher,your mind is a world unique accustomed to you only,therefore you are a world within worlds never ending,and the next mans head is as important as your own,and you retain your own individual personality,and to exist were so many do not,is priceless,should not be given so cheaply to death a disability,and I creator of life not death should know,and does know,this is Heavens message to all,life no death,OFFICIAL
that was so sad =[ glad u found peace
aww i cried im so happy u had a nice dream like that and i bet u 1000% she love u and is proud of u i so am it takes alot to get up here on youtube and u really are doing the right thing i love u(L) u made me realize its okay to be different
@mizzgoodaz32 and gqprophet99: you two need to get a pathetic do you have to be to come on here and insult someone who's mourning the death of his sister? people like you make me should be ashamed of yourselves... @b.scott: I'm so sorry for your loss, your sister will always be with you! :o)
this is the deppest thing on youtube..truely heart moving
God bless you B.. I'm so glad about the dream you had. No one can ever take that away from you, and now you do understand, the people you love live on through you through your memories and love you hold in your heart for them - and nothing or anyone can ever take that away from you
i love u b.scott! even tho u made me cry. god is real and he hears and answers our prayers. god bless you
Aww you're beautiful. Love you B. Scott.
I am so happy for you. Keep shining your light as you do. Love is the truth, the rest is a lie.
B Scott you are a joy to all. Im sure you are beautiful in her eyes.
This had me in tears.. i'm really happy that you've finally received your answer and you have closure. God Bless You
i really believe that was more than a dream. that was the real thing. its easier for spirits to come to you in dreams. when my grandfather passed away after being sick..he came to me in a dream and he looked so good. he was so well and so much better. he had all his teeth and EVERYTHING! it made me feel so much better
@gqprophet99: Well then i offer my sincerest apologies to mizzgoodaz32, i was tired and misinterpreted her comment. It was an honest mistake and i hope she will forgive me. :o) gqprophet, thank you for bringing this to my attention...kinda makes me hope that even though you are a pathetic loser and homophobic who probably thinks every gay guy in the world wants him, you might actually have something similar to a all we need to do is show you how to use it! :o)
I happy you have found closer for this chapter in your life. I know you have being going back in forth with this for a while. I bet you feel you have a load lifted off your shoulder. You deserve it. Be blessed and take care
Aww B, I am so sorry about your sister. I am sending you a MASSIVE cyber hug. Hope you feel the positive energy in your spirit.
B. Scott--I didnt even get a full minute into the video and noticed those tears.. Im a real emotional person, so as I saw YOU cry, I teared up as well... Its really hard grieving... really hard. I lost a sister, too. She died at birth though-- my ma keeps the clothes she had on the day they took her pictures, and every now and then, I stare at those pictures, wondering what It would be like to have two little sisters with me. Im praying, continuously, ALWAYS, for the strength to keep going..
We are all proud of you B.Scott, and we love you!
God Bless you bb. Lawd you made me cry.
Wow, God Bless. I'm so happy your sister came to you in your dream. She really is watching out for you.You're doing great, B.Scott. Just carry on! I think you are more loved than you realize. Take care.
I know this is an older video B, I just had to comment & send you all the love in the world right now cause we love you soooo very much & you are the epitamy of showing how very wonderful, beautiful and spendiferous being Diffrent can be. I have'nt a doubt in my mind that both God and your sister are looking down at you with a pride love and acceptance that you in your fabulous human form cant even fathom. Her and my brother too, up there surrounded by a host of love-muffins with with wings :)
bscott i'm proud of u 2!!! stay strong<3
ii LUhV3 yUh B AND ii WiiSh yUh LUCK AND yUh hAV3 M3 AND ii CAhN SAhy ii hAV3 yUh...DOUBL3 KiiSS3Sz
Us love muffins would love to see a picture of your sister...can you post one or two. Luv you!!!
If you don't like gay people, stay the fuck off their shit. Man, woman, gay, or straight, people have the right to grieve about lost loved ones. Get a fucking life. You obviously liked him enough to watch his video. Do him a favor. Stop watching his videos, get a life, and get off his dick.
@mizzgoodaz32: aww thank you, i'm so sorry i read your comment wrong! :o(
Bscott! Your such an inspiration, You are so strong,
You're Going to be all right, especially now that you have closure! You're going to be all right B. :o)
negro, you got me crying!!!!! You are inspiring!
we love u bscott. i know your hurt but u dont need to cry. i love you bscott. again, i know how u feel my grandmother died 4 yrs ago mother's day. i feel u on this video. you are the best. bscott. again we all love u .WE ARE YOUR TRUE LOVE MUFFIN'S
B, I'm really happy that you have that sense of closure from your sister's death. I was wathcing the last vid and just looking at how hard it was for you to cope. I'm really happy that you have peace. God Bless ***MsDee***
this is freakin deep. i almost cried watching it. five stars and favorited.
why are you saying sorry when you cry? its okay to cry about someone who you loved passed away I no how that feels bcuz my mom was murdered and i am 11 years old and my brther is 7 my sister is 5 my mom only spent celebrated 2days of my brother's 7 th year of life she was gone on April 14... hope you feel better!
@gqprophet99: They're not all like that, you know...what kinda job was that anyway? I don't care if gay males like straight women or not, i am not pro-homosexuality, i don't have any gay friends...i just don't like the idea of people laughing at someone who's in mourning!
Why the fuck are people so damn ignorant?, B., i'm happy god gave you closure, and you're a wonderful spirit! Your videos are anticipated, you were one of the first people I subscribed to!
oh B.Scott u have no idea how much joy u bring to people today for the first time i cried about the loss of someone else's family member ur are the someone and ur sister is the family member is u and i want to say thankyou for those tears i will keep them forever and i will keep u and ur sister and ur mom in my prayers
i'm so happy that you got that experience.
I am sorry for your loss, but thank God for the breakthrough that you were waiting for.
Aw babe! *e-hugs* You're so very strong! I'm so glad you've found peace. You're such a beautiful soul and you deserve it.
b.. i understand you 100% and at least your are proud and have the courage to stand up and be wno you want to be! thats what i like about you the most and i only wish i had that to. stay true!
bless your heart, b. scott! you are such a darling person. it puts a smile on my face to know that you've found peace with this.
B Scott this was so hard to watch, I'm very close with my sister I wouldn't know what it would feel like to lose her and I don't want to. But this video showed me that although she may not be there in person she's with you in spirit, continue worshipping the Lord and great things will continue to happen to you x
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