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3. Whole Lotta Love-Led Zeppelin (Punk Goes Classic Rock 2)

by RockThisShitEscape • 34,144 views

Punk Goes Classic Rock 2 official playlist: CHECK OUT MY OTHER ALBUM COMPILATIONS: Punk Goes../Screamo covers: Check my channel for music...

at first i thought this would blow but it's not horrible at all, quite impressed to say the least.
When I clicked on this video I was like "PLEASE don't ruin this song for me!!" But the lead singer is actually pretty good. I like it :)
I don't like Adam Lambert but, this is a really awesome cover. Am I right?
At first I was like oh god why... But it's not bad....
he'll never be robert plant but this pretty good
THIS is why Queen asked him to be their lead singer, glad he turned it down though. No one can replace Freddie.
He doesn't have enough "raspiness" in his voice. Don't get me wrong its great but it needs more.
WOW, I'm impressed. Adam did a great job hitting the notes. I think his voice is a little to clean to give it the needed emotion.
Keywords: DOESN'T HEARD OF PUNK GOES POP series. Whether it's HASN'T, HADN'T, CHESTNUT or whatever as long as you can understand what I'm talking about, even if it has a wrong grammar. That's not even criticism. Music page/video becomes an English class when grammar perfectionists like you enter the fray. You're making a big issue out of it, smart ass kid.
and how many bands in this cd are punk? have you heard the screams? sure those are punk screams huh?
the vocals on this is great, he did his best to try to sound like robert plant.
The fact that you've put Adam Lambert on this list PROVES that this is not an official "Punk Goes..." album.
This is my favorite Zeppelin song, and I must admit, Lambert did a good job. Still giggling at that whole "Punk" part of the title though. lolololol
Acceptance of mediocrity is a value of a child. When you have the option to edit by deleting and reporting easily, there is little reason to leave a mistake. Further more when the comment you are making is a criticism of others who are not in the know about something... it would do you a great deal of good to use decent grammar. Otherwise you just come off as a cocky moron with a superiority complex. If saying that you have no grammar is insulting... consider fixing said grammar.
For the sake of the people who doesn't heard of Fearless Records' "Punk Goes.." series: Punk Goes Christmas and other Punk Goes.. installment uploaded in this channel doesn't really fall in the category of PUNK. I based it on Fearless Records "Punk Goes.." series, if you ever heard of it, to garner more listeners. I'm tired of commenting about this issue, so please calm down.
Why is Adam even on punk goes classic?????
Yes and holding some regard for grammar, and on a larger scale knowledge in general, is important. If you wish to sound like a moron who can't composes a sentence correctly, that is cool, just don't try and pass it off as not mattering. What this all really shows is that you are a complete ass. instead of seeing and fixing mistakes you make you'd rather justify and excuse them. Enjoy walking through life like that, I'm sure you will do 'great' things and people will 'love' dealing with you
I don't know or especially care who Adam Lambert is, but some of the best rockers ever were bi or omnisexual, so I'm not sure that's the objection here.
of all songs in this album, this one stands out the most. No fucking way! of 16 tracks only one? wtf?
This is one of my favorite songs of all time, by my second favorite band of all time. I thought this was INCREDIBLY well done . . . and then I found out it was by Adam Lambert...and then I realized, it still fucking ROCKED, regardless of who it was that did this cover. Big up on this one.
As long as you understand the context and the message, it's all clear, smart ass. But when you saw a little mistake and say that a person has no grammar, it's an insult from a serious kid that needs to stay away from the internet.
The Punk thing is just there cause of the Punk Goes... its not because its actually punk c: I mean, Adam Lambert and many other bands that do the Punk Goes... are not punk, its just the name of the thing c:
..Because he likes to pay tribute to roots of rock music? He even invited KISS to perform on the finals of American Idol, he became a temporary member of Queen. It doesn't mean that if you're pop singer or bisexual you are not allowed to be affliated to rock music.
No, I realize most of these bands aren't punk. I just didn't feel like going onto every video and saying it because lets face it, that would take a good ten minutes and I am much too lazy for that.
what the fuck.. am i like the only one who likes the original and cover of punk goes classic? if you dont like it, get the fuck out of here and listen to the original. everyone has their own opinion but really? everyone commenting shit about it? fucking ridiculous.
why the fuck is adam lambert covering this legendary song.
One does not simply cover Led Zeppelin
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