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Team Lewis & Simon - Part 1 Survival Games

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 4,013,225 views

Welcome to the first Yogscast Survival Games, where Yogscast friends and family must fight to the death and only one can survive! Check out other viewpoints from the event at the links below:...

Like if you're watching in 2014
This video was released on my birthday, tens years after.
Lewis was a lot less pushy back then. Not that he is now, but it feels like he's changed over the three years since this was put out.
Ahh the good old days of yogscast
Why does every comment not have 1 like XD
If you add all the likes together from the comments you may be able to spread it out so each has a min of 1 like :)
"That's quite useful--oh shit, my pumpkin" Grade A Lewis <3
They really need to do this again!
This is the game that started the hungar games craze
Ahhh, that amazing intro music!
Can someone link me to the minecraft yog olympics? I cannot find it...
same for me, strange aye?
ah the old yogscast how I miss it    :(
I miss the old outdo :(
i love this amazing shhowss
i always liked that intro bring it back editors :3
Like if you're watching in 2015!
This was spac-tacular.
Kill everybody... You can trust anyone... You can't trust them, Simon... They'll betray you, and eat your corpse afterwards....
like if your watching in 3100
i come from the future anyone else
i wonder what server this is
Its not a public server it is a yogscast only server
Like if watching in 2015
Lewis and simon should do more of games like this. AKA Hunger games!  :)
I'd like to thank the yogscast for showing this to me, it started a 2 year journey for me on MCSG <3
Haha at 10:38, Simon thinks that Duncan didn't follow him, but if you watch at Duncan's POV, he's actually behind him all the time. ;)
I ill save u with my amazing ckicken sawning power
How did they do that map at the beggining showing everyone?
can we dowload it?
What is the server ip
It's not a local server. It's the Yogscast family server
How does ridgedog have a higher resolution skin?
+StrikerX1360 I remember him telling me in NYC about how he added HD skins in the Voxel Modpack and had uploaded a skin for himself. Sneaky ridge. Gotta love him <3
So yeah, because hes fucking ridgedog
Skins were alto more HD back then
does anyone know a good survival games server with this map?
What is that map thing they used at the beginning that showed where everyone is?
Nice, good ol' Yogscast
you guys should do a lucky block series
Funny how the beginning has a reference to Battle Royale, rather than Hunger Games
I just love survival games they are so cool
is this the hunger games?
Worst mistake of ur fucking lives
I want 2 see rekreations POV
OMG I absolutely live this videos ( and part 2 ) because all the mobs around
I watched this with every ones point of view
anyone know where I can get the original map?
eat my cake other wise there will be suk dik
I love how the yogscast makes it look like everything is not scripted but it is lol
Ive watched this so many times, i can quote it...
at 10:51, in the big building with the purple, if you go through that and out behind there's around 7 chests...
Old intro music FTW WOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!
Play more survival games!!!!
Uh Why does Ridgedog have that cape what is it?
gross honeydew thats just sick why would u say that
The Good old days...
Wronge spelling there soz
Omg love u louis and simon and duncan
Ridgedog was cursed to make that retarted face for the rest of his life by a witch.
7:34 Why does lewis make those moaning noises?
Ya they need to do this again ;-) ;-)
11:39 lol sounds like someone died happy 
anyone got a download link for the map?
Check the description ^.^
erm. drop the captain its a different guy
Play again and show download link plz
Description for download... geez.
Am I the only one watching all the different teams at the same time?
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, NOPE!!!
I rreally like your video's!!!!!!!
simonmask inthelittlewood to send a freind reqeust on xbox live to gemmauk80
whats the server i wanna play 
Its their private server
u should have used the spawn skeleton on duncen
old episodes of Yogscast are just gold :') them feels
Its their server, its whitelisted.
+iHasTheGames I acutally like that...they never get annoyed by other people then.
Arron Nock Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hamish Pragnell Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
great video love these guys
yeah buddy, so many British you tubers, I thought this day would never come lol- go Britannia!
Yogscast do a video where all of the yogscast get together fight every man for them self
No only green and Pink are available at the moment but if you wait a few weeks you can have Terqoys
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