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Sudden Death Note Shuffle 5 Stars

by ggamerman • 5,313 views

Wow........ This is actually pretty impressive haha this makes my chemical warfare run look like crap :p I better not get copyright for this @.@

Some of those chords you hit were freaking ridiculous
@lordvader178 Does it? I've only ever heard people talk about it, and I always heard that it was different every time.
Sorry nvm lol, just saw the fury of the storm note shuffle vid.
@ggamerman thats good, but how the hell do i get this cause i was trying earlier but couldn't figure out how
omfg. fc soon?? jk :P that looks so insane and impossible! well the verses do, everything else just looks complicated, but fcable. is it the same chart over and over? like if u replayed the song it would be the same chart as this one?
any1 wondering how he didnt break all his fingers?
@bradrhoades102840 this is something that isn't for pc but is for everything else XD
I can get a 2x multiplier at 2:38 because its all conveniently placed in a straight line xD
2:38 NOT SHUFFLED! Do it all over again :P
Actually, I have an idea. Performance Mode, Note Shuffle, expert guitar. Do it.
@CyclopsDragon the only way to tell is by another video by someone else and watch them side by side >.<
"savior" is just stupid on this mode
Sorry for being a noob, but what's note shuffle??
fury of the storm note shuffle....
I like how one of the worst parts was the rhythm.
oh wow 2:38 regular pattern in verse! that was hot, i request ties that bind on note shuffle next!
@EvilApple567 haha yes because clearly the chart changes every time LOL
what if the guitar chart are really drum charts? lol
Well I started watching and thought you were good but then i saw that it was ggamerman and then it wasn´t impressive...
@artgeek12583 No, it changes every time, apparently.
@artgeek12583 Hmm... maybe people meant that it was the same every run, but different on each person's game. I honestly have no clue at this point.
Suprised this isn't an FC :p, considering you FC'd dark caves, this should be nothing to ya. FC MORE OF PREBS CUSTOMS, you can do it ;) just playing- that's ridiculous
@MrILurveMudkipz This is note shuffle cheat you nub
Well done. This is really crazy insane stuff. There is no way for me to hit those crazy chords. And yes: Shuffle mode is always the same chart each an every time. The chart is the same for different consoles. Excellent work!
Note shuffle IS pretty messed up man, nice job :P It's pretty random too, I thought "Theme from Spiderman" was harder than "Psychosocial" with the shuffle on
See if you can Pass Fury of the Storm on Note Shuffle, Seriously see if you can and film it.
@bradrhoades102840 the song or the note shuffle thing? The note shuffle thing is a cheat... just look up the code In order to get the songs you have to play through the whole game first.
@billcosbyspet so many people have been requesting that..... expect a video up in about an hour or so :)
@ggamerman i thought it was a cheat but i couldnt find it anywhere online so i assumed it was for the PC. but thanks for letting me know
It's like this song is in Guitar Hero 3.
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