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Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Unbagged Popcorn?

by Jogwheel • 310,581 views

T-Shirts ----- Experiment #248: Eight Bags Of Popcorn Perhaps the single most icon food item to ever be associated with the microwave... popcorn is finally going into Jory's...

u should of put a 5kg bag in there and see if it fills microwave with pressure to blow off door
Johns gay popcorn bar seems like it would sell really well
Who wants Popcorn right now, im hungry.
its fun to stay at the jons gay bar
+jogwheel wish this was still around man loves this as a kid like 7 years old thanks for an awesome childhood
+Jogwheel and watched it on the G1 phone in the summer of 09. the first android phones of all time.
+Jogwheel i was here too :P but using my sisters computer back then and i was 7 too :] 
Jogwheel, do you still have that clip that shows the microwave 'Olga' with a broken light, and if so can you PM me a download link to the clip or upload the clip?
Im eating pop corn right now And you guys are stupid
Microvave lorde Microvave lorde Microvave lorde
aww why didnt they put it on the popcorn setting
I could smell the popcorn hahaha
This should be a alsome aida to have a popcorn party
what happened to the microwave on the last video? That's just never addressed
Popcorn PROTIP: If you have any unpopped kernels, take the popped popcorn out of the bag and put it into a bowl. Leave the unpopped kernels inside and re-microwave the bag. All kernels popped, no burnt popcorn!
First comment in a month
IT'S A GREAT IDEA(to me)! Why? Because you can just watch a movie eating this delicious popcorn. You can even enjoy watching "Is it a good idea to microwave this?" on youtube eating delicious popcorn too. Don't judge my opinion please.
its burnt, its like roasted nuts but worse
Finally, a video that normal people (most likely not us) can do at home!
you ate out of that dirty microwave? XD
know I have to think of milkman of the yogscast
Thumbs up if you watched this while eating popcorn.;-)!!!
Been watching the series for years and for some reason just decided to actually subscribe. Choochin cigrits. and then we cheeched.
crunch, crunch, crunch... MMMMM!
No, because your comment is worthless spam. You seriously asked why we don't throw our microwave away. You're a damn troll, dude.
i would love to find the John's gay bar song on Itunes
And making fun of the YMCA automatically makes what you are doing a reference to yogscast?
what the hell is a doo blea doo?
Whilst going through your videos again, I just now noticed the Wheezy Waiter reference. Noice.
Are you serious? We were riffing "YMCA"... what does that have to do with Yogscast?
Why do you need to be so rude just because a person is wrong?
Microwave 1x pop - corn on 2:30 .
wanna hear what i do i go to yourepeat(dot)com (you should check it out it replays vids automatically) and turn partyrock anthem on while watching these *starts shuffling and saying is it a good idea to microwave this*
If they did I think half of their subscribers would disapear
Why do you have to be such an asshole to 98% of your subs? The guy just stated that he'd like to see this as a tv show, if anything that is a complement and yet you reply to him (and 98% of your subs) as a dick and insulting him which he CLEARLY did not deserve!
once i had a bag of popcorn that had no unpopped kernels it never happened again
Right. My apologies then, but someone before you already explained that. I thought you were trying to convince me of the OP's original point somehow.
You probably already moicrowaved this but do Mentos.
Microwave deodorant or a clock? Lol
@Theoliolikushow That's butter and oil. A lot of pop-up bags have that with popcorn.
I wonder if it's a good idea to microwave Netflix...
Young Man You Can Pop My Corn I Said Young Man You Can Grab My Cob I Said Young Man Busk My Stalk! Theres No..Need..To..Plant..That..In..My.. (BUTT) Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Its Fun to stay at the Jon Gay Bar!
"I'm your psychic, Riley McIlwain."
@JPizzle1122 Sorry, the image that you click on to see the video. You can't see it on your iPod. I'm on my computer now and I can see it. Sorry for the confusion
It said 8:00 on the microwave before you suggested and typed in the time 8:00
That little back and forth would make a killer "rage" comic
He was talking about their parody of YMCA called 'M.I.L.K'.
i hope that was a brand new microwave because if not you just ate all the previous experiments o.o
I love ur shows plzzzz make one more series
where did u guys gets ur masks at.
Well, 1) I wasn't rude... how do you even infer my tone from that short comment? And 2) His comment was beyond ignorant.
No Its A Good Idea. I did that Before.
what, it is totally a good idea to microwave popcorn
i tried this at summer school and it set off the fire alarm lolz (>'.')>
am i the only one watching this while eating bagged popcorn?
Haha I have done this before, it was fun, but I only did like 4 kernels.
I don't have to. The burden of proof is on you. Moreover -- this "argument" of your has NOTHING to do with my video.
@CrzyLillyGrl - No one stole anything. The term doubly-doo was coined by Wheezy Waiter. Do your research next time.
you should microwave a microwave microwaving a microwave
Johns Gay Bar. Don't Plow my Fields.
i like how they were hiding behind the tinfoil shield to protect their nuts. from popcorn. cuz nobody likes roasted nuts.
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