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Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way [Freedom Ain't Free]

by Lupe Fiasco • 4,223,533 views

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My Playlist of Truth: Lupe Fiasco - #1234 Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPower Lupe Fiasco - Bad Bitch Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way Nas - Africa Must Wake Up Tupac - Changes comment more that you think should be added
CunninLynguists - "Get Ignorant"
I just discovered him, wow im getting his songs directly! what a nice flow and wise words!!
+C SHIRES Definitely underated much like Guru of Gang Starr.........who was one of the 10 best rappers ever!  
+GoGoTidyTee finally someone says what ive been thinking all these years. Guru is top 5.
Hip hop is the lifestyle rapping is what you do when your making a song. Theres one genre no pop rap there wack rap and there dope rap that's it. Don't try and make this like heavy metal where they go 20 different genres and all the shit is the same.
+Reconis Taray lyrics are easy to find on a website, i was offering an alternative. like what you wanna like, i wasn't making that comment as an attack on you. just.. music made only with the intent of 'selling records', not for creative expression, is senseless.(lupe fiasco's music - creative expression and with a purpose). some 'heavy' or heavy-ish bands off the top of my head. novelists, erra, embracer, i am waves, napoleon, dance gavin dance, oceana, lower definition, of machines, being as an ocean, the tale of my defeat, outline in color, prepared like a bride, the color morale, saviour, the word alive, in hearts wake, rosaline, 
Niggas complain about the state of rap and hip hop today and how it used to be so much better, then when a rapper like Lupe fiasco makes a throwback tune like this they be complaining that he ripping off a classic tune. 
And ironic thing is, those tunes from back in the day were rip offs of other tunes from even further back in the day! lol. Hip Hop was birthed from sampling tunes, so it's beyond me how people who claim to be real rap fans don't even know and recognize that fact, and then exactly like you said, get mad when an artist does it today, and does it superbly, I might add. Niggaz are retarded. 
Of course we know him as Lupe. But I've been calling him Yoda for years now lol.
The fact that this only has 3.8 mil views on the main upload is just disturbing. This guy is just too fucking underrated, makes me cry
+robb dgaf I take back what I said, I apoligize 
It's 2015 and I just discovered this guy and truth be told HE IS FUCKING AMAZING AND HAS BEEN GREATLY UNDERRATED!!!!!!!
Been hearing his music since 06 or 07 he's great
Lupe, you are one of the most honest rappers in this world! You rap about things that matter, unlike some other rappers! Never stop making music! Lupe forever!
Darude. You may have heard him from such a song called Sandstorm.
More truth in this song, then all others combined... Have to pay the Government to own property, If you work a job you have to give them a piece, Want to buy something ? Government gets a piece of that to.....
If you are rich, you give the Government Money, and don't pay Taxes, they also give Tax Breaks to Business's / Anyone with money willing to spend it with them. Look up how many business don't pay Taxes.
+rapidryu Because they give the paycheck to millions of people, who all pay taxes. No taxes for the firms means they can invest in the business and expand, hire new people etc. This is needed to keep the economy flowing. 
The Ghanaians actually recycle the old electronics dumped onto their land, but this song is so meaningful.
Excuse my ignorance, but Lupe is Muslim (and on repeated occasions, states that he doesn't drink nor smoke) so why is he shown sipping a 40oz @1:30 in the video? There must be a deeper meaning to this that I'm not understanding..
One of the most under rated lyricists out there.
Whats up everyone!!!Lookin to discover a dope new artist with great music?!?Be sure to checc me out then,my style is very unqiue and I have tons of music videos for you to watch,all I ask is for you to give me a chance to be heard and youll be glad you did,help keep real hiphop alive!!Thanks yall!!! 
Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You" ??
if you didn't hear him say " First off say peace to Pine Ridge " .....  theres no peace, we're fucked ... but thanks for the shoutout c: 
I am a rapper that wants to inspire others. I'd appreciate anyone who checks out the music on my channel
peace, from me in canada, hope things is good with u, yo papi, chilin, thanks for all ur real words, motivation, muslim sunnah, thanks. your 1/infinity of God`s grace, power, yusuf was 1/3rd of creations beauty, waterfalls, children smiles.  ill see u in jannah, seen, peace my brother, love, thanks for keeping it real in the trenches, see u on the park benches full wit grapes and the unimaginable , from ur video, i sen you`ve did this before, aa
Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way [Freedom Ain't Free]:
You Must Write ''T.R.O.Y. cover''
cover is when you just sing over the beat with the original lyrics. Lupe has his very own lyrics and the beat has been modified quite a bit so mayb along the lines of a mixtape. This song is OG Lupe back when he used to make mixtapes over classic smooth beats like these. can't wait for his new albummm!!
I like how he pointed out the exotic car rental place. Most these rappers, nah ain't doing that. straight frontin. Lupe from Coast To Coast I always fucked with him. He so underrated smh
Rich man, poor man, we all gotta pay.. 'Cause freedom ain't free, especially around my way 
Lupe is my favorite rapper. Good flow, positive lyrics, nice beat. Shit can't get any better !
Anyone remember this beat from NBA Street Vol 2 ?
The beat i remember this song!! dope for sampling it! I forget the name though uhg lol
T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You) by Pete rock and CL Smooth.
Lupe is the only person that can kill a beat twice in two entirely different ways lmfao
Cause the horn of Africa is starving to death.!
Has anyone heard this from the game Street ball on gcube or ps2
Greatest Hip Hop rendition ever.
I don't fuck with hip hop today but I'll fuck with Lupe. Good track. Classic sample
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You
Pete Rock sample - check it out
damn Lupe that White Lamborghini Aventador tho!!!!!
Didn't he already sample this beat on his song "Dope" and his verse was way better then this.
dudes dope fuck all the rest
Pete Rock > Lupe nuff said .-.
Lupe..True lyricist !!
I love this song lupe sign me and my partner im metro t and he is Triple d i be honered if u sign us we can be the next big thing
they reminisce over you this is a rip off
This guy is real to point that it makes real need to bee even realer to seem real
I get the video. The people out in the neighbor hood, the man bringing him the chains. The different stereotypes, (40's), shooting dice. The exotic car rental lol.  I had that part figure out before the video ended lol. I was like umm he's driving in the neighbor hood with that car, didn't make sense, it has to be a rental, and it was. You see at the end he didn't have all those chains, am assuming those were rental's too. Basically don't believe everything you see in music videos. Those that are claiming to own the fancy whips and chains, the houses but not in real life- reality vs. illusion.
+TheBoyguyperson  true but not many who got that. sometimes, I admit I have gotten suck in with the trickery, but not to far in, I couldn't step back from. Man the things out here, chaos in broad day n night. You really have to be mentally armed at all times.
This song introduced me to Lupe Has and allowed me to become a fan 😊
Lupe is definetly on the shelf.
Killuminati! This is the truth message of Hip-Hop! I love yo u allll
Pete Rock would be proud.
Actually Pete Rock hated this version and dissed Lupe and the producer. They made up though and Pete and Lupe should have something together.
+יוני ארליך you wrong, Pete dissed Lupe label and said Troy should not be touched because the beat was near and dear to his heart, he didn't disrespect Lupe for this he went at the label
Peace 2both Lupe & the Boi Wonda' Hip Hop I Reminisce, I Reminisce over you... My God!
They don't promote him because it's too truthful
Anybody know T.R.O.Y. By CL Smooth and Pete rock
Sebastian Ruiz Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Ponernos un poc de rapper´s para este martes 
Who gives a shit if he used the sample from T.R.O.Y. Atleast it was a real rapper like Lupe that used it.
Check out his new song, sounds nothing like this one.
he's underrated cuz he's a muslim racist sacs of shit
This song alone is a whole lot better than chief keef's whole career.
I must not be vanilla because I sure ain't got no privilege. But maybe that's not what he's singin' about. Maybe I am from a specimen of Vanilla planifolia and he sings about that artificial factory-made chemically induced stuff that stinks but they put in a suit and try to sell to use any way.  Either way, I still enjoyed the song.
"the android man, walk silent and talk science"
LOL! Wtf artificial factory made chemically hahahaah
One second away from 420 dam lol
Lupe is awesome, clever lyrics with a message
That blatant, disgusting ripoff of T.R.O.Y. Even in Show Goes On he took the Modest Mouse sample and made it something great. Not dissing the song, it's still good, but Jesus Christ I hope Tetsuo and Youth will have better beats.
+Grayman Lewis lupe didnt steal, pete rock gave him the beat. and lupe didnt shout out troy because he didnt want pete rock to have to remember that time in his lfe. get you facts straight
Just wanna say that Lupe recreated TROY b/c Pete Rock was bitchin, even though many other profound rappers sampled TROY before Lupe
Only rapper in this generation i can fuck with, Rest are shit. 80s and 90s era was the best
I use to love lupe then I found out he as religious and stopped listening to him but now coming back to this video vid I remembered why I liked him so much :}
VERI NICE 👍👍👍👍!!!!
damn this guy is good am a fan now
Hit like if your know that you have to be wise to understand Lupe's message.
Brian Behn Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Sorry, I posted this not too long ago. But it just makes so much sense, and its so relevant. And I love the flow. They say repetition can help to keep an idea stuck in your mind. Well check me out... Around My Way, Freedom Ain't Free!!!
Thank you! Lupe for selling your soul to get your well needed lyrics out to the world. I wish you didn't have to but you have awaken people like myself. May the Creator of the Universe, the most compassionate, the most merciful have mercy on your soul.
If u like lupe you guys should check out Andy Mineo and Lecrae theyre underrateed rappers who make sick music
i saw andy on sway in the morning,ur right he's dope,he prolly not as big as he should be,prolly all tha religeousness but hopefully ppl will be more open in....THE FUTURE!!!
Hip hop is a nod to the past, hence the use of the sample. Wether it is a simple sound or a full melody the music itself, not just the lyrics, is telling a story. Peel back the layers of the music to reveal history. Try to go back to the original song (not just Pete Rock) and learn what was going on at that time. Hip Hop is not stealing, it's saluting.
Why is he not mainstream famous yet
This song had so much imagery in the lyrics which could have been matched with meaningful images in this video instead we get this......
Hope they take Columbus Day off the calendar.
Celebrating Columbus Day the right way w/ Lupe Fiasco
could someone pls let me know what the origional song that sax is from, thanks.
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
The original is "Today" by Tom Scott
Lupe is the artis that refused to Roc with A prticular FELLA ;)
499 people love the system we live in.
straight got this on replay dope jam
TROY beat...... Fuckin dope @.@
How the fuck does this video only have 4 million views?
2:52 yes please do take Columbus Day of the calender
Shah Jahan Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
"I go as left as a heart in the chest, cause the Horn of Africa is now starving to death"
Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way [Freedom Ain't Free]:
I have ptsd and lupes music makes me feel like im not alone, i feel like he's been through what i been through, thank you lupe
He's a (bfbd) blue-fire breathing dragon! Damn Lu!
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