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Daughtry - Crashed - Lincoln Financial Sports SEC Football

by daughtryVEVO • 124,251 views

Music video by Daughtry performing Crashed - Lincoln Financial Sports SEC Football. (C) 2007 19 Recordings Limited

Ok Chris. This is creepy!! It won't play past "Ghost of Me"!!
+Rexart35 Do not use Bionicle as a means of getting thumbs up, moron.
Bionicle Mahri bring me here :´)
im not acting one asshole. your completing trolling. this song was first used on bionicle.
Nah, I still think it goes best with Bionicle.
@jasonlin1216 What are you talking about?
0:43 if your only here for the song
Everytime I hear this song I think of the good old days of Bionicle, its sad that kids can't grow up with such an awesome series. <3 Bionicle for life
What's all this Bionicle crap? Um while you guys are fantasizing about lego robots fighting each other REAL dudes are duking it out in the best conference of football in the nation. Now that's something to get pumped and passionate about. Go Vols! Football for life!
Now everytime i hear this song ill think of Ryan Dunn
thumps up if bionicle brought you and you thinks it's the best franchise from lego!
@jasonlin1216 Then don't act like one hahaha
I thought this was a Bionicle clip
@jasonlin1216 Dude just calm down. Bionicle isn't real lol. Don't get your panties in a wad lol.
I miss the old Bionicle music videos a lot. It reminds me of staying up all night watching them. They need to bring Bionicle back(even though I won't buy any sets) and they need to go back to common used Technic pieces none of the special hand pieces.
what the fuck is wrong wiht u. this song was used in a bionicle commercial. YOU ARE A FUCKING SON OF A BITCH.
@jasonlin1216 *like one. And I think you mean "completely" trolling? Well technically it was used first with Daughtry's video for it - which was about football. This video is also on football and I was just raising the question why everybody was talking about this Bionicle stuff when the video is clearly on SEC football your the one freaking out like a chick. lol
Ahh I remember the Bionicles video.
GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RIP Bionicle... BOO Hero Factory!
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