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The Lost Boys music

by spyhinken • 61,535 views

High quality: Theme song "Cry Little Sister" by Gerard McMahon. The movie is directed by Joel Schumacher.

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Thanx man, no need to fight tho. There's an old saying that goes... That which you fight, you become. I would emphasise the importance of raising your frequency (vibration). That's how humanity can find freedom beyond this "survival game" everyone's playing. Check out Jiddu Krishnamurti talks on Y.T, the man understood . Peace bro :)
i like this song and all the movies all who played are great actors
@Blue24U My bad i saw it long ago and couldnt quite remember if it was 89 or later. Apparantly it was later LOL. Thanks for the correction though :)
dude this song rules!!! love the music and the movie
that is a great movie the second one isn't that good the originals better
im 12 but ive seen this movie so many times i love it its one of the best movies ever juzt like fright night
watching the movie right now ^-^
thumbs up if this is your fav film :).
@Johnlindsey289 The Lair of the White Worm is another cool one from the 80's.
Rediscovered the song last weekend when I was out and they played it in the club - so amazing <3
@TheAltair4 Did you see this in theaters? i did when i was 6 years old and it ruled my world and also saw Subspecies on video at 10 and saw Near Dark on video at 6/7. You ever wonder why Sam had a poster of Rob Lowe looking all sexy? kind of fruity for a boy to have when that belongs in a girls room and he should have had a Demi Moore poster.
yes, I've heard Krishnamurti.... great man and wise for sure...... my personality is strong even IRL, But, my anger doesn't get the best of Me.... it's my Heart..... still, spontaneity and boldness brings a great party..... YAY!! =D
@TheAltair4 Forgot about that one, loved it since i was a teen in the 90's. There's also Vampire's Kiss with Nicolas Cage.
Damn good song...I still remember it when I saw this film when I was five years old!
@TheAltair4 Most agree dude! let's not forget The Hunger, Lifeforce, Vampire Hunter D, Vamp, The Keep, My Best Friend is a Vampire, Fright Night 2, Once Bitten, Mr. Vampire etc. those are cool vampire movies from the 80's as well.
im only 24 but dam i remember this movie like it was yesterday, best vampire movie along with a dam good song for theme fucking miss them days. i was born in 87 when the movie came out seen it when i was like 3yrs old with my cousins all of us eating pizza with our 80's-90's style spikey hair do, wearing ninja turtle undies lol fuck yeh man thumbs up if you can feel me on the late 80's and early 90's i was realy young but i can still remember. Best childohood ever
i watched this movie on netflix today. still a great movie!
@werewolfgirl88fur Yeah thats David (Keifer Sutherland). I like the end blond vampire (Paul). He looks like twisted sister <<<< Edgar frog ^.^
@Johnlindsey289 Yes, i saw this 3 times in theaters and i saw Near Dark 2 times. I've always been kind of puzzled about that poster in Sam's room, but this whole movie does kind of have a bi-sexual overtone to it.
Bro, that is so true..... unfortunately there are too many sheep and very few of the actual Humanity left to battle the Reptilians....... even though I will join the fight and fight I will till the day of my end to help Humanity continue on......
@TheAltair4 haha fright night! prince humperdink vampire =D
the first lost boys is the best!! <3 <3
OMG!!! I Love this Movie and this Song:) And the characters were sooo SEXY:D I watch it all the time CLASSIC....
Back in the day I love this song and this Movie
this movie has the sweetest mullets evar!
this music or song is da bomb damn i could listen to this and the movie all day long
This song it the best lost boys song ever
only 1 word AMAZING im a 17 year old guy and still to this day my Favorite actors of all time are Corey Haim and Corey Feldman The best actors EVER and will always be remembered by me, making movies like The Goonies, license to drive, the burp, and obviously The lost boys there just amazing actors the both of them and I still cant believe Corey Haim is gone R.I.P Haim Your always a legend in my eyes <3
i love this song and movie aslo got all the lost boys movies but the first one was my fave
Damn i was like 11 or 12 when this movie came out!!! Im 38 now.time flies!!!
Only one word to describe this: Brilliant
The Lost Boys was a modern representation of the reptilian-deception of humanity. Such a great song, such a great movie... Although, the essence of the film is a very genuine. It tells the story symbolically of the reptilian-domination of human life. Check out Frequency-fense "Matrix" video and Richard Bruce's video "Keanu's Claw" which reveals what is going on. Amazing!!!!
@panasony23 I know! i cant help but feel like we really missed out on something epic :'( oh well, at least we have the movie! :D :D
The Lost Boys, Fright Night and Near Dark all tie for me as the best vampire movies from the 80's.
I so wish i lived through the 80s man
@LordGandor3 From The Hunger, that was a cool movie eh LordGanor3?
Man I love this movie. Its the best vampire movie ever.screw that gay twilight movie.this movie makes me happy and reminds me of a good time. Rest in piece corey haim.I will always be a fan off this movie.
You Rock ✊✊✨. Twilight shit is Faggot
Sounds to me like your on the right track. If the heart is your centre, you can never be lost. Peace :)
damn dis song is da bomb and i luv duh movie its da best ever jason patric is so hot n dis movie igh
what a song! woooooow CRY LITTLE SISTER!
@TheAltair4 Gotta add the movie Subspecies to that list, for its time it wasnt half bad.
Creepy song but I like it. >:)
@Blue24U Subspecies was great but it's not from the 80's. It was released in 1991.
keifer sutherland is so fucking sexy in this movie!
I remember this song from the 80's!!! it was played in a srtrip club when i visited my friends years later, which was kinda wierd but oh well :(
i love this song & it's 2011 & im 17
i missed out on the 80s damn, i would of been 1 of the cool kids haha
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