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Garry's Mod Machinima Tutorial 1: Getting Started (Source Engine)

by Machinima • 757,863 views

Garry's Mod Machinima Tutorial 1: Getting Started (Source Engine) Created by Djy1991 and the ICTON Filming Crew In this first Garry's Mod Tutorial we explain how to get started on making a Garry's...

Thank you so much for this 
Steam made this fucking a rip off.
dude on gmod half life 2 is already in gmods content you dont have too download half life 2 and you dont have too have Counter Strike Source if you dont want to
Video upload date, buddy..
+jeffrey bain faceplam Look at the video date. This was before all that. Back in the day, it required at least one Source game.
Do you have to buy a lot of games for GMod?
This was beyond retarded.
I have team fortress 2, does that work? and my friend purchased just gmod and worked fine for him.
I'm not kidding, but I have Garry's Mod without Counter Strike or Half Life. Only Garry's Mod and TF2. But I got Garry's Mod first then TF2 and thats it. So why is there need to get Counter Strike or Half Life is it because they wont have any errors in the game. Well I'm not worried about that :P
I bought CSS just for this reason. Started RPing in Garrys mod today it's quite a lot of fun actually. Can't wait to have my own methlab...
+Walter White  i lovr darkRP or ZombieRp its fk amazing  IF YOU LOVE RP GAMES PLEASE TRY ZOMBIERP YOu will see me there xD zombie rp is feking amazing
Incase everyone hasn't noticed, this video is about 5 years old. 5 years ago, all of this information was accurate. Now, GMod is basically finished and has not seen an update in probably more than 6 months, as Garry is working on his new shit show called Rust. You don't need any Source games for Gmod to work anymore because of some work Garry has done, but you should buy them  anyways because Valve is godly. Keep in mind that every summer/winter and many many other times in between, a METRIC FUCKTON of games go on sale on steam, most of the time that brings Gmod down to 2.50 as well as HL2 and Portal 1/2 down to ~ 5 dollars. (Just buy them, they're great games)
Just waisted 4:00 of my life, I already got all this stuff!
Wait wait wait wait. I was planning on getting gmod but you have to buy the other games to have them modded in! :O
lol wow machinima u just confused alot of ppl into thinking that u have to buy alot of games just for gmod
All you really need is TF2 along with gmod. CSS is optional but highly recommended if you want to play other gamemodes
add me on steam: ksy_11
jou neet counter strike to play a lot games like gmod murder and ttt
you dont fucking need orange box for tf2 ragdolls!
look at the video date...
The free fraps is amazing! It lets you make a video that is 30 seconds long! How awesome is that! #sarcasm  
You never mentioned FRAPS kid. Were talking about CS:S
+Nexxiar Network Oh I don't even know, I just commented. I'm not watching the video lol. Anyway, barley anyone buys it unless they already have it. I'm not spending and extra £20 just so I can see! People just go to cs:cheater...
I Learned nothing today.
i have tf2 i aint gettin anything else
+Ahmed Malik me too, I got the bundle and am glad I did. Played TTT last night for the first time and had a blast.
You can also download the CSS content pack which gives you the content for GMod (NOT the game)
Ahh.... the thing that got me into making machinimas and the layout was good. Good times, Good times....
GUYS! For Gmod, just get CS:S for it. Most shit will use it's assets, therefor you need it. CS:S is the only one you need, you don't have to buy anymore if you want to. Gmod already, like any other Source games, borrow assets from HL2 already. 
U don't need half life and counter strike u fucking idiots Its one game
when i start my garys mod it makes a black scren and just stays thet way how do i fix it?
Does lightworks work for gmod machinima?
Can the valve games be shared games from family sharing?
You crushed my dreams of making gmod machinimas when you showed the lag part. :(
I got gmod for 2.49 Today!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!
2 gigs of ram... man those times
i need help,i cant run gmod with WIDESCREEN ANYMORe,i dont know what happend,i press APPLY and nothing
so I can't just purchase garrys mod for $10 can start playing? or do you have to other stuff first?
how does he get the npc's to talk at the same time as move!?
+Pixelblob Studio - Making Stuff Jesus no need to be that rude to someone asking a question...
hey its borderlands at 1:56
hey guys im a begginer on Gmod, Steam, and pc gaming in general, any other begginers wanna add me? my name on steam is LaChancla666
Or, Instead of a source game you could download Source SDK! Even though gmod is now a standalone game
do you have a direct link,please?
Im using a laptop so I dont think I can do this DAMMIT
i could, I've Done it.. I've A GminG laptop c:
holy fuck... 2009 fraps
Riddick sucks balls.... Fuck u vin
Yeeee I knew DasBoSchitt was a vocie actor! Love that guy, he makes some of the best Gmod animations!
CameronJS360 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This was made in 2009. Garry's mod is standalone now. You don't need half-life 2 anymore.
where did bobs tanks go?!
Hey, do could'nt you just but Half-Life 2: Episode 1 on Steam and just buy Garry's Mod and then play.Or could you just buy Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 and Buy and then play Garry's Mod?
Do you need everything in the orange box? I have portal 1 and 2, half life 2 and team fortress 2 already. I don't have the
+Klukon8 got it in the steam sale :-)
+Sidney Turner Tut is a bit old since Gmod is standalone, but it is still useful to have the other games.
do i have to have any of the source games? I'm so confused plz help
When I play gmod I see a weird thing and it lags alot
Your PC probably sucks then. Also counter strike source is recommended along with hl2
can you play garry's mod without all that stuff to?I have got team fotress 2 and l4d2 from valve but thats it
you can play it but you will miss a couple textures
So, that is why i lost money and it disapeared 2nd day of my library and i couldnt play it? I didnt have CSS or HL2, but i had TF2 and HL2 demo... I want my money back or my game
Can Someone Gift me The orange box on steam plz
so if i buy half life 2,then i buy garrys mod i can play garrys mod right
Have you heard of this wonderful site called ? Its wonderful! it answers all the questions you might, even works for the incompetent! Try using it, and FYI no, you can get gmod w/o HL2 but you wont have the HL2 stuff, but you could always just use the steam workshop and get stuff from there.
so if i buy garrys mod on my com and i m going to change my com to laptop will i have to buy garrys mod again?
It migh have TF2 or Portal textures, or the guy who made it sucks at making maps.
remember when you shearched gmod you did not get venturian tales videos? yeah the gmod comunity is fcuking siht!
Hey I bought Gary's Mod and Counter Strike Source about a week ago. The day after getting it I decided to try the RP servers online because that is why I got the game. After I click on Multiplayer then Dark RP the box the severs are listed in is blank. No matter how manny times I refresh the list it just stays blank. I tried going to the lagecy browser.
I have posted bleads of help on Facepunch, Steam discussion pages, and Nobody had any useful tips. I even sent the Gmod Help and Support team a message. That was four days ago and they still havent replied.
You Can Just Get Tf2 For free and get garrys mod since tf2 is a source game
yes but half life 2 is the base of the game so you need that but any other vave game gives you all the textures from it as long as u paid for it
Yes, but you still have to have CSS to be able to see alot of content that is used on alot of servers, but you can buy CSS and Garrys mod together at a discounted price. ;)
I have a video on my channel with a fix :D thumbs this up if it works for you
i have valve complete pack and i dont have the ragdolls of the game si only have css fl2 and tf2 why?
`so basicly if you have counterstrike you also need to buy half life+ the episodes, TF2 AND portal? awww that sucks...
WTF its rocket sience here fuck it make it easier and free or suffer in hell
I don't have half life 2 and it works for me, hu
I haven't got any other games but gmod still works
Mind you this poses a security threat as nothing involved with the game, downloaded or otherwise, will be processed by your anti-virus software. Use this method at your own risk.
Wait i have to have half life or conterstrike to get it bump dat im getting warz
No you wont. You'll just have to install it on your new computer. It will be in your Steam library.
no you just need 1 source game like counter strike source or any other source game it does'nt matter anymore because you don't need a source game anymore but i still reccomend counter strike source because a lot of stuff in gmod need css textures :)
Nope, You can use Counter-Strike Source. I used it. You dont have to use HALF LIFE 2.
4:00 Anyone else see Hot Sexy Folder?
How did he do the mouthing and hand effects?
sorry im posting this really late but you don't need HL2 or CS you only need them because ther will be some mulityplayer brokin textures btw you only need one of those and soory about my grammar
Hi there, I've checked the list of the games that are require and now I bought Portal together with Gmod. When I try to open Gmod it says "Engine error. Could not load library client." Is it possible that portal is not the right game, although it's on the list? Do I maybe need to buy Half life 2 to make it work? It would be great if you could help me otherwise I wasted 10 euros. Thank you.
u can get full version for free i can pm you a link if you want.
You listen to Britney Spears while playing Angry Birds?
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