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by SMTOWN • 57,177,906 views

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Am I the only one who came here JUST for EXO? 
you know, i know, you are so crazy when you pose that status. cokie huynh, can you delete it? thanks for reading
They were all great, but Taeyeon was born for this concept.
That's actually really rude to call be retards, some people have disabilities have some respect end of conversation
Why do so many people dye their hair blond now..
Taeyeon~ has a perfect voice. Tiffany~ has adorable face. Seohyun~ she's not pretty, cute and also beautiful. Because she's GORGEOUS. ♥ I love this song, everytime i sing it, i have my own version and my friends and classmates love it! Dont misinterpret, im not korean.. im pure Filipina. <3 (Im from Philippine)
+ella moo ang dameng kpop fans na pinay hahahh
+aqOuh C wEnNy HAHAHA. oo nga. May audition daw sa BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT AH?
 Looking for a magic number..  55 976 976 Yes I found one +SunNy ShiDae 
+887kenny i always get in trouble for getting the wrong meaning coz sometimes i just sort of look at the post with out much thought of what it means ^-^ then when i read it again i just realized that i did make a blunder out of my self ::D
Am I the only one here who didn't care about EXO in this mv?
you are not the only one :) as much i love exo,the girls is what i wanted to see :)
Me 2!i don't giv a fuck to who they r or wit they do.i jus came here to c my girls.thise exo fans who r saying they came here jus to watch exo can go to hell.this is TTS MV.go watch thier fucking oppas MV if theyr desperate to c their oppas
Is EXO Chanyeol inside this video?
jin an seok Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
+Jung Sunny  With that lunch, are you sure you are not a rabbit or guinea pig?  I think dogs like to eat meat.  it is very easy to get avocado, although expensive when out of season.  I am going to have Vietnamese noodles since that's all I can think about now.
+snapfinger42 hahaha, i got veggie friends with veggie dogs, i have played with those dogs and they look normal my dog is really omnivorous =P avocado has good fat and its delicious,, i like them,, have fun with those noodles
林晏慈 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
So get the Twinkle 'natchona' :p
Twinkle twinkle~~ 53 000 775
I'm quite new to the whole k-pop genre, so can anyone explain me the difference between SNSD and TTS? :) 
Welcome to the Kpop world fellow mixer :)
+SunNy ShiDae Great, then we both got a chance :)
Nimble Elf Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
57,001,116 Congrats +Allen Chan I'm late by an hour -_-
+SunNy ShiDae's a lot of fun^^ Hyoyeon and Taengoo are in it as well so
Fucking hell the girl's got that swing! One a side note; I'm pretty much liable to soon be sporting quite that "schwing"
+Señor Wolvier Korean entertainment industry content creators certainly know their "cute" I'm fascinated by all the glammy pop pouring out of that nation.
Damnit got distracted by.... life work T_T
TaeTiSeo! 👍👏💖
Get ready for the butt trophy!
I’m fingerpainting a GG scene: it’s Tiffany and Taeyeon taking a bath together. They’re cleaning each others’ boobies. (I didn’t wanna mess up my fingers so I’m using hooker fingers I found in the freezer.)
how are you such a genius? :'D
Omg make it a bubble bath
i love you snsd and tts you are my best groups ever in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 2ne1 sucks so much they dont have talent snsd and tts have talent so much and i wish i can go to your concerts and get a free ticket
+LayBiased 001 That is the Goddess Taeyeon. I understand you, everybody is in love with her.
So sorry but I got distracted by EXO's appearance in the video!! Is it just me or did anyone else get addicted to the part when Sehun and Kai get in the scene??!! 
+MEZUKI1986 pls just ignore them. Because of them im ashamed to say im fan of EXO.
where can I buy a korean wife?
Let's play, "Spot that EXO-K member!"  No hate for SNSD, they're amazing. Though, this song isn't my favorite, so I wanted to spice it up a bit. :P
I see him every time! It's Chanyeol in as the photographer!
Yup! Also, Baekhyun as a salon patient and Sehun and Kai as random people walking along SNSD's path. xDD
why are there 4 nigger in the back ?  shouldn't they be in africa ? 
Taeyeon so pretty ♥♥♥♥♥
Am I the only one who only came here to see exo's members ..
Yeah bakaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Lol I don't even giv a fuck to exo
Fifth Harmony more Better than these toothpick looking bitches
+Nimble Elf only one got away.... ~_~
55,662,882 views for TTS ☆ Twinkle MV
What?!chanyeol is there man
Twinkle - 54,000,004 views.  The most viewed music video by a kpop sub-unit. Holler - 8,890,283 views. Most viewed MV released in 2014 by a kpop sub-unit.
Wow exo so handsome
I see you EVERYWHERE XD Love ya! ;3
55 million for Twinkle So happy  55.025.888
Francielle Martins Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Is it just me or some parts here are somehow inspired by Christina Aguilera's Ain't No Other Man MV? I just watched CA's vid a wihle ago and it reminded me of TTS' Twinkle. XD
TTS Twinkle I like dis song.!
Was the man who played main paparzzi in this MV is Chanyeol EXO?
yes, TTS was promoting for exo debut back in 2012
Maybe they've got a lot of views coz Exo k was here.
Lol delusional level : exo-l
thats man looks like chanyeol lol!!
Because it was Chanyeol...
<3 chanyeol , baekhyun <3  <3 Sehun y Kai <3 salen tan hermosos!!! 
Does anyone know the singing technique that Taeyeon does around 1:10 and 1:15? It goes like, high and strong all at once? I don't really know but if anyone knows, please tell me because I want to learn that technique ^^
Taeyeon looks like a retard. A fucking ugly bitch, go suck her own dick.
56,808,273 Kim Taeyeon.... by the time i post this, she's living everyone's dream : being popular and rich ^^ oh well, haters gonna hate
And ur still ugly,living a miserable life,has no talent,poor n hating on other to live ur life
OMG! kasama si Baekhyun oppa ko
Nimble Elf Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
But this is not girls generation, there are only 3 of them! ??
This a sub-unit of girls generation, made up of three members.  There are rumors of a new sub-unit made up of other members coming out this year.
tiffany is different
53,898,433 how many days left ?
+Another Rabbit Because I don't watch this video everyday. Let someone that watch this video everyday win it.
+Allen Cody ah :) same, i'm just gonna help to raise the view ^^
정준영 나오네
the first part until 0:35 sounds like the tts-omg beat
yasmee mera Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
+yasmee mera i believe you :) haha, sometimes i have won that way,, though, at least i am around in soshi videos, and everytime i watch a new one, i take a look to the number, as a reflex
+Jung Sunny most of the time i watch the M/V without noticing the views i just enjoy SNSD music ^^
Is It prince(Tiffany's dog)?
no, that's not prince :) this is another dog 
Is it just me or did that one photographer look like Chanyeol... I think I'm getting his face and name right
Nimble Elf Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Aaww well that's rude, why do you hate them if you don't mind me asking? They're quite talented.
You are fucking ridiculous, my sir/madam! So what exactly are you trying to say? No one gives a shit about it, except for the person who is writing this Fucking logical
Yeah and Chanyeol is one of the camera man. Also the two guys that walk past the girls in the sparkly shirts are Sehun and Kai!! 😝😝😝
+Isabella Aldridge I'm guessing Sehun is your bias in Exo or am I wrong?
People be talkin about the views and other stuff but can I just that Chanyeol being a paparazzi (it's my first time watchinv this vid) and Taeyeon has mah bacon but their a cute couple
Didnt you realize kai and se hun :d
+Sila Kara I did and also Bacon ... sorry something went wrong when I posted this :D
Where are the other girls
This is the sub-unit. TTS. 
Quizá eres tan estúpido que la única cosa que se te ocurre ahora como excusa es el sarcasmo. ¿Qué más te queda verdad?. Esa será siempre la excusa de los idiotas cuando se equivocan. ¡Es que era sarcasmo!. Jajajaja. En todo caso tu y tu sarcasmo pueden chuparme mucho la verga. :)
Curioso como el insulto y la niñería siempre son la forma de evadirse del poco ilustrado.
anybody else see Kai and another member of EXO in the video at 2:07
Chanyeol, Baekhyun & Sehun...
There's Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Sehun too
taeyeon is the leader in this group too ????
+MS sone sorry , i dont speak english but ¿whats the meaning of maknae???
maknae is not even english ^^ it's korean....means the youngest child
Which one is Jung Joon Young? I read on Wikipedia that he is in this video. Is he the awkward photographer in the beginning? The one that clearly doesn't know what he's doing.
That's Park Chanyeol from exo
I've never noticed the exo members until now
  Happy New Year 2015 SNSD AND SONE
Thank you, too. Let's work hard this year :) best wishes
Plastic Girls Generation... LOL
Why does the guy with the camera at the starting of the video looked like chanyeol from exo??
How many Exo members are in this?!?
Kai and Kai? I thought it was Sehun 
They are all fake faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..
+celina8104 hey person of unknown origin i am fine, thank you.
I just notice chen yeol from exo is there
Ok there is 2 more and i cant rememeber there name
There is Chanyeol one of the photographer , Baekhyun also 1:50   and  2:03 Sehun and Kai who join the dance ... 
Sonya согя Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Go suck ur dad's dick
dont make a music video without jessica
I love Jessica and i do miss her but why wouldn't they make a music video without her? she's not a part of TTS from the very first time.
is that chanyeol? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
No it's Minho.  Oops.  Wrong video.  Sorry.
The guy in 0:40.. He looks EXO Chanyeol. If im right? Someone can answer me.. Pleasee  
por que solo cantan 3??? y las demás???
+MEZUKI1986 oh muchas gracias.... entonces sabrás el por qué salio Jessica de  GG?? y por qué hacen subunidades de las integrantes??
+lainxs  A Jessica la sacaron porque supuestamente le estaba dando más importancia al lanzamiento de su línea de moda que al grupo. Ella lo negó pero igualmente la decisión fue tomada.  En cuanto a las sub-unidades, es una práctica común en Korea. La gente quiere ver cosas diferentes y los estilos y canciones que las sub-unidades presentan son notablemente diferentes a lo que los grupos suelen mostrar. En cuanto a TTS, es una de las sub-unidades más famosas y la única entre todas en ganar un Bonsang Award.
Where are the other girls?
If you're talking about the other members from SNSD (their group) - this is only a sub-unit.
Aren't there more of them?
This is a Sub Unit of Girls Generation
EXO had already debuted when this video was released???
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