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White boy drops sick beat

by CJC2369 • 25,029,134 views

PRODUCERS: Collin, john, and carter He's legit

Lol those black chicks be like "I want that kid to eat me out".
Lmao "white" boy drops sick beat. If it would stand "black" boy drops sick beat, everyone would be commenting about how racist it is.
+Jamie Newton no. if it said "Black boy drops sick beat" nobody would watch it because they already know it'll be amazin
Anyone else notice that he's way younger than everyone else there?
It's hilariously ironic considering blacks are protesting in the streets crying over racism but this uneducated fuck titled this white boy meanwhile they're snickering in the background at him and honestly seems like the kid might have some kind of social disorder glad you're making fun of him another win for America
+mason kuta you can be racist to anyone, moron
that kid is so poor he HAS to hang with blacks. I feel sorry for him
+Fartron Gaming  so you wouldn't be a man who wants to kill someone for speech?
+John Anderson humans origin from monkeys somewhere down the line you know right  
And he spent the rest of the day drowning in black pussy.
How is this sick? He made probably the worst and most simple beats I have ever heard.
im the same fucking age as him probably you little dick so calm the fuck down nd gfy oh wait i forgot you are to little to know what that means it means go fuck yourself little bitch
Awww, he's so cute and adorable.
Are you the girl behind him?
reads the comments after watching video Oh, humanity, my faith in you is slowly dying. The video was enjoyable though.
+yamarati Thank you. I know the pain all too well.
Lol @ the ghetto girls behind him looking over
there ghetto cause there black
I believe this is how +Malcolm Meryn looks in real life
I don't have a problem with it.. But it seems like a lot of people in here do. To avoid this type of comments, just change the title to "Little kid drops sick beat" ... And also, I think the reason this guy decided to put "white boy" on the video title is because he was just probably joking around with his friend and say "hey, lets call it white kid, it's funny" I understand that, because I would have done the same thing, me and my friends make a lot of "racist" jokes but no one really gets offended because we are all friends and we are all from different countries and have different cultures, I have a lot of friends that are 'white' , 'black' , 'asian' , 'mexican' etc... The point is that I'm sure the title of this video was not meant to offend anyone.
+Jennifer Vargas way to read the guy's comment in full, he said he didn't even have a problem with it right at the start.
pmsl go on lad,bless him and his little harry potter look :)
Leroko Nerosaki yay for another failed attempt at your liberal bullshit , fact Spanish we're the ones who imported the first slaves and started slave trade in this country you dumb fuck , kill yourself you're in fact dumber then I'd ever imagined I love people like you though who jump online not knowing what the fuck you're talking about but posting it anyway. Please for the sake of humanity put your nuts in a blender and puree them because the thought that you could procreate and spread you stupidity is truly a sin .
+Roscoe Blinebury It's also a shame you just won't grow up and actually let it go. I'm trying to be friendly right now. But as you did with the others. You insulted.
Anyone who gave this a thumbs down is a Fucking douche. Is it cuz He's not as good as Tom Thum? He is also only about 10 you Fucking jerk offs. K. I'm done. Not bad at all for his age and it looked to me like all of the little black girls were feeling it. Lmao. Good Job Kid!
Black can't resist a good African beat. Notice how they all looked when the beat got complex. #BlackPeopleTskTsk P.S. I'm black so don't go starting a race war in the comments people.
I find this highly offensive because my mother was a white boy.
damn that kids gettin pussy today!
Good video, but disliked because of the racist title.
Okay so when a white person says something bad about black people for giving there opinion its good. A black person says something about white people for saying something racist its wrong. You white people think yall cool and shit because blacks were slaves to you sick sons of bitches. But once a someone blow a bullet through your head black or white or something else yall be l ike oh wow. Blakc person shoots white person (White people: THATS FUCKED UP HE DIDNT DESERVE IT! STUPID BLACK ASS MOTHER FUCKER!)  White person shoots black person (White people: HE GOT WHAT HE DESERVED! NEGROS ARE BAD AND SHIT LIKE THAT.) 98.9% of white people are racist fucks. Not all 100% Black people are bad! You just see what you want to see and put it the way you want it.
+YoungPrincess Luna  lol its fucking hilarious how many people are unaware that they're part of the problem with this whole "statistics" thing. They don't get the point.
Why does the title have white boy pointed out why cant it just be boy dropping sick beat?
Because people type the same way they talk.
Man lt me get in there and drop the beatbox beat i would reck that kid!
What a wonderful child. I hope that everyone is kind to him because it seems that he was being made fun of. Bless him. As for everything else, it's a shame how most people in America have fallen victim to racism. The word racism itself alienates all of us. Racism was created by those under social self proclaimed power to try and enslave and alienate others. No race is superior. We are all brothers and sisters. Only people who share their mindset and ideals with Adolf Hitler think that their race is superior and discriminate others based on their color, gender, language or where they come from. Racism could stop existing if the American people learned to think beyond what a persons skin color is, their gender or what language others speak. But what person in today's society has the individuality and intelligence to think for themselves? I treat everyone equally and I don't consider their race. I consider them being human beings and so I treat them like human beings, treating them with empathy, love, gentleness and intelligence.
Asians are bad at driving cars.
Ay good luck with that logic, see how far it gets yah.
Don't talk bout blacks cause 80% of fights between blacks and whites, blacks win. That boy is very talented,i would have bit my tounge trying to do that
I lol'd quite a bit.  80% of fights between blacks and whites, blacks win LOLOL
Cool dude. I bet he's like 20+ by now this video is so old! 
I hate how people name videos like black girl or white boy like really just say boy or girl we are all the same
To us this is awesome beatboxing. But if he ever repeated this to the Kombai tribes of Papa New Guinea he'd never see the light of day.
I think I'm done for the day.  xD
I hope when I have kids they're this fucking cool and funny someday
DAT alien frog thing dough.I say DAT and dough cuz it sounds cute also why I say cuz westside
This kid is awesome.  And I also noticed the girls behind him checking him out, haha :P
that boy will soon get all the pussy,while he will be beatboxing in their pussy's
This whole race thing is dumb. Just enjoy the video.
Yes speak the truth
It seems like he was forced, the beat was cool but he looked like he was being bullied
+Leroko Nerosaki again your comments are irrelevant and so off topic, again
+Leroko Nerosaki what are you on man hop off my dick bro you're a fuckin weirdo I encourage you to make sense
+Roscoe Blinebury​​ 1. Sorry, I am not really into other males. 2. I make nonsense. So what. You do too. 3. I am random, and that's something special! 4. Any tea?
Why in hell would you say white boy you racist dik
How does that make it racist. Don't get so bootyhurt
It was on that day, that little billy got all the bitches
His look linke Harry potter
Its a modern day Wormser!
White boy gets the bitches! "Say uhh you wanna hear me bust a beat?" If you know what I mean 😏
I can do that with a vagina
That's cool but who's breathing really loud in the background
I bet everybody only watches for the end bit
fair play to him i loved the alien thing at the end
Anybody could drop a beat like that I do all the time
This kid sucks at Beatboxing I love it how they think he's good too
HE'S SO ADORABLE!!! Oh my God. ^D^
I can rap but not With that beat lol yes I can
Yeeeaah home boy
Omg i can do that thats super easy
OO he kilt it good job 😃😃😃😄😄😄👏👏👏👏👏
Do the alien frog thing!
He gets skills. the best I seen for that age. If them Lil girls in the back are laughing at him then they need to learn jealousy is evil
What the hell is a alien frog.
You can tell the black chicks in the back wanna start twerking .
that would make the video have more views i guess XD?
This crap got over 200 million views
+chris chiang I think you make yourself look stupid.
Hey youse a Nigga Wit Altitude, howsa' like um doing a part on my sho toor brow?
learn some english
I'm better than him.
''White boy drops sick beat'', should have been ''White kid torrete''
Skal la alle få forsøke seg Hellfarger ;-)
henry jones Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
OMG, if I saw this kid do this in class I would freak!
Foreign schools are no different from Russian.
Sick skills though, and that alien frog though lmao
How the hell does this have 23M views when there's only 6M people in the world? Definitely bots...
+Shay Lilith Sigh..... So I guess it willl just be your body than:(
this is funny cause he's skinny short and nerdy
straight G, gotta do what you got to do in the streets of a black public school
He killed that I tried to that and I said lamo
Pussy bald like caillou
omg i would def date him
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