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Minecraft Clay Soldiers Project - Episode 26 - What happens Next

by TheSneakyBros • 284,577 views

Welcome to season 2 and we are going to show you around the clay soldiers town and give you information on the updates we are going to do on our clay soldiers town. The clay soldiers project season...

TheSneakyBros passing through. 
this reminds me of clash of clans
They can drown in water but put a slab and they won't
I watched this SOOOO long ago when I was bored. I recently re-discovered your channel, not having an account at the time, but I am really happy I rediscovered this.
Have invasion's cyan invade yellows
cyan and yellows are allies ._.
who else is gonna laugh if that one sand people that escaped ends up fighting off the yellows
you guys are awsome
you should put the red clay soldiers in that empty space
Hey guys, I've been working on my own clay soldiers civilization series that will be coming out on January 1st, so make sure to subscribe so you can be the first to see it! Cheers!
i think ill subsribe now
Hey dude.. This was my 7 year old son Darragh writing on your vids.. I had to reply.. the way he spelled 'subscribe' was so cute. But it looks funny to see my name there and me not being able to spell! ha.. Anyway thanks for replying.. He will be happy to see that. :) xx
+yvonne harris Tell him TheSneakyBros says thanks for watching our videos! We love everyone who take their time and look at our content. Have a good day Yvonne.
You can make a wrestling ring and put 16 red and 16 yellow with 1 dirt horse
OMG nearly 1/4 of a million views!!! Congrats babe :) We always dreamt about getting big on youtube and you have done it! :) <333
Send invaders from the black to the yellow
What is the ip and make a tower for blues who fly down to a under water base and can walk around in a glass tunnel
They should be able to make themselves
You should make an underground lava town with red clay men!!!
Cv vb nvv ca v fry c cd vvgncfccddv, ft bvcvhbcf dvds vxb sf h shh xxxvch kb fqh ip k moo pm oxvcgv ft gaff
Try making your water ways a half slab deep.P.S. Use on pools to not kill clay people;D
they live as travlers they have no home they just wander and they attack oters when they feel like it DARK ELEVS FOR EVER!
see if the clay will work together
there should be a castle OK PS i suck at spelling same as that one dood
hello people who still are finding this video! the clay soldiers project has moved on alot since this one! so keep subscribed to us and check out our latest videos to see more! alot of your ideas are already in the project
i can think of 2 ways. 1) he used world edit. 2) he used too many items.
Have a tree house civilisation it sounds a bit stupid but plz build it
i think u should make a village out iin the ocian for blue the forest for green under ground for purple and in the deserd for yellow
I wanna see them ride horses and u follow them while on a Pegasus I know I enjoyed it lol
glass and sno and ice vilage 4 the cerleun blues
how did u got the 1 block nether portal!!!! please someone tell me......
make the clay men have a war in the city
make a sparta pit in the middle of a town
have the greens live in the mountain because they can be forest. or make tree houses (small) around the mountain.
do a sky city and put cyan clay soldiers there and make them the air force
make a sewer city under yellows town
Guess what 1.3 is out so soon clay soldiers on SMP
you shuold have a dark elf town they shuold be grey plz u wuold make me happy
we should make the new town a miltary town with the peaceful whites and the miltary town will be the most protected
For the underground one you can make itva gameing room
Also you should have sky trooper in the original village so when they get attacked they could send sky troops down so just give them the feather
You should make a redstone clay soldiers town witch has redstone traps and other redstone devices.
and the sky peoples leader should be xephos from the yogscast becausee he is a space man
if you can make a herobrine soldier who is a super to be like herobrine. ok?
You should put Blue clay soldiers in an under water town/city.
if u keep up with the project you will see this has been added
You should create a under water base where the blues could go
Builds amazing beach house in Minecraft. Builds it in snow biome
will you add some traps in the castle cause it will be a awesome idea and make more people
Make a sky-village with whites living in it!!!!!
You should make a black market. I think there should be some new laws aswell
the ice is from an ice unicorn that decided to turn your water to ice
how do you make a mini portal like that
I love how people suggest things on a video that came out 6 months ago.
also we should make a miltary camp where the soldiers can get amor and weps (barrecks)
Make Them netrual Like martin luther king junior no fighting at all for them no matter what
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