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Portal 2 Creature Co-Op Chilled & Junkyard Part 7

by Junkyard129 • 5,187 views

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back wen junk and chill use to creatures
chilled is a good guy, hes only getting fustrating of thinking so much, go check out his other vids for proof
these vids should be called 'the offical way not to play portal 2' XD are so dumb its frustriating!
man these guys are gonna struggle towards the end. It is going to be hilarious
I feel a bit worried for you junk :p
@CriousGamers you actually replied to me (jizzing in pants) i feel so happy now
Hey junk, I think u should consider getting homefront. U play more tactical in it and Its really hard to rage quit. (unlike black ops) pretty fun game, I think. Love ur vids! Keep em comin!
@XStudMuffin95X I did a whole single player playthrough
Jesus junk you are horrible at puzzle games
lol chilled is all serious and knows what to do and junk is just clueless
16th.. No one cares :D (I Just wanted to fit in) ^_^
This makes me want to get pepper sprayed, so i dont need to watch the horror
This game is hard only when you overthink yourself.
i was dying because i was laughing so hard at 9:46
man junk this guy you doing it if with is so mean to you thinks he knows everything
your right where nova and sly are
wait til the fan stops....screaming.....WAIT TIL THE FAN STOPS. lol
i don't know why people complain so much XD i laugh and laugh at his ...laughs it is so child like and laughs the loudest when he kills his friend XD
I love these vids keep em comin!!!
i already found it out for the 1st challenge 5 minutes after they started
you guys waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overthink this
junk you make me so mad to watch
Watch the last clip ONLY! /watch?v=RpmMldUwiaw&feature=related
@senorcirclejerk Just you..... jerk!
please make episodes like 20 min long :D
funny how nova and sly got through that faster...
lmao i love this i juss wish i can tell em
@senorcirclejerk You don't have to watch if you don't want to, nigger
You & Chilled need to make more vids together, cause this is funny. Y'all that Who's On First shit. The people that are calling you dumb & want to unsub you FUCK THEM wit Kootras smelly dick! Junk your the best.
i love boobs... do you? /watch?v=44fck-8wZ2U
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