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How to make a solar oven 2/4

by BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose • 18,474 views

how to build a solar oven.Didn't get much done today. Still having a hard time coming up with a plan to mount reflectors. "solar oven" "solar cooking" "how to" "build" "solar oven construction"

I'm looking for a good and easy to follow step by step way of building solar oven that are durable and can last for long... and I found it.. gotta start building now.. thanks for your video...
That dog needs a big ol' bone to chew on while he keeps you company!
ive been trying to come up with a way to make one. it would certainly make the oven easier to use.
how about a turn table to fallow the sun instead of tilting it
@DIYMakerman its a double walled oven,there is insulation in between the inner and outer walls. im hoping to get into the 300 degree range or better.
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@DIYMakerman hahahahaha!!!! my iphone "corrected" my spelling again.thanks a bunch for calling it to my attention. going to fix it now.
@Drake3209 i have to constantly watch the dog.he will eat anything. i cant tell you how many times ive pulled stuff out his butt that wouldnt finish coming out. he ate some of my wifes yarn. allday i was trying to catch him because he was dragging yarn from his butthole. christ he eats more than a dog twice his size so it isnt because hes we dont feed him enough.
@Mrcaffinebean the mirrors are 20 by 24 inchs.ive looked into a parabvolic reflector but ir requires the sun be refected from a distance to a certain object. very interesting indeed but not quite right for this application. if your interested in parobolics or fresnel (pronounced frenel) lenses. greenpowerscience has tons of awesome vids about the subject. occasionally he will have his wife (a former bikini model) do some of the vids
@roadhog1986 roadhog,they dont need to swivel. they need to be at a permanent 60 degree angle in referance the the glass door. i should have said that in th evideo. since i put this up ,i realized that i need to remake the dang door also. ill show why on tommorows vid.
my dog chews on my wood too..especially if i'm paying more attention to the wood
where can I buy the glass from?
@bctruck oh i hate grinders, i use one every 2nd day just about and i still dont trust myself with one ! they are just a dangerous tool ! i dont think it matters how you use them, they are just an accident waiting to happen !
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looks good for the reflectors makeing them detachable is easy enough but you need something that swivels kinda like a truck mirror if i come up with something i'll pm you
@rondygal part 3 uploading now. tomorrow,,,,WE COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaw LOVE your doggie.. looks like Nano.. my folk's poodle/terrier
@TheOld300prepper today he tried to get a 4 foot piece out the 3 foot door. i should have recorded it, hilarious!!!
hehe you got a pretty steady hand to do that one handed with a camera !
I would cut the mirrors into smaller pieces and build a parabolic reflector of sorts. The trick is the angle. What the dimensions on your mirror?
sheesh! you kin to my wife? i have a tripod and a nice camera with a remote now. no hands were harmed in the making of this video. ;)
Honey, if you are going to cut wood and metal, please use both hands! I know you are trying to film yourself, but I was so scared you were going to cut yourself!
do you think it will get hotter and stay hotter longer if on the inside of the oven i would put 12 guage metal on all the inside wood surfaces or would it not help?
would love to see video of your cement backerboard solar oven build. that sounds like it would work great! the oven door idea is good to. its already insulated. ill be cooking with mine very soon. i have to add some better reflective mylar first.
@wesleytarbuck yeah,nothing unsafe about that ,right? hehehehe,,,, fingers,,,who needs em?
I would recommend putting it on wheels of some kind for portability so you wouldn't have to take off the reflectors. Maybe secure it to an old wheel barrow or something. I'm going to build one of these soon with the same design, but I was going to go with cement fiber board instead of plywood and find an old oven door and install it on the backside of the oven.Great job and video.
Youu are making good progress. Looking forward to the next video!
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