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Jordan Shipley imitates Superman

by longhornbambam • 66,351 views

Jordan Shipley FLIES over the kansas defense to get a 1st down on a fake fieldgoal

that was a nice jump, but why a fake field goal when you are up 14-0? still, nice jump
i dont know i just watched this, im bored and i dont know anything about football. haha.. thats just lame
No way Jordan is sexual vanilla baby!! who needs a black guy when you have a white boy who can move like him!! Jordan is da superman baby!!
Probably a stupid question, but did anybody touch him?
Jordan Shipley is one of those physical WRs I've seen, plays like Hines Ward almost. He'll get up and make run blocks and has enough speed to be a great possession receiver, he'll do good in the NFL for trick plays as well.
that sounded like dave lapham with the call. he is a commentator for the bengals radio and comes up with shit like that all of the time
The two refs are like "" o__0
The name of the video should be 'Jordan Shipley IS Superman' This guy's a great ball player, Bengal's are lucky to have picked him up.
he could fly back to...krypton???
Ahh, what an awesome game this was. Wasn't too awesome holding a metal instrument in 25 degree weather without gloves, bad move on my part, but the trip was worth it.
Youre joking right? He was easily Texas's best WR last year and not only that... he is going to be a BEAST in the NFL. Hes the perfect slot guy. Hes much quicker than his 40 indicates. Anyone who questions his ability should question their evaluation of talent.. because this dude is on beast mode 24/7.
longhornbambam, just so u can clear things up.... he flies over KU's special teams, not the defense.
Looks like Leonard the Leaper, part II! I can dig this pick!
Hes way too fast to be used like welker, dont get me wrong, he can to the short stuff that welker does, but hes got ability similar to marvin harrison.
Jordan Shipley is my Superman!! The All American Texas hottie!! Can you get any sexier than gourgeous Jordan!!!
Why isn't this play slathered all over the media in support of Shipley for Heisman...there are so many Joran Shipley highlights to choose from, but this takes the cake. God Bless Jordan Shipley.
Shipley looked like an airplane not a ship!! LOL I love TV commentators
haha... thats racist man! this boy can break ankles!
This guy is gonna be a better Wes Welker for a team in the NFL.
Gilbert is suppose to be the next big thing so it should be interesting to see
The guy who made Garrett Gilbert look like a good passer...
He'll play a Wes Welker-type role on almost any NFL team--line him up any position, punt returns, kick returns, and he'll get a sick number of receptions per season.
Because its Texas, if we don't win by 30, it's a loss
@lawrencetimmons94 lmao i was thinking the same thing. that had to have been the worste shit i have ever heard in my life.
Jordan shipley is more like the flash vince young is superman
That ref was just like "uh, excuse me"
In soviet russia, Shipley flies over u
@795re No offese but McCoy is kind of ugly to me but Jordan's a hottie
i question sometimes if that guy is human...the way he performs in games is just incredible
He is going to be a lot like Anthony Gonzalez or Patrick Crayton in the pros.... my opinion.... Go Ship! Hook 'em!
this is the guy who should have gotten the biletnikoff award
im a buckeye fan.. but i admit this is amazing
FLIES, not "flys". ShaggyBevo-dot-com
wow 2 KR/PR Tds and over a 1000 rec. yds?You cant say he coldnt have made it in the nfl.
ummm colt McCoy = adorable!! Jordan Shipley is way hot!!! and this video no longer avialable crap!!!!
he is white... a white wide out? y r these coaches playing him.
Jordan Shipley is a clone to Marvin Harrison. My favorite receiver in all of college football!!!!
Couldn't have? He's still got another year at Texas. Don't worry, you'll see him in the pros.
Yeah, Marvin Harrison is a good comparison-similar size and speed.
Jordan Shipley is a monster.... If he was black.he would get a crap load more attention in the NFL... Whoever gets him in later rounds is gonna be sup ere lucky! SUPER LUCKY! Work ethics, intelligence, and sheer purity as a wide receiver... Gonna be an amazing slot receiver Bc he has great hands and can deceiving (bs he is white) break ankles.... Welker is great but he is so much quicker and stronger. He will probably be disappointed where he will be drafted, but his skills will show all why
Ship is a MAN, Heisman front runner HOOK'EM
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