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Embarrassing Celeb Photos!!!

by Christa and Jamie • 2,022,644 views

Celebrities picking their nose, wearing too short dresses, and having underarm problems! *Guys I made this when I was 11, I'm now 15. Give me a break*

they  cought  rose o ' donnell picking her nose
eww   it would be elm suesun boyle
Robert Pattinson is like 'ugh, whatever mom'
Where you on drugs with making this vid? ._.
Why did someone take the time out to make that gay ass video?
John Brown Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Paparazzi are always around. LOL.
I liked lady gaga lol it was funny
What dos it matter that half of these do anything the rest of the world does very day?
glad that you thought it was funny! :)
You don't know who i'm talking about do you? well if you're not a fan you don't know him by marshall
just now.. was I taken into other dimension?????
robert patterson did not look bad at all(; in fact he looked sexy!
susans fly and buttons r like half undone
why they picking they nose in public
you should be embarrassed for showing this shit. its crap
None of these are fucking emberrassing ..
You must be new to the internet. But you'll learn as you get older.
Lady gaga is just embarrassing no matter what
Well that was a waste of 1: 19 mins of my life
your stupid everybody does that and we know we used too
arlux13 don't u know people might actually do it u should be more careful with that keyboard never know what can happen and it's called cyber bulliying
Do people really have to be so nasty, if you don't like something nobody is making you watch it, move on. Taking the time to say cruel things like "you should go kill yourself" just makes you sound like a horrible human being hiding behind a keyboard. Oh and if you spend your time watching silly videos of celebrity pics what do you expect? Do something else.
I personally hated it!.... sorry!
didnt see what was wrong with Rob!! ... ;PP
LOL.....the lady GaGA one is priceless.........
Christina looked like she just had hardcore sex.
You expect them to be perfect? oh, okay.
Susan Boyle boy oh boy but lady gaga or should I say goo goo ha girl don't dig your pants
Robert Pattinson is so HOT! There was nothing embarrassing about his photo!
Really most of these I don't think were embarrassing the picking nose and zipper down were really about it
THE one that i like is lady gaga hilarious
Uhhh... idk what to say... this sucked srry!
why couldnt you have just shown the pitures, why do all that messing around crap, its just a waste of time.
that isn't embarrassing sitiuation , i think you your self do more that that
thats mean you shouldnt be doing this to celebs
None of those were actually that embarrassing.. Get yo' shit straight.
Like when doesnt lindsey not get embarrassing photos -,- she's great a that !
lol funny cause no, the joke is on you cause you are gay and you are lashing out due to years of sexual abuse from your dad going mid knuckle deep on you when YOU were 3. Fuck off you creepy idiot. You aren't a rebel, you are a gay child molester.
Okay Robert Pattinson still looks hot in so called "embarrassing pictures'
So embarrassing videos! You got them all good!
this vid was fucking stupid you should fuckin kill urself
not being funny...this video is shit
Come on! Susan Boyle forgot her zip were open and not closed. Happens to me sometimes and it happens to you too. As for Pattinson, he still looks hot.
Am I seriously on this side of YouTube again
it was funny wen th pic of that lady piking her nose i laugh so hard!!
So ... what was wrong again with Robert Pattinson ?
Ok so freaking what that, news flash, celebrities are freaking human, c'mon people, y'all just trying to find a reason to hat!
Clearly some one doesn't grasp to definition or concept of embarrassing
stupid EVERYONE picks there nose once in a while !!
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