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Rob Zombie - Dragula

by RobZombieVEVO • 30,711,177 views

Music video by Rob Zombie performing Dragula. (C) 1998 Geffen Records

Melissa Matthes Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Ahhh the memories listening to this while playing Twisted Metal.
Hell Yeah~~  Rob Zombie - Dragula Rob Zombie is an American musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He rose to prominence as a founding member of the band White Zombie which formed in the mid-1980s and rose to fame in the early 1990s. Wikipedia
+Frank Storholm then add water please. I might go sleep easily and make loud snoring. Gahhhhhhrrr~~  Zzzzzzzzzz 
If he is a good actor they should make him lobo
I know if they make a Lobo movie they should use Rob Zombie 
regarde ce que marie mai me fait pour que tu fasse tes vidéos et me traite come de la merde !
Rock on this for awhile !!
ROCIO R Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Rob Zombie - Dragula: I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!!! =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O
+Nikos Carcosa They were punk? Let me see if I can find what I am looking for. Be back.
+jessie Yeah, Black Flag was hardcore punk. Judas Priest was one of the first true metal bands, and Fear Factory is industrial metal.
Rob Zombie - Dragula Dulces sueños comunidad...
I can swear to god I heard this song on one of ps1 games like 10 years ago
Sled storm brought me here
+Ahren Belisle yay im not the only one who remembers that awesome game
Happy 50th b day Rob Z. \m/
CALYPSO-- Twisted Metal!
+Robert Ventura Fun game hard to believe my kid was kicking my but at that 8 years ago PS2.LOL
First time listening to rob zombie, and all it made me say was wtf (the video,not the music, I actually quite like the music)
+Verenia J I know wat u mean there pretty insane
RINGS OF SATURN destroys this pussy ass shit!
+Auto Mans get a life u crakkka ass queer before I find you and jack hamma ya pussy lookin mouth with my big blk meat u pasty bitch
>mfw ^this nigger. Toppest of keks.
Ok it turns out that "Dragula" and "Dracula" are not the same thing. The song rocks, it really really does. It just the title name that threw me off. I don't know why, so don't ask, because I will not answer.
The song Of The Day Dragula-Rob Zombie
It's creepy but its a great song
+Jordon Dunn Def Leopard and journey?... Hahaha sounds like shit my sister listens too hahaha
Creepy? I'd say wacky hahaha it were strange times man
Rob Zombie - Dragula:
Rob has some pretty awesome songs!! ;)
Rob Zombie - Dragula: Like this??
White zombie. More human than humam
Rob Zombie is so awesome! He goes on Howard Ster a lot. Smart dude too.
who else thinks that the aquaman of the new movie looks like this guy "in sea-world"?
Dead i am the sky exterminating son  slipping through the trees strangling the breeze  dead i am the sky watching angels cry  as they slowly turn conquering the worm  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Dead i am the pool spreading from the fool  weak and what you need, nowhere as you bleed  dead i am the rat, feast upon the cat  tender is the fur, cying as you purr  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Do it baby, do it baby  do it baby, do it baby  burn like an animal  Dead i am the life, dig into the skin  knuckle crack the bone, 21 to win  dead i am the dog, hound of hell you cry  devil on your back, i can never die  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Do it baby, do it baby  do it baby, do it baby  burn like an animal  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!  Dig through the ditches  and burn through the witches  i slam in the back of my  dragula!
this vid makes me feel like im on some type of drug O.o
I prefer the Motionless In White cover of this song. I don't know why I just think it has a bit more of an oomph. 
Caraca, passei muito tempo a procurar esta música! Valeu, Beto Estrada!
Marie Ginette Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
One of my favorites by Rob Zombie.
one of the best along with many other songs :)
The song is about anal sex. Just so no one misses that...
cóż,wzruszył mnie ten kawałek...idę pod prysznic..;-}
Let's Rob some Zombie XDDDDD
                         Dragula  -  Rob Zombie
Hahahahahaha! Oh, i like this one!  \m/
message behind this awesome song?
this to all the whores & Fucking lairs as well ;) & hope the Relationships bust wide open mauh ah ah ah ah oh yeah secrets do get out ;) 
2:09 is the reaction i have 
Lew Perkins Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Jammin song..true wild guy.
Badass director he's really talented I think he could make a badass spawn reboot film, anyone agree
Was doing some personal research and happened across a movie called, "The Phantom Creeps" with Bela Lugosi. There was a mechanical monster in it. Looking further I found out that monster is in this video, I looked this up. And there it was in the background. A 'tin like monster' with a somewhat large human type face. Wish I could hear the words to the song but my hearing is fading in my old age. BTW, I loved Rob's movie, "The Devil's Rejects"     
Dragula was the dragster grandpa from the Munsters built in one of the episodes. That's what he's driving in the video
Was expecting a song about a cross dressing Dracula.
Remember this in Twisted metal on Ps1 and my dad pointed it out. Creepy as fuck band and video but a great song
My fave Rob Zombie song off ALL time! This gives me a rush every time I hear it. 
Best music video ever.
he's ripping of MINISTRY sound. but I like it
This song existed long before that trash.
is that rob zombie's wife towards the end of the video dancing in black?
i know its mad old ..  you better get a close up ... to    tell your    crappy face lol ..  second...   driving a car ?     nobody  cool does that ..    wealways get a   bitch to do it for us ...   we just give  directions  and where  we want to  be ,,,   so funny seeing you    driving  scar  and being like    a fucking   movie ...     i love you since th ebeginig  but ,, i had to say this :) 
Антон Филин Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
ориджинал .....ммм
+Antonio R. Barreto  Mais bizarro que for ,mais bacana é brother !!ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,
He sounds better in the songs that you buy him live his voice is ok but still awsome band
I wonder if someone is gonna post some religoius bullshit about "Ohh his music was made by satan burn him burn him" god i hate people who just put stuff like that.I'm not knocking the religion, i am all forward of what ever you choose to get behind, christianity,hinduism, bhudist,protestant, go for it.I just hate obvious trolls who post shit like that.
+Takaithepanda Look i just hate it when people decide "Oh i'mk gonna be a religious troll"
Well your the idiot that posted it first. Congrats!!
I searched this just to see rob and saten driving together
Brigitte Youman Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
30 MILLION?...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!...WOO-HOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite of his songs, and is the song I listen to first when I'm writing. Anyone else get into Rob Zombie through that movie Idle Hands? 
What the actual fuck is going on in this video?
Devil On Your Back...I CAN NEVER DIE!!! :3
still listening 2015 ^_^
What the he'll is wrong with you dum asses he has a pink ass
Twisted metal 4 ~ PlayStation 1 ~ :D Throwback
I love rob zombie and korn cx
Rob zombie is awesome love it
+Anna Valentine De nada Anna me alegro te aya gustado...!! ✞
This song sucks. Made in the late 90's and still sounds like a shitty new age, made in 2014 song. No wonder he moved on to movies.
Rob Zombie - Dragula: Ok, I'm sharing this again! Its for Anung!!
+Babhi Boraki Yes :-( we can't post it....the sound is not clear ..
I remember a couple of years ago when I was returning home with some friends from an awesome Justin B. concert, and we saw some Zombie fans torturing a small cat. They were kicking the poor thing around and were about to set it on fire. We saved the cat and beat the crap out of them. No messin' around with us Beliebers! So I'm just wondering, why are you such fucking losers that you want to hurt small, helpless animals? Go suck Zombie's cock instead (if he has one), and remember that if we ever see you again try to harm some poor animal, we're gonna kick the living shit out of you!
I fucking hate you people -_-
You'd think with modern technology and education twats like this would sod off and leave the normal people alone right Gore Fest?
ROB ZOMBIE Dragula dir. Rob Zombie #musicvideo   #RobZombie  
Stuart Davies Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Michael Hynes Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
my bffs mom went to highschool with rob zombie I think
Is this video supposed to be silly, or was this legitimately edgy and spooky back in '98? 
King Devin JOSEPH Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
this dude rocks!!! and his horror movies are scary as (censour)
Ana TheMisfit Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
+Levi athan ja ja, ich war doch dabei xD
i can see why they use their songs so much in twisted metal. the theme just screams twisted metal. cars, clowns, explosions, demons, etc. 100% metal
Nicole Fassbender Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Oh rsrs e que festas se extenderam rsrs Feliz Ano novo pra ti Tambem
Hola amiga mia buen dia!! Buena musica!!!
warpedsavage Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Jet set radio & Twisted Metal!
finally some mentioned both games
Nunca pasara de moda, este grupo es genial!!!
SAUL G Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
I love Rob Zombie. One of my fav. groups.
Rob Unknown Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
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