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Double your WiFi Speed for Free

by ThioJoe • 2,550,734 views

This was highly requested in response to my "Double Your Internet Speed" video. With just a common household item you can boost your wifi speed using troll science! This definitely will have no...

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My WiFi got al whisked up!!!! I GOT MY NEIGHBOURS PORN!!!!
My wife gets pissed off when I steal kitchen utensils for my computer. 
+Running Wild Having the urge is one thing, actually doing it is another. Your secret urges are safe with me :P
QUADRUPLE SPEED, if you put the router with the whisk on up your ass, you will get free 4g basically wifi anywhere,anytime!! Try it! It took me a couple of times to put it up my ass. I had to take it out cus i was shit needy but now it's up there again.
Yup,it works. Been having some problems sticking and holding it inside since my girlfriend complained too much so I tied her up and put her in a closet,now I have much faster download speeds and it is pretty enjoyable since it is giving me internal prostate massage too!
+hRci_HR yeah dude i just bought a 2015 whisk machine. it's called the whisknator 97311. i have only one word for it....amazing device
try sticking the wireless antenna up your ass on one end, then shove that wisk in your mouth on the other end at the same time. Be sure to breath through nose, else you'll die. Guarantee to increase by 10 times!!! no joke.....
you r the best for real mate... LMFAO...
OK GUYS! im gonna tell you how to make your internet speed 10x faster, you need electrical tape, a fork, a battery for boosting, and your thumb (yes bare with me) first tape the fork to your thumb with the pointy bit facing up, then tape the battery to the base of the fork last step (bare with me guys) your going to forcefully jam your thumb with the taped fork and battery up your ass  if you want to make your connection even faster you just need to wrap a CAT5 e cable (or an existing Ethernet cable) around your balls, secure with tape and you will have the fastest speed around! all your friends will be jealous!!
+kalmahman48 oh will i will try it and if it work then i will come back and tell you
everyone please watch my videos and see if you like them. please and thank you. if you laugh at them please share them and show your family and friends
Bruce Ashby Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
For those using WIFI at home, this is one way of increasing speed on your internet connection by just putting on a whisk on the antenna of the router, since it will harness the lost signals out of the router and direct it to your computer for faster internet experience> Also for those who use wired connection to the modem. just wrap another Ethernet cable (without the connection plugs) around your existing cable, close to the plugs at each end and wrap it with electrical tape, that will double your speed connection to internet, both for download and upload.
Very cool, thanks for sharing ;)
Buy a connection you thieving cunt..If I caught you I'd slit your scummy throat..
Thanks very much, unfortunately my wifi doesn't have an antenna.  I pay for 15, but get 8.  my upload is .48  absolutely pitiful!   What I'm so thankful for is the speedtest website.  I have searched, but have not been able to find one.   I'll be subscribing, and watching many of your tricks.  
Your internet sucks kid.
lol my internet is as fast as his without the modification
+jamador 1 my nest speed 0.80MB yeah! its tunisia with suck net -_- :'(
If it isn't working for you MORONS, either you missed something in the instructions or you just haven't done it at all. Only took 15 minutes to build and saved me at least 30% off my electric and water bills, gasoline and medical expenses. My biceps doubled in size, I'm now making $300,000 a year, my penis tripled in length and I have made more friends than I ever had in my life.
Bro... it didnt work but thanks for the entertainment.. haha lol
omg you re a genius.... you just made alot of people believe this shit sir must be a politician 
Your internet is slow, dude.
Fucker keep that thing deep down in ur ass..
You know what else you can do with that wire whisk kid?
Yeah there's that as well, lol!
The part were he cuts the clip is were he giggles cuz this is bullshit XD
Great thing is with this tip is if I try it and it fails epically then no one will know and it didn't cost me anything and the whisk can go straight back in the drawer BUT if there is any gain people who come round will look at probably not ask but try it at home also... What about tin foil hats to block radio waves?
Hey ThioJoe, I live in Spain (Barcelona) and im literately struggling to enjoy my wireless conection.  How can i speed my wifi when my router s got no wireless adapter antena?? please, my wifi keeps failing and its a bit rubbish although i keep thinking my neighbours had hacked my wifi password :( cos i cant explain why works so slow or rubbish mostly PLEASE HELP!!
Why not just call your internet provider and ask them to Boost up your wifi
Wow. So ol' Faraday had it all wrong after all!
My speed wasn't any faster but my porn was 80% less chunky!
Hi ThioJoe, your videos look incredibly superb! What i wanna ask is what if the antenna poles are 3 pieces, m i gonna put this wirewhisk on all the poles on my router? Thanks   
I live in a building that provides free Wifi. Is there a video that tells how to increase speed since I have no access to router for the entire building. It is set up to reset router every 2 hrs. OR,  Can I dump everything to clean out computer & get more speed. I have DVD-R to save anything of value, so data is not an issue....Thanks...Buzz
How does this guy keep a straight face while feeding people this shit? He should be an actor.
hahahahaa.... i cant believe it.. this actually worked.. i noticed a difference, and instead of using a whisk, since i dint have one, i used one of the ends of a mixer (the one for mixing ingredients mostly used for baking cakes)... amazing... wonderful channel....
lol looks like some kitchen utensils are going to go missing  
How can I increase the range then, please???
Shit dude xD a laugh a lot really seeing people on comments saying they try xD doh!!
What a load of bullshit. Get a life you stupid cunt
So you just wasted thousands of peoples time....bravo!
Your videos do not work period
I am only talking about the ones for increasing the internet speed. What you pay for is what you will is impossible to get more
I feel bad for this guy coz he's wasting all his time making stupid vids I hope he can find some friends someday
i love how youve made up so much shit, and people are honestly stupid enough to believe you.
hai there, can you please let me know how to see tv channels in my laptop?
1.) This is embarrassingly stupid. 2.) Anyone who tests their speed with 30 ms ping DOES NOT get that bad results.  3.) How could this even work? The way you explained it sounded like it was coming from your gay brother's ass.
It does work sir. I never managed to double the speed but I was very close.
its quite simple. wifi speeds are limited by local connectivity, while his speed test is speeds governed by your ISP. 2 totally different speeds in question. easiest way to detect this as a troll.  THE BEST PART: the Android App "Clean Master" posted this as a tip. Time to uninstall that POS program if they believe this shit. 
That does not work on my computer
if we dont have the wire wisck ,the what to do
hey i m from muzaffarpur, bihar ,india and want help from u  i was bought a bsnl wimax and i have 126kbs downloading speed and i want incease it plz help me
Will this work for sex?
still didnt change the ping....
Hi ThioJoe. I would like to ask a question. What if my wireless modem router does not have a wireless adapter stick like the one in this video? I am using a NETGEAR N300 wireless modem router and i am wondering if there is anything i can do to double my wifi speed. Please reply, thank you very much :)
Seriously?  Read the description again.  It's fake.  Satire.  This is meant as a joke!  Hence the line "Send it to your friends and see how many believe it". If you listen closely, when he gets ready to run the test the second time, he clicks twice on something off screen, THAT is what changed the speeds.  Besides, WiFi routers send OUT a signal, they do not receive.  Therefore "boosting" your antenna on your router would not do anything.
If you buy 50mbs network an then you do that.Do you have 100mbs network???.No i i dont think so.It doesnt make any senes.
+bibi Honkaniemi what you said does not make any senes
i have a sky internet box and its just a box it doesnt have an antenna on the outside, how can i make it faster now?😪
um my laptop/wifi router dosen't have an external antena how the heck would this help me
What if you have a modem?
Gate Tres Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Double your WiFi Speed for Free.. with Proof ! 
Why is there a white thingy on your screen?
i think to sensor he's personal information  
Just tried - I got free Castle Clash gems here! Get yours too in less than one minute!! (3wS63FsFdV)
Everyone should know about my new wifi antenna that is made of: 1. Toaster 2. 10 egg beaters that are soldered to all 4 sides of the toaster. 3. An old coffee grinder that is soldered to the top of the toaster in the center. 4. The coffee grinder is holding a TV antenna that is soldered to all 10 egg beaters. 5. Then, I stick 1 magnet onto all 4 sides of the toaster to reduce signal noise.
His next vid :- Put modem in whisk to increase the taste of your cakes
Ah jasus nearly stole my wifes whisk, lol. totally sucked me in, but thanks for the laugh anyway, keep it up thio joe. lol
I only clicked on the video because he's hot. What was he talking about?
Wow I like you man you are ...........
this is bullshit. you will notice that before he run the 2nd test the cursor moves to the right and you'll hear 2 mouse clicks then another 2 before he runs the test. he probably close torrent app or QoS app or Bandwidth limiter app on the notifications area located on the bottom right of the screen.
lollll troll bait
my wireless router dosent have an antena. help plz.
I love the ppl that actually tryed this.. You guys are "special" You go little buddy!.. awww look at them go.
Its tottaly fake! It doesn`t work at all!
How wonderful when folk are willing to share their knowledge so freely - spirit of ubuntu!
This guy is great, I did this to my e- wife worked great I can't hear her at all now.
This doesn't work!! lair lair pantaloons on fire!!
Hi. my question is if i use a l use a netgear link for wireless how can i do it to doble it or its not posible? Tks.
holy fuck it worked...i didnt got double the speed....but there was an substantial increase un speed _
Dude, kid what ever, it don't work, i tried. I have a linksys router with three removable antennas and i did this. They all are 6dbi antennas. I put one over one antenna and then did a speedtest at and no improvement, so i added all three, and redid the speed test and nothen, so it don't work, i even tried foil and nothing....Fake
I want to call bs because he clicked off screen and that could hav tempered with it
Do you have a left handed screw driver ha ha! SMILE your on candid camra.
sometimes i just cannot tell if you r serious or  just trolling  around 
It takes an amateur radio operator to figure these things out...Useful stuff..
My Router has no antenna, please help my speed is 4MB :l
This is a troll video :p.
Clean master say that this is real
Hansen Yuan Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
wtf??? this dude know what he is saying??? 
Thio I live like 10mins from you if that is the top of Delaware I saw in th e speed test.
If he lives in Delaware I live like 1hr away from him
LOL!!! You're good!! Fooled me!!
It seemed to work after I soldered a copper wire from the antenna to the egg beater. All of my friends seem to agree,"hey, great wifi." That is what they say.
i bet that cam is your only friend! have to be a no life to keep posting stupid shit like this, only friend you'll have in life is your right hand. go jack off to mine craft or something, better waist of time, for a virgin like you at least! lol 
cuz this idiot is making people believe shit that can fuck up their systems and cause a fire... and no asshole i didn't try it so im not the loser, he is for not having a life!
and face to face you wouldn't be name calling and talking shit you lil bitch! 
What if you don't have a wireless adapter? I just got a new laptop which does not require an adapter. Please help, thanks.
Your best bet would be to stick a fork in the ethernet connection and then you can cover it with a whisk.
Anyone else see a young Freddie Mercury?
Can I use Granny Umbrella?
Only if she promises.
Guy lets name this guy Dog S**T the next time his videos appear
ohhh naaah, you fuckin retard, way to state the obvious, look at the description next time.
The term "troll science" sued in the description should have given you a clue on the fact that it was a joke... And if you'Re still not convince, go back to that description and read the last sentence. It pretty much sums up how you should feel for calling an obvious joke "fake".
u are one freaking awesome bloody charge dodger I'm trying this tonight!
oh no my modem has no anntena like the one you have on your modem
Amit Biswas Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Actually dhruva it increases the range, not the speed of internet
It does not increase the speed and range both I've tested...
ha ha ha ! it's good he he
Wayne Ferriss Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
ItzMe Aye Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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