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Watch Live: Brad Pitt and George Clooney star in "8", a play about the Prop 8 trial.

by American Foundation for Equal Rights • 187,934 views

Rob Reiner announces a history-making live streaming of a reading of "8," Dustin Lance Black's play about the Prop 8 trial. Visit or to watch...

I sure do like Rob Reiner.  Hell, I like all the Reiners!!!
@CSteven59 They are not going to do anthing in your precious yard. Why is it okay for straight people to flaunt their relationships and get married? There are men who get married to a woman wh ebd up cheating or vice versa. That ruins the consept of marriage not gay people getting married.
@purvicide which is why these things wont happen if gay mariage is legalized. there is no correlation between gay mariage and bestiality , polygamy, and incest. so idk why its even an arguement on the side against same sex marriage
@hankday31 your dentist can spread AIDS too, always remember that. Do not bring disease into this because disease doesn't recognize gay or straight when it wants to spread. And little kids don't give a rat's ass about who kisses who if their parents don't make a big fuss out of it.
@LiLGuuYY You're part of the problem. I'm straight, and I support marriage for any person (whether they be gay, bisexual, straight, w/e), but you generalize (you said a great deal of us) about all straight people. I have a great deal gay friends and I know some of them (not all) that are people similar as to what you described. Let's have equality, not one side ending up being better (as you basically defined) than the other because that side is treated unequally.
@Teikiatsu Yes, what's your point? Is your point that marriage is between a man and a woman because it's between a man and a woman?
@MegaSensimilla God is omnipotent. Humans exist in the material world, and God is a spirit and he does grant humans free will. For me this is where faith comes in. I cannot empirically prove that God exists or answer for him, but I know that he does exist because I feel his love and presence in my life. Science and semantics can't define God. I suggest you ask God himself your question, he may give you the answer. May Christ bless you!
@KETTYKISH Because marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. What does it matter to you if a gay couple is called something other than a marriage? I never said they could not join in a Civil Union and enjoy the same legal benefits as married people. Why are you so bothered by that? If words aren't worth bitching about, then stop getting so worked up.
this video is one big flame war bait... :P
Congrats Dustin, Tony, Emmy and Oscar are on their way.
To quote one of my favorite actor s and an inspiration for gay and straight kids, "There is nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with the world you live in"- Chris Colfer. Being gay is not a sin and there will me marriage equality in every stae, you bigoted jerks, just wait.
@Flagrant7 So when did you "choose" to be straight?
@MegaSensimilla It's a daily ever present choice, like I choose not to be a bank robber, or I choose not to murder people. Humans have the potential for good or evil. I am not perfect, I choose to be evil at times, but not in a homosexual manner, but we are all sinners in some form or other, that is why we need Christ in our lives to save us and forgive us. Homosexuals are not beyond the blood of Christ, he can deliver anyone, if the person accepts him as their savior.
@hhr4ever I think that's a great hypothesis. I wouldn't go so far as to say that lashing out is childish though. I mean, it can be, but extremely intelligent, mature people can be in denial, and lashing out is a normal part of that. Geniuses can succumb to distorted thinking and believe through automatic thinking that lashing out is the right thing to do. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
@Teikiatsu Oh now there's sum right good ignorant propaganda hate speech. Bet you still think the earth is flat too ya dinosaur.
@Raineygoodyears "1 man and 1 woman" you say? Says who? Can't say the bible, btw, because marriage has been around long before religion.
@purvicide just saying, gay marriage wont make divorce rates skyrocket. Massachusetts argued otherwise back in 2001, but the ones opposing gay marriage were proven wrong
@blahblahblah7185 Preach. Honestly I don't see how two guys or two girls getting married affects the sanctity of marriage" in the slightest.
ps, watching this play right now!!!
@TheJamblaster My ears are open, though my reason is scattered. I could chop off my hand but that would never repair the damage on their souls. Did I do a good job? xD
@jkovert Are you getting mad that people are fighting for gay marriage even though they are not gay? Having more support is a good thing.
@purvicide You're so clever! Let's see, you're about 8, right? :D I know how much 3rd graders laugh at their own stupid shit like that...
@purvicide No fuck you put his name down first along with Jane Lynch and the OTHERS.
republicans often say that gay marriage will threat the institution of marriage. kim kardashian sold her short marriage to make a quick million, and tiger woods cheated on his wife... the institution of marriage was destroyed a long time ago... regardless of sexual orientation
@purvicide If I love her, I won't want to get a divorce. Besides, whether I get a divorce or not is no one's business but that of my family and me. That' the beauty of it; it has nothing to do with anyone but me and the people I love.
@jordanstorage Hold on lol. Did you watch the play? Do you think YOU could memorize that ENORMOUS amount of dialogue? Lol it's not tacky at all. They read verbatim the events of that trial.
Jay and I watched this live event and believed it be one of the best programs we have ever seen. Every aspect of the production was flawless. Congratulations on a job well done, one done from our hearts and our souls.
i still see people from midnight commenting on this video, did u ppl get any sleep?
@LiLGuuYY Without straight people you would have no gay people. Straight people make all the babies. And you'd never have a sperm bank unless STRAIGHT people procreated. So when you say, "What the fuck is so great about Straight people?" I simply would have to reply by saying "everything".
Please take a few minutes to watch KONY 2012. You could make such a difference to so many innocent children! :)
Flagrant7, Can you demonstrate how have you fulfilled your mandate to love people like (homosexuals)? Is it by telling them they are in total denial and your making the individual human judgment that they are going to hell? Wow, how Christ-like you are; Jesus must be proud of you. What part of "judge not, lest ye be judged" don't you understand?
@LiLGuuYY The only straight people that believe they're superior to gay people are brainwashed idiots. Straight, gay, bi, doesn't matter. We're all human! I wish people would stop dividing us at every chance they get.
@TheJamblaster Narrow-minded assholes like yourself, actually.
Robbie and his zionist shills. See... iamthewitness. c o m
Marriage Equality can be one of the last things of civil rights fight, but you have to remember about the ban on gay men on donating blood, bone marrow, and semen. Marriage may be the most noticable, but it hurts to not have the same rights on donating something to help someone else.
I cant find it!!! The live Streaming
Haha I cringe at the concept of this. Seems like this will devalue the whole scenario, it's too hard to take seriously.
@purvicide lol its a political play, of course its boring.
Can't wait!!!! Only 30 minutes to go!!!
@SureBarb Christians love to cherry pick things like condemning homosexuality out of the Bible and then ignoring the other offensive stuff in the SAME SECTIONS with "oh Jesus said we can ignore the batshit crazy stuff."
I watched and I loved it. Thank you for fighting, the good fight!
I wish you white Liberals would leave us alone. We'll "fight" for ourselves. Bugger off.
@irpacynot There is never a bad time to fight for equality. I'm sure people had bigger concerns during the Civil Rights Movement and when woman fought for the right to vote. Yet they people fought and changed things. It wouldn't be such an issue if people would just accept that two guys or girls getting married and having the same rights as any heterosexual person, won't stop them from having the same rights.
@hhr4ever Isn't that funny? I want to go to a Pride Parade and tell the bigots, "Come out, pun very much intented and join the fun. I'm sure some of you are tired of staying in Narnia with Mr. Tumnus"
@KETTYKISH Just because you have no respect for Marriage does not mean we redefine it on a whim and for otherwise normal people that engage in a abnormal behavior. There are people who are attacted to children, animals and siblings. Shall we change the definition and rules of Marriage to include them as well?
@robyrobot "free to believe" doesn't mean "free from criticism" at all. Beliefs that are worth having can withstand criticism, because they can be backed up with facts. The Prop 8 people cannot handle criticism, because they have no case, as two federal courts have now ruled. The fact that several of them dropped out of the case, both before and after deposition, shows that even they know they have no case.
@hankday31 Oh fucking please. I'm from San Antonio and I have seen gay couples. Your ignorance is truly sad. I hope your not in the closet because despie the struggles gay people face, at least they can say theya re out, proud, and truly happy.
I'm completely heterosexual; I never have been attracted to a female. So it brings me great joy to be able to say this. Anyone who believes that couples of same sex shouldn't get married for any reason is an idiot. Even if you are opposed for whatever reason, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with you!! I do believe that it shouldn't be talked about in public schools. For the same reason you aren't allowed to teach religion or pray in schools.
from the UK - fantastic and thanks you
Oh never mind you listed them as other. Good call
@TheJamblaster The family unit is falling apart, but it has for decades. And still, nothing to do with gay people marrying. And this fucking world is falling to pieces because of greed, anger, violence, inequality, power, megalomania, passivity, boredom, ignorance, indifference, selfishness, abuse, blindness, extravagance, fear, waste, disrespect, displaced ego, stupidity.................... My eyes are wide open.
My heartfelt thanks to all the actors and actresses who are brave enough, nay fierce enough to stand up, against the last leg of equality for all Americans. Archie Bunker may not have been proud of you, but I truly believe that Carroll O'Connor, would be, and would see you as anything but a "meat head". Thank you Sincerely.
Amazing! Couldn't believe this stuff wasn't made up-real testimony makes Prop 8 proponents look like fools.
@hungry1969 "You people want too much..." This is exactly the same, lame argument used by 64% of Americans who thought inter-racial marriage would "destroy" traditional marriages. Welcome to the 21st century...
Why would I listen to anything these Hollywood a-holes say?
Only caught the last 20 minutes live, wait for it to reload. My aunts raised a daughter who graduated college last year. I feel blessed to have been born and raised in MA where I can marry who ever I wish. I am so glad that this was made, and that it was streamed live, and that I will get the chance to watch it in full.
@Idontgiveashit777 Come on, let's not distract him. I want some answers on how he thinks gay couples are flying planes into buildings or crashing supertankers into Prince William Sound.
@Flagrant7 But I thought God knew EVERYTHING! I thought one of his qualities was "omniscience" which implies that he knows the FUTURE! If God can not predict the FUTURE then... well... what kind of god can't predict the future?!?!
@purvicide massachusets has the lowest divorce rate in the nation, and it has gay marriage
@hungry1969 ... you're using the prestigious Internet to gauge opinion? You might want to ask Mr. Tam how well that works. The internet, and particularly comment sections, attract a lot of jerks. I try not to be one of them, but the medium so easily encourages it, practically begging everyone to make a comment after not spending a minute to think. There is a whole world out there, not making comments on TMZ.
will this live reading be available later, or is it just live now and won't be on youtube later?
@blahblahblah7185 They are considered deviant like gay marriage. How someone can compare two guys or girls getting married to having sexual relations with a member of your family or an animal is astounding. As for polygamy, it's their culture.
@Flagrant7 If being gay is a choice why don't you try sucking a cock and see how much you like it, fucking moron. And if that appeals to you then you are gay plain and simple, not a choice
@Teikiatsu No, I don't believe the SCOTUS is always right, but I think they were right in that case. Do you think they were right in Loving v Virginia and Brown v Board of Education? Because while race and sexuality aren't the same, there ARE similarities. There have ALWAYS been gay people, in EVERY known civilization since the dawn of man. That's simply REALITY, a fact of life. It's not going to go away to suit you, just as it wasn't invented 100 years ago to offend you. Get over it!
@purvicide Obviously I dont and I'm an ally who supports LGBT rights. This play will change the world and already has. Besides, you barely know me. Don't go stereotyping gays, it's ruthless rude.
How beautiful that all these people support us. I know it's "controversial" or whatever, but it's real. What harm could I possibly do by marrying the gal I fall in love with?
@Magestrix Only two minorities out of how many whites and this is there idea of supporting gay marriage. I can do without the fucking Hollywood play because I still support gay marriage even thought I am not gay.
@James5877 The bible syas that adultury is a sin, should that be a law? It violates the sanctity of marriage more than two men or two women getting married.
@superman0O7 Martin Sheen is Mexican. Sheen is just a stage name.
@ross2343 , not it is not "taken". Straight people didn't go and use it all up. Perhaps you should actually read the testimony. Both plaintiff AND defendant expert witnesses agreed that the meaning of the word marriage has changed over time. It has changed in the US history. And other cultures and other times have recognized marriages between people of the same sex. But make no mistake... if you're against marriage equality, you're against equality, period.
@theapollomoonlanding ... you know, if you hate everyone, your world is just going to get smaller and smaller.
@Flagrant7 I'd also like to know in what way do homosexuals fall in the same category as criminals, cheaters, thieves, and drug addicts? Are you just simply arguing from the authority of the bible? If so, what about letting women work, wear jewelery, and talk back to men? To not beat your child with a large rod is a sin. Does God hold us accountable for those "sins" too? It also says to stone to death anyone who works on Sunday. Do you believe we have to do everything the bible tells us to do?
@MegaSensimilla It's a daily ever present choice, like I choose not to be a bank robber, or I choose not to murder people. Humans have the potential for good or evil. I am not perfect, I choose to be evil at times, but not in a homosexual manner, but we are all sinners in some form or other, that is why we need Christ in our lives to save us and forgive us. Homosexuals are not beyond the blood of Christ, he can deliver anyone, if the person accepts him as their savior.
@tinman482 The government isn't ever going to keep straight people from being able to marry... ever.
By: Daniel Eaton CEO of Eaton Brokers/Talent Agent World Wide from the Power of God. Amen
@Flagrant7 We don't live in a theocracy and one of the main reasons we have freedom is because of that. Look around the world. All the countries ruled by religion are hell holes where women are often chattel. The least religious are the most free and equal. Bank robbers and murderers are hurting other people, while homosexuals just want the freedom to marry the person they love.
@purvicide ...i hate ketchup... can you say bbq sauce instead?
@Raineygoodyears Completely agree with everything you just said. I don't have anything against gay people. And I'm not a homophobe because I disagree with "gay marriage". I'm also sick and tired of the "Hollywood elite" throwing this in my face 24/7.
@Flagrant7 Actually i'm straight and love women. Even though i'm not homophobic the thought of any sexual interaction with another man disgusts me which is why i would never choose to do it. The fact that you think its' a choice just shows what a pathetic latent homosexual christian you are
@MegaSensimilla It's a daily ever present choice, like I choose not to be a bank robber, or I choose not to murder people. Humans have the potential for good or evil. I am not perfect, I choose to be evil at times, but not in a homosexual manner, but we are all sinners in some form or other, that is why we need Christ in our lives to save us and forgive us. Homosexuals are not beyond the blood of Christ, he can deliver anyone, if the person accepts him as their savior.
@symboy Wow how bout you actually pick up a Bible and read it for yourself and find out what God thinks of being gay okay? I'm not playing God btw.
@MuppetMollyStarGleek Too bad Morgan Freeman is not in this play. I am saying out of all the white actors there were so few minorities actors in this play. Mentioning victories doesn't mean shit if you can't at least put more minorities in this play. Black people fought and died for their civil rights too you know so the list goes on and on.
@MuppetMollyStarGleek Thanks, I guess I was a bit presumptuous... It just goes to show that not everyone fits into a stereotype! (even youtubers) :D
@Ericwvb2 Free will exists. There are many documented accounts of people who once chose to be homosexual, who now choose to be heterosexual. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality and other vile abominations, and history is repeating itself in America. Our only salvation is in Jesus Christ. America is self destructing because of immorality and a disregard for God's ordinances. We did not create ourselves, God did. We will stand before him one day +
the play is over. thank god proposition 8 didnt get passed. almost as stupid as sopa
Besides it wasn't Christians or main religious groups who were such assholes about prop 8. It was the Mormons (whose religion is based on pedophilia) and they donated a the most for the cause.
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