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How to get free change from a soda machine

by TipExhibit • 2,135,552 views A method to getting free change from soda machines. Awesome on laundry day.

Just dubbed the sound over, its fake.
this video sucks how come you cant see
Its fake, they just overwrote the sound
Scrolling while Rolling (on floor laughing)
Or.....just stuff some napkins in the change shoot and come back in a couple days to collect
how to get free coke step 1: bet on somebody then tell them you can drink coke for 10 bucks tadaaa free coke and free money did you know? howcast is running out of ideas.
Oh snap. 35 cents. What a baller.
lol there at winco yerazner not mexico
All of y'all that said that this doesn't work shut up cause it dose
Yeah, he definitely hacked the machine... He certainly didn't put change into the return part, and then edited in a machine noise... This is sooo real
I love how they didn't even bother to cut the video.
I didn't even hold down the button and I got about four or five sodas.
But he just called you what you called the guy in the video lol. So, by that, you're one of those "punk ass pussies".
And what does that mean? In a land where God and his knowledge are not accessible, your only option is through his appointed messenger
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake, nice try lol
your dumb they edited the video to make it seems like coins fell with the noise the coins were already in there use your brain
there was a penny in ther... imposssible becuase there are no machines stet with pennies
Jay games it's a virus don't do it
There was a penny in there... impossible because no vendor in their right mind wound set up a changer with pennies. Also i dont think that a penny slot in the changer inside the machine even exists.
WTF im doing them a favor O.O and i was just playing around jackass go suck a dick you son a bitch
heavenbvcfdhgerdtfgvbc nvvvvh nbhjioioioioioiiioioiiooooooooooooiioioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiooio
Haha "I don't like Obama" I swear thats what I heard.
well what do you know your a fat c*ck sucker bitch theirs people that dont really have money so shut the f*uk up
do this many people like free soda
run! they carry the plague! those beasts want to take over the world!
The machine at Cost plus that gives mini soda cans for 35 cents
this really works i got $20 out of this once
look on the machince in the video. it clearly says 35 cents for a 12 oz can of soda.
YEAH!! get your revenge for all the change the machines stole from you!!! lol
this stoped working when they stop selling 35 cent sodas like man im a small channel
please like my comment so people can see it and get money from others :)
haha im gonna try it looks cool and these idiots haten r as i said idiots
or bet them you can drink it without touching the hat and poke a hole in the cup.
I love how you din't even bother to make the sound effects sound real
whats up with the minute of darkness at the end :U
Yeah where I live sodas cost 35 cents but were 25 cents before in nm
The fuck does the bible have to do with free coins?
Fingering a machine.. What happens? U get 35 fucking cents
the machine at my local foodmax witch i love very much :P
you dont really think this is legit do you? lol the added the sound in the sound effects...
how do you figure out all this stuff
I know how you can get money fast and easy. i got this from a youtube video all credit to them first you get a cup and put water, milk, or whatever. then you get a hat and tell someone, "i bet i can drink this water without touching the hat," and then put the hat over the cup. if they accept, you can do whatever to make them think you did some cool trick. then you tell them you are done and they would probably lift the hat to see if you actually did. then you grab the cup and drink the stuff XD
An easier way? Tie a string to a sponge and stuff it up the coin return hole.far enough to avoid searching fingers. then pull the string and Free change!!!
Why is the catagory Pets and Animals?
I tried it in real life, but nothing.
I still see machines that are for 35 cents in Food Basics and Walmart
were in the fuck are u gettin cans of coke for 35 cents. matter a fact were are u that u actually need to steal 35 cents
I have a better way block the change exit with plastic and wait for someone use the machine and grap de plastic and all change wil falls
Only an idiot would not notice the added sound effects...
Only 35Cents? Damn, I have to pay 90EuroCents at least. In some places it's 1€ or even 1.2€. Ridiculous. And taking into account that 1€ is worth more than 1$. BTW: Nice trick!
dammit!! I should've listened to your warning!
35 cents..we pay nearly 3 $ in the supermarket here in Norway! 4 $ on the vendingmaschin, and nearly 10 $ in the resturant! and 10$ is a CHEAP choice!
Just type 432112312 it actually works
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