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Why Successful Black Women Aren't Married pt2

by BlackPerspectivenet • 68,664 views

ABC: The Latest To Venture Into Why Black Women Aren't Married: ABC: The Latest To Venture Into Why Black Women Aren't Married part 2:

The fact is this. No matter what status the black woman occupies whether it be a dumb hood black woman or a corporate black woman she is still the same belligerent, arrogant, loudmouth, attitude, promiscuous masculine, hair hatted bed wench that she is.  Nobody is going to deal with her.  No black man white men,no Asian men are going to marry her until she changes and that will never happen so the statistics will go from 70% to 80% and worse.  They are not marriage material.
I notice that black people degrade each other period I think its part of a slave mentality. We as a people make a habit hating each other. I think that black women just do not value black men as much anymore and I think its due to them reacting to the many attempts to devalue them. I think its more of an American thing based on the way this country devalues black men. 
That's because black women are as shallow toward Black Men as White Men are to Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Big Breasted White Women.  Its no different which is why they'll eventually be alone in their 50's with no husband or help.
And to add: hell raising bastards, lots of debt(loans, car payments, payday loans), no savings, probably no retirement.
henry nalls Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
@Lofty Muses, if it were for the wide spread supression of the feminine, Feminisim would not have risen. We are ALL acountable. I dont need a man to pay bills. I need a man who loves and reapects me, my strenghts and my flaws.
While all of you shut the fuck up about degrees? For weeks I seen these idios argue about degrees, how about solutions, how about finding away to bring blacks together. You cant spell so you dont have a degree yall act like 7th graders. I hope black people can learn to share knowledge instead of using it against eachother yall aint shit man. All yall need to grow up.
Im done Imma let Jordan keep destroying you and finish you off lol.
And don't compare yourself to a intelligent black woman like Michelle Obama, that's a real educated woman, your nothing like her and never will be. Racheet hoodrat women like you need to die off and be replaced by women like Michelle Obama. Please do us a favor let one of those Chicago Thugs give you HIV and die a painful death, AIDS is your destiny you racheet hoodrat lol.
Yea a biracial dude that you fat bitches lust after, yet get so jealous when a man say he likes light or biracial women, you envy mixed and lightskinned people because men pass you up for lightskinned women all the time. Anyways bitch I identify with being black so yes black women are my concern maybe not fat lonely bitches like you, and you mind your business instead on engaging with me go the gym loose some weight and maybe you wont have to hide behind your fake degree
No read again, I brought up my back round because the bitch brought up I was raised by a single mom yet I'm just stating my mom isn't black and my family is more established than she is. Read before jumping to conclusion nigga.
"I feed of negative energy" LMAO Gurl, You're so illiterate you cant spell, desperate for the attention you never got from the father you never met. You just admitted it. Get a life loser and no, it didnt take me 4 days to "come up" with anything, unlike you I have a life LMAO. Trolling the internet like the lowlife loser you are is something I don't the have time to do. If only you were this passionate about finding a job and fathering your bastard kids.
wow, thats crazy n she believes them over you? if i was you, i will keep fighting for what is yours!! okay?
right on i think I'll pick up a white ga there are submissive and respect there man the white man got her fuck ant just use niggas you see the cycle my nigga pac say!!!were do we go form hear huh we ass people's.we will never see we (ALL) are fucket up
Who are you to talk, aren't you doing the same thing? What kind of knowledge are you sharing by saying black people "ain't shit"? And who chose to follow people for weeks? You chose to. And who dedicates the whole side section of their youtube channel to dissing users who will never see it? You are a stalker. You're crazy. You need to come up with a solution to the way your brain is wired.
Now you're referring to facebook as your source? There's nothing to disagree with because you have no point and nothing credible to back yourself up with. It's ironic. You're perpetuating your own stereotype. Fortunately, I'm not like you and won't go about my life pretending that you're an accurate representation of your demographic. That would be embarrassing.
Again, you say that I am being combative and bitch like, but it takes two to have a combat which means you contributed to the combat by fighting back, which means you're still a hypocrite because you're calling me out for being argumentative and you are as well. You could have easily just shared the knowledge and changed the subject, but you chose to fight. Have a good night sir. Keep mentoring.
Self Hatred WE ARE THE PROOF OF SLAVERY PROPHECIES. Duet: 28 The stupid comment that black men are mad bcuz we at the bottom. We are in Bondage 28:30 Thou shalt betroth a wife,and another man shall lie with her, 28:37 And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and byword, among all nations whither the Lord shall lead thee. 28:56 her eyes shall be evil toward the husband of her bosom, Read the whole chapter. My point is African men and other heathen men our woman have turn to . Black So-c
Awww little nappy fat hoodrat want me to stop writing to her? LMAO that's what a person says when they had enough I see you are waving the white flag. I don't attack women I attack everybody on the net just to get hurt emotional responses like yours lol, BTW your not a woman your a bitch just like your mom and your out of wedlock kids. Oh yea your ''gay comments'' are real funny to a 4th grader but then you do have a 4th grade education lol. The whole father joke is weak and recycled lol.
Their is no reason for attitude in the relationship with a white male. They work, they provide. According to the brother in the video those things shouldn't be expected of a black man- even though a mans role in a relationship is to provide stability. This young man said verbatim to lower your standards and accept the mediocrity that comes with dating a black man. That is really pathetic.
Exactly bitch stop making excuses and talking shit on youtube and get off your fat ass and go accomplish something, you being young in no excuse just admit your sorry ass don't have a degree damn lol. Damn you bitches are so full of shit, no wonder why you been getting shut down by everybody you start shit with lol so dumb and easy, you must be easy to sleep with in real life.
Um.... I don't think you have room to say some one is faking a degree because you don't even know the difference between "whether" and "weather", and no one needs a degree to know that.
Nah still in my 20's, but you're right! my parents were always older than my friends parents. They actually waited until they were established before having children. I can't complain....but you can't relate being born to a teen slut and all.
You're hurt boo. My comments really got you going LMAO. I don't hate men, you're not a man. I hate losers like YOU who are lumped in with real black men. You're a girl who picks fights via the internet. You're probably wearing musty leggings and a 30 inch weave. Get over it, I owned you. I made 1 comment to you and commented back 4 times. Find your father, its your last hope to save whats left of your dwindled manhood, and I use that expression loosely.....
LMAO **2 SNAPS IN A TWIST*** I guess you told me girl! Exhibit A. You are an example of someone who's never experienced a male role model. You sound like a rapper lol smh Talk to me when you figure out whether you want to sleep with men or women exclusively. I don't do exchanges with down low brothers with rap sheets taller than Shaq. You've probably swallowed more cum than a porn star as many times as you've been to prison. Run along to your pimp female dog...
If you think those people destroyed me, you must be just as dumb as them then. If continuously cursing people and insulting people = destroying, then I guess you're right, but these people didn't make a lick of sense, they make dumb assumptions on no fact what so ever. Why are you such a stalker? We had our time together. I'ts done now. Now get a life.
Whatever it has been confirmed, you are very dumb and sensitive, Off to special Ed you go.
Me personally I stop dealing with siestas in a relationship level..I wish them and black men who continue to deal with this never ending battle all the best.
So what! That doesn't explain how I made a comment belittling black women. Funny how you didn't complain about me responding to your original comment when you thought you were a smart ass, but when you're caught at a fault all of a sudden you have a problem. Lmaoo, you fail. Have a nice day.
Oh well that explains it. If she doesn't like the black community, she doesn't have to deal with it at all. As a matter of fact, why the hell is she even on this page? She needs to be on a youtube video discussing rednecks who bang their own cousins. lol
Bitch ass nigga you don't even know your father LMAO. I'm sick of you young ladies coming for me. I do have a degree, you should be proud. Instead you belittle our accomplishments. You should find a role model aside from the pimps and drug dealers you grew up admiring. Maybe you wouldn't be so bitter and girly towards women. BW are constantly paying for the fact that YOUR Mothers were WHORES who didnt choose a decent man to father you. Be upset with HER. That slut.
Lol, I knew you would respond. Lmaoooo. You did just as I said you would. I am Black dingaling. It's a shame how predictable you are. How most African Americans are. No wonder whites were so successful ta controlling us. They always knew our next move. They knew which corner to put us in and the choices we would make in that corner. Hmmm oh well. that will all change soon...
No, why don't you grow up and stop living life like it's a game. Life is not a game. Life isn't a program, you are not a program, people aren't programs, but that is what we are making it out to be. Those who run this world made life a program and we are just falling into it like dumb little robots. We were born human but we act as robots. Black people need to realize that every single generation there is a form of destruction. Now we are destroying ourselves.
Yea barely, you degrees is service jobs, teaching,communication and seceratery jobs, it's not like women are getting degrees in advanced fields, you dont see tons of black women getting degrees in engineering,architecture,medical,or advanced sciences,infact you see more black men who are engineers. So yea black women are barely getting and barely surpassing black men black women are at the bottom along with black men in that sense.
I dont like you or dislike you, I dont know you, but you start shit and get destroyed Jordan destroyed you that dumbass troll Kaci Kay destroyed I dont know about this chcik you going back and fourth with however I do find yall bickering funny.
This isn't a competition, but black men are at bottom when it comes to earning their degrees. We surpass you in that area.
*Sigh* it took you 4 days to come up with that? LMAO you say the same dumb shit over and over and over, the degree thing must have struck a nerve, but seeing you don't have a degree you stop bringing it up. Own what? You sure don't own a degree lmao, the fact that you responded to me shows your emotional response, if you had ingnored n played it of like that Twwistad bitch than your feelings wouldnt have gotten hurt, your so dumb I feed of negative energy I wanted you to respond to me dummy lol.
"so lets not talk about spelling and education and intelligence so you bragging about your intelligence shows your lack of it because intelligent people don't sit on the net and brag about degrees :)." LMAO What in the run on sentence hell? Did you not just mention a degree twice already? Are you high or just really this stupid? The village idiot I say.
there arent as many ''sucessful'' black women as the media make it out to be.
Your going to the University of Illinois? Right your still stuck in the Southside of Chicago at your local Community College
Modern day feminism.. it's a killer, don't die.
good for you sistah bitterness corrodes the soul from the inside out it's about mastering and balancing your own thoughts/feelings so that you do not block the way to your heart from someone who is earnest and sincere in there feelings for you. Peace Queen
Why are you still writing to me little girl? Lets see...You initiated a fire fight and got disintegrated instead. If you're NOT gay, you need to wear a sign that says so. If picking fights on the web WITH WOMEN* ISNT GAY I don't know what is. How is it my fault that you've made it abundantly clear that you don't have a dad? the proof is in your tangy comments. You approach me like a bitch you will be treated as such. I can see my comments burned you badly. I was just stating the obvious lol
Please black women are not earning degrees in advanced fields, there are no black women getting degrees in engineering infact you see mor black males in engeering, esp African males. You dont see black women who are doctors,lawlers, you sure as hell don't see black women getting degrees in architecture or advanced medical fields. Black women are getting degrees in service jobs, like teaching and nursing. how impressive black women get degrees in easy jobs.
The reason why they arent married is because no one asked them? These women are not turning down proposals, they cant seem to get any man that be that interested in them...
And your a single mother yourself, you got knocked up by a thug or dusty dude from your projects, as far as grammar lol your grammar isn't much better I find it ironic how dumb people are always trying to down play other intelligence. And its always ugly fat black women like yourself who always brag about degrees that you don't have because you cant get a man based on looks if you were a good looking woman you wouldn't be on here talking about a online degree.
Materialism is a branch of Western philosophy holding that all that exists is physical matter ... you must mean consumerism? Which makes some sense, because the primary influence of a Philippian wife would have to do with money, and doing this would fit into an economic model, as an exchange of money for goods or services (ie. the latter, which is her hand in marriage); however, I said I wanted a wife, not a prostitute. So you're quite incorrect. You're right about generalizations, however.
Not barely, its quite significant and very sad. Who cares what fields we earn degrees in. We STILL outpace you in the fields the fields you mentioned and even the one ones you claim* they we've yet to conquer. So barely is a complete and utter lie*. Actually black women are neck and neck with hispanic males. Where as black men, theres really no one to compare you to. Lonely at the bottom of that totem pole huh?
I dig what you saying,but they are all poison.stop wasting your time brother
black women will not carry the attitude to white men, they know it is a quick killer of the relationship. While they will not hesitate to bring it to their brothers...taking out the frustrations of the last man or men on the good black men. Black will not admit nor get help for their mental issue that are unresolved.
And I have knowledge to share but I don't claim to know everything, I would love to share knowledge but your too stupid to take it, you just want to come on here and be combative and bitch like the rest of these idiots. But I also would love to receive knowledge because I want to see the perspectives from both black men and women because they are equally as important. But I'm done toying with you had fun and got a little practice for when I have to do it with people who are actually intelligent.
Umm no bitch, never said anything about a degree and its youtube not a dictionary so sue me bitch its a typo. Always ugly dumb bitches coming on here like the grammer police spelling has nothing to due with the fact your a ugly bitch.
I don't have to prove shit you woman lol, who are you that I need to prove something to? If you were a black sister of mine then yes but your a nobody just a dumb shit talking bitch with nothing to say. You telling me not to comment back is your way of waving the white flag, ok I'll leave you alone and stop being to mean to you.
Oh now your going to 4th grade gay jokes, thats what someone does when they don't have a rebuttal you saying the same shit over and over as you did with the other ''no dad'' ''slut mom'' lol same recycled comebacks. Talk to me when you actually get ha real degree lmao. As far as down low your not down low with your hatred for men, what happen some dusty thug left with with a kid for a white bitch lol? You hate men because your dad was bum just like your baby daddy is a bum.
Nice way of avoiding the question, btw I'm about to earn a bachelors degree in engineering at Fresno State University, and before you talk about someones grammer make sure you put a comma before so. Either way your alleged degree don't change the fact that your just as dumb as he is instead of bragging about degrees we don't have lets come up with a solution to help better our people? Black men and Women are both are in it together we need to come together. Damn shame and stupid the both of you
What ever, the only reason why you're saying that is because you dislike me. I was talking in defense of black men, but hey you say she destroyed me. I guess, you agree with her and all since she "destroyed" me.
Who wants me? My fiance does; to answer your question.
We Black piss poor Proverty men don't have a culture a country nothing. Our ladies by race only acts as if Oh No why is he here. She more shame and embarrass to see or know our existence We are called all kinds of bywords Niggers, thugs, bumps, monkeys, jail birds . Don't matter if we got a Job and speak decently. Heck I get those looks. We Brothers need to speak on it more. I'll just stick to what's in my hood there are some decent ones left.
But read the comments from the two idiots that's fighting, and read some of the stupid comments these people really think the grass is greener on the other side, the comments about white men wanting black women is bogus. and vise versa and and who is more educated and who is more appealing to white people. Our mindset as black people are so fucked up its not even funny.
Black women are at the bottom lol the race of women who are getting the advanced degrees are indian and white women, as far as women yes you are at the bottom lol I know it hurts. You see many Indian women who are doctors,engineers and architects you dont see any blac women doing those advanced jobs. Black women are doing easy shit compared to other races you guys are at the bottom with black men as you say. Of course you outplace black men as teachers and nurses but not engeneers or docs.
lol I don't know my father? Nice comeback whore thats what I said about you and you couldn't come up with anything better than that? I respect you fake degree can I use it to wipe my ass? Who said anything about black women? I'm regarding your goofy ass you must be third generation slut. I'm going at black women I'm going at you as an Individual, so hopefully your fake popcorn degree will get you out of section 8 housing to a low income house lmao. I'm so sorry your dad is such a deadbeat.
Both of you sound so damn stupid. To be real only a handful of black women are really successful,educated kick ass like that. At the end of the day the white man is running shit not black women, so if they wanted to they could do you guys like they do us and don't give you anything. And instead on boasting about who is more educated why not create solutions and come together? Neither one of you have degrees your both idiots.
But I black men must take some repsonsibility, we are the only men who are in competition with our women, Asian men and women dont go around bragging about whose better or more educated, nor do latin men or women matter of fact they get their ''degrees'' and resources and bring them back to their communities. Black men are valued on bullshit like ''swag'' and ''dick game'' not education and black men stupidly fall for it thinking thats whats gonna get us ahead is ''swag''.
no you got destroyed, you start shit and you loose, you havent said anything with substance you were even begging that bitch to leave you alone, you must be weak in real life. No one is stalking your emotional ass dont be mad at be you always get outwitted you have zero punch lines. Your are done and they finished you.
LMAO OK NOW you're approaching the situation like a woman scorned and its sooooo funny. Ouch, I guess the things I mentioned were true. Who cares what you're mixed with? I told you before Drake, you're dismissed. I'm not attracted to mixed breed men, I would never EVER date one. You could never relate to me, nor I to you on any level. You will never compare to a real black man. I LOVE authentic black men- you're not that. Bye bitch boy.
Your getting so mad and emotional right now, I should had called you stupid because you exposed your self as stupid or maybe just a emotional butthurt response. You came talking nonsense and I caught your nonsense, your as stupid as that guy. Maybe you not a mother or a slut or maybe you are but, I got an emotional response out of you by saying that. And I'm not bitching like you I'm out here in the trenches and mentoring these boys. You do something like that then stick your chest out and talk.
I have enough energy to do more than just save the world. I know you were defending black women but in a stupid way that belittles black men. So I am defending black men because not all of them are bad or self hating.
Tsk. You "assume" MUCH. Laughable, really. For I am NOT a "victim" of my own undoing. Never was a victim and certainly not unproductive. I have my own money. Lol....I don't depend on any form of "social service" to survive. I was definitely smarter than that. Now, why don't you stop lashing out at others because you are unsuccessful and go enroll in either a GED program or community college. You might be able to cut at least THAT.
Sorry to hear of your experience with ONE Black woman. However that doesn't mean ALL Black women are the same way. It appears that the Black woman you dated was an American and, like many other American women of all races, has a big 'sense of entitlement' which comes along with her hostility and rudeness. Have you ever tried to pick up a wife from South Sudan? Most South Sudanese women have 'class' and many White men from America seem to be attracted to South Sudanese women!
I agree gents. I've travelled the world in the service, and one thing is highly unlikely- me getting married to an American woman. They're just beyond help.
This guys sounds like he has something stuck up his nose. I can't understand half of the words coming out of his mouth. ENUNCIATE man!
Nigga is that all you do talk shit get a girlfriend bitch hahahaha.
You must think I am a mirror, because every time you respond to me it always relates to who you really are and how you really feel about yourself. You talk nonsense. What ever happened to being annoyed by the other users arguing, here you are doing the same thing, and still not sharing knowledge with me. I already told you your mentoring is good, my good deeds will come in time, but my point is to not be a hypocrite. Just practice what you preach, as a mentor that should be your #1 value.
or the trap u with a child woman are hell......nigga love
very enlightened response which is anti-typical in these circumstances. I agree with this 100%
"Please I'm about to get my engineering degree in the spring" LMAO! And then you woke up!
That independent woman stuff is great, but if she can combine that with a man who is able to conduct his own business then she would realize that the two of them are better than one
Bitch your the only one thats stupid, I did destroy you, but it dont matter I already won, but its just youtube stop being so sensitive. Either way I respect that you took up for black men your not as big as a cunt as I thought you were. I respect that.
Stop lying bitch you aint got a degree you know yo trashy hoodrat ass is in some section 8 apartment in Chicago with your pregnant teenage sister, welfare queen mom and no dad hahahaha.
Lmaoo, Being young is no excuse to not have a degree? You must be retarded. I don't know what kind of messed up womb you were born from, or failed educational goals you didn't reach, but if going on youtube saying random shit is what you need to feel like somebody in life, by all means continue. You crack me up. Give me some more baby.
All of you fuck heads are stupid fighting and getting emotional on Youtube none of you have lifes, all of you are broke bitches lmao.
So Hung Up On Status What about black brotha digging that Fine Ass black Sista . So what if I street the street That Boyz N the Hood Syndrome Started with the ladies. Enhance the black ladies with all kinds of Programs you excels to a financial platform A brother runs a home base community program How stupid of ya Sista's Y'all forget many of those Programs blacks fought for you to have. Slavery of Duet 28 is true. Esau socalled white is still killing the Jakes the Black Socalled Negroe
Naw your in your 30's but your parents were in their 40's when they had you, and they are still broke, but your mom runs your dad, your dad is a bitch lol your mom is the one with the dick.
theirs plenty of guys that were put into the "friend zone" till the age of 30.....and now that the dust has started to settle, it's clear that all of my hard work is paying off, and i have an option or two of women to deal with i have to just give it all up, get married, and have kids because those black women that didn't want me from the start have figured out that the swagger & flash that they've been in love with is < the character & consistency that i represent.......go to hell
I think its hilarious when tired black women like yourself get on and start to ramble incoherently. Typing in all caps doesn't get your point across any better. It just makes you look stupid. At the end of the day, its you black women who decide to get with the bad boys and thugs and reproduce with them. Now all of a sudden niggas aint shit, because YOU made a bad decision.
But your a product a bitter woman who had no father in her life, you hatred from black men comes from you not having a father. Your mother should have kept her leg close and picked a better man, but it's always women who think they are superior to their men, but this is what happens in a matriarchy when single mothers pretend they are contributing to society. Please get off your fat ass, get out of the projects, don't have anymore kids out of wedlock and get a real education not a fake one.
I never said black people aint shit I said you aint shit, people like those assholes aint shit, nice try though chick if only you were smarter you could charge me with that lol.
Your still typing lady? Look its over and done with, you are dumb but more emotional than anything. Your admitting I annoyed you and got under your skin lol. I'm not annoyed by arguing but by stupidity and blacks putting each other down. I don't want to share or receive any knowledge from you, you have nothing to give my friend. Your good deeds will come meaning you have done shit your just talking thanks for admitting that. I practice what I preach don't need your advice I know what I'm doing.
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