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Battlefield 3 comparation PC vs. Playstation3 Split Screen

by TPYR Clan • 1,288,552 views

Comenta, suscribete y vota / Comment, subscribe and rate Comparación de como se verá Battlefield 3 en una Playstation 3 just a video to laugh... friends 0:20 - Battle Tank 0:21 - Platoon 0:22 -...

PS3 Gameplay in that trailer must be pre-rendered, it looks a lot better there than it does when I see a peasant play it.
Я сделал фейспалм с такой силой, что мое лицо стало плоским, как грудь твоей мамаши.
+Михаил Фокеев чтобы играть на хуйстешине 4 в мультак нужна платная подписка. Вот что зашквар - так это TLOU, ибо это хуёвый коридорный шутерок
+mazoTToNNik аааа, ты про PS Plus. Так она в год стоит всего 2к, эта подписка дает всякие скидки и бесплатные игры, так что не особо напрягает. В The Last of US вообще не играл, игра для латентных педофилов.
I can't see difference... :v really PC...
Fuck off PC.. PS3 version is CLEARLY more cinematic with it's 30 frames per second + PS3 has WAY BETTER colors!! Just look for yourself Gabendamnit!! Oops I meant Goddamnit!! YAY!! PS3 4 LIFE #PCMR  
ps3 is much better
i am a console (ps3) and pc gamer and thats hillarious
We all know pc look beter. But xbox one cost only 400 i think and looks very close same...
I can't fucking stop laughing lol
The fuck is that shit nigga??? :v
I can't stop laughing! 
I have ps3 and that's fake
Normal ca e fake 0_- e doar asa pt amuzament bot
That's pretty funny.
lmfaooooo well done brother well done
You is idiot battlefield on ps3 is cool
говно тупое пкаблядь сраная
More like old school games: How we imagined them vs how they actually where,
pfft ps3 wishes it has that fps
+mikevlek your mistaken battlefield 3 is 64 player multiplayer at 1440p 60 fps on pc and 24 player multiplexer at 720p upscale to 1080p at 30 fps on ps3 and xbox 360. There is also foliage everywhere on the pc and on the ps3 and 360 there's less...
الشعبيه الاكبر في باتل فيلد3 و 4 على البلاستيشن ثم الاكس بوكس ثم جهاز الهكر ..
i laughed so hard on the first screen
The PS3 version looks so good
Kind of stupid but I laughed like hell
definitivamente la ps3 es mejor !!
Tellement vrai !!  3201 consoleux n'aiment pas !!
Todo el mundo sabe que la PC le gana a la PS3
Si no es haci porque en bf3 en pc se puede poner los graficos en ULTRA y en ps3 los juegos los corre a 720p
+Francis HD Mejor callate haces quedar mal a los verdaderos PCgamers
Was so hard not to laugh at work
I like how people say "Get da fuck out of here pc fanboys" while they are sitting on a pc -__- how dare you ? :3
oblivious peasant.  
Tom Courtney Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
You Little piece of shit!
Matt DelMastro Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
childish snicker
Dlc wss first on PS3 so yeah... ps: You are a idiot with no life if you spend that much money for a game to look good. This is a fact. Bye you pc cunt's i am gonna enjoy the good games now like God of War and The Last of Us. Have fun with youre games that look a bit better to me.
+Stahluck 503 look at this bitch you are to late for the party idiot. Go somewhere ells and don't was't my time with you're words.
In a way, this is still pretty badass, ignoring the namecalling. It's pretty crazy watching military games from back of the day be compared to Battlefield 3, even if it's a setpieced and staged trailer.
bf3pc>bf3console i have 1000 hours on console, i know what im talking about. on the other hand hahahahahaha this is fucking hilllarious and true xddd
You sir deserve more likes!
Ese es el problema que tienen estan molesto por que son los muy poco los juegos que salen buenos en PC por eso fue que GTA V no salio en PC solo en consola
Yo no veo programas y E3 show de PC se habla mas de consolas q de Pc dito
Claro que se habla mas, si las consolas son capitalismo en estado puro.
Why would people even try to put up a fight over which system is the best?  The damn console games are created BY computers!  How else are you going to create a good game?  by tossing dice and waving a magic wand around?
Do one for BF4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You is idiot battlefield on ps3 is cool
learn english, little boy.
3100 consoleux qui n'ont pas aimé !!
El video de un chico que nunca llego, a comprar una ps3
does this game have 4 player split screen
I can not see any difference lol
I prefer PC... don't you?
Brandon Shepherd Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
of course the ps3 looks better in this video..... anybody who says PC looks better here is totally blind.
la verdad es que hay muy poca diferencia,XD
3k people are ps3/console fanboys
Damn you consoles, get your shit together!
i play ps3, but damn this is genius
like what ps3 is better than PC xD
Fake, the one on the left is a PS3 and the one to the right is Xbox 360.  I'm pretty sure that youtube would crash if we uploaded some PC gameplay.
Автор шутник.И пекарь.
Yeah, because I play games for graphics =) Anyway, if this video was real, I actually would buy the PS3 version, I hate those damn modern shooters.
LOL te pasas Deveras segur con cosas de esas
Gold, when a guy makes real efforts to make a simple thing it's priceless.
costa vojik12 hours ago "I like how people say "Get da fuck out of here pc fanboys" while they are sitting on a pc -__- how dare you ? :3" Just because we own and use PCs, doesn't mean we treat them like cult objects to be worshiped, nor does it imply that we treat people gaming on other platforms like heretics.  That's the difference.   That being said, this video was funny...not really something to get upset about guys.
Not everyone is watching this on PC necessarily, others would be on their mobile device, tablet, video game console.  
where is the funny about that
Jajajajajajajajajajaja !
peasant station graphics are adorable as fuck aawh
"Comparation" Wow I think I just lost the will to live
That's all it took? kbai!
English or not, still makes me laugh. Compar-fucking-ation. 
I know this is going to wind a few people up but you gotta laugh.... Battlefield 3 comparation PC vs. Playstation3 Split Screen
I used to play on PC but went back. I find it convenient in front of my 60 in. But I have to admit.....I miss the PC controls.
Lol, I guess after you see it on PC at max settings running at 60FPS.
And when did I say I buy used games? you need to watch my collection... but nevermind an SA third country guy would not believe it and would just be jealous
this shits not funny ps3 is better
The PS3 game play is actually CGI, Real gameplay graphics are worse
Look at the dirty peasant trying to put complete sentences together. Get away you dirty ape!
jajjajajajajajajajajjaj ^^^exelente^^^
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