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Left 4 Dead - Funny Moments #9

by kilplixism • 583,072 views

Like I said, this is the remaining funny moments from the original Left 4 Dead I had sitting on my hard drive still. I didn't want them going to waste, so thought I'd make a final L4D1 Funny...

Oh I feel old. I've been watching kilplixes videos since god knows when.....sheesh. Time flies. I miss these.
I miss the good old days with the old crew. Brings tears to my eyes :(
2:46 Con yelled "Don't go in there!' AFTER throwing the molotov xD
This guy over exagerates too much. I mean, over a hunter, he would be breaking your headphones
"I'm sorry Jac- WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"
Jed screams a lot, doesn't he xD
Ur funny kilplix I mean that everytime u scream and freakout alot makes me laugh so hard
5:10 awsome austin you have to do that to jonna when playing L4D ok please funny moments 10#
the one with the witch scream cracked me up and kilplix screams hahahaa
3:25 "this way come here" 3:29 "AWWWRGH GO BACK!!!"
@commenting000 If that happens (°~°)...Headphone users would probably die by now XD...including me (i use headphones)
con dident turn evil, they just dont play with each other no more
Lol. why is jed so calm whenever there's tank? he's like "oh there he is" lmao. awwe guys!! ;'( I MISS YOU!
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@ 2:30 .... im sorry jed AAAAH!!!!!!!!!!
dat song. how do you like your zombies?? XD love it
No. Left4Dead is a fully original game made by Valve.
they really should bring the whole gang back...this videos are priceless XD.
Lol I love 3:41 The person playing Louis got huntered in the air!
2:27 Im sorry jed... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
lamo every time a tank comes u scream your head off XD XD LOL ROFL
"I wasn't sure if it was a gas tank or a I shot it."
5:09 invisible witch i played the same map
same thing happened to me at 7:05, just on the no mercy map and i had the same reaction.
whats better left 4 dead 1 or left 4 dead 2
its been two long years since I watched these videos, they are still as funny as I remember
good lord how isi this funny is just annoyly loud screaming U MAD BRO!!!
That prison reminds me of the one in Resident Evil: AfterLife xD
Welcome to my world. Every time I go through a small opening or a door I SEE A GOD DAMN TANK RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE
On the part 4:33 is that crash course?
2:21 My favorite. I like to call it: Karma Tank!!!!
I do everything arouuaaaaAAAH!
ur vids are so funny :) plz make more!!! so i can lol
im really high and saw this, now im laughing my balls off!
Vlahka got falconed punched by the witch at 2:30
theres always that one player thats incapacitated or dead
7:05 Those zombies really had to go XD
1:38 that is a soundtrck from a tom hanks movie
i love this one, best part: "how do you like your zombiez?" you guys have the best conversations :) lol
those are explosive...they explode... haha luv tht part
*kilplix saw boomer on fire* Kilplix: What the freahihick......!! xD xD xD xD
i am the EXACT same way when i encounter tanks
I'm sorry Jed! *tank comes in* AAHHaaHhH
I didn't know you played the Silent Hill version of L4D
and when jed is going screaming like EEEEEEUUUW EEEEEEEUWWW EEEEEEEEEEUW
omg i think i have ofically been ear raped call the cops 0_O
2 seconds into the video OH MY GAWWSAHS!..5 seconds after aiding my ear and continuing the video...OH MYGAWSHAHSDA SFAJF A IT DIED IN FRONT OF ME!!..*somewhat calm music soothing my ears* OHHH MY GOOASH!
no matter how manny times i keep rewatching, jed's screams are awesome xD
can i be in a video with you cause im a fan of you awesome people i got the game today so i need some edvice from you cause im not that good at the game
Oh, and I like the screaming :3
1:25 I think that was Jed's best scream
And they say kilplix screams too much XD
It sounded sad when jed was screaming
He Doesn't Scream That loud Said no viewer ever
i was doing something inside... :P
i love 5:09 random zombie scream they all yell witch except Austin
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