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by Century Media Records • 7,896,382 views

TURISAS - Stand Up And Fight (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Stand Up And Fight". Century Media 2011. For more info visit: and

"The pouring rain sticks my hair to my face". They are in the fucking desert xD
Blood rain maybe? ;w; Look at their red face (omg i'm so funy :D)
Meh, I don't buy all this "we are tough warriors" bullshit. None of those kids have a chance in a real fight.
gods bless the finns :)
This is juste a song , relax and shut up :)
Seems that they had allot of inspiration from the Mad Max series :D 
+Penitant I'm sorry, but what was the point to that?
+Silver Flame There's never a point to anything.
want a Turisas reference in the next fallout with raiders playing this song on a stage
+Tounushi this shit was amazing tho !
+Black Beard young? I grew up in the early 1980's if you like this band then that's your choice kid but I don't and if we all liked the same music it would be boring
Suena bien.. el violin le da un toque especial. Gracias por dejarnos conocerlos..yo no sabia de ellos y son buenos
The violin just doesn't sound badass no matter how you use it.
your never gunna sound badass no matter how hard you try, your just a little bitch tryin to sound like you have an oppinion that fucking matters.. go learn to suck dick for a living, you might get farther in life!! oh & why the fuck are you listening to their music if you dont think it sounds badass??!? stupid trolling little cocksucking punkass bitch!!
Does anybody know if their front-man has origins in Denmark??? The guy has two danish names Mathias Nygård which cannot be a coincidence ;)
Max Wellenstein Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
Today has been the kind of Monday that they spoke of in Office Space. I wish I had remembered to start the day with Turisas instead of ending it. I probably would have been about 30% more effective, and a hell of a lot more enthusiastic about it. #motivationalmonday +turisasofficial 
Omar Mendoza Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Muy vien grasias karnal esta rola es una pequeña probada de la infinudad de rock buen rock
Awesome! Great band! :D
+Lighthouse Lasihevonen  I hope yo uget some amazing sleep and greart dresm <3 <3 
I saw these guys in an ibanez magazine and thought they were all heavy metal and hardcore but turns out they just have the metal look
This would be really good without the boring vocals.
+blackomega34 Indeed. I still think it's better than most new metal, it's just not 100% to my tastes.
+SkittersTractorfist Sabaton is pretty great.. I just love his wierd voice :)
Turisas has not certain fans. I saw it in gaze boy on the Metal Fest proud and asked too presented colors lovely band. Questions? Madonna of the metal? Or strangers from the USA. Image shook. Ok. A Blaze have. Courtesy loose. Meanwhile get folk metal. From Death. Turisas after Black, now i think onto. Have patent. For fuck sake. Only not strange in music extreme - violin. For me yes. Eh? Originals.
+rafał leśniewski Yes, I have seen the world famous movie called "The Matrix"
+ToiletTactics Parts? I've watch it. Engine riots. Or Resistance?
nice metal . i didnt know nokia brand was from finland
i would like to meet some Finnish women :D
+David Landazury and your story starts like this ...
this is really motivational when taking a thorny shit
I do not know how I feel about this song. Like, it's really good. I know that but I just don't know if it's something I could listen to regularly, yet it's like really amazing. So that's odd.
Pretty good song, But what I don't get is they are all covered in blood ? or just some red shit.... But the chick looks like an albino... Dunno .. one of them girl things like .. eww don't get it in my about on your face?
I like any band with a violin, and this one is still one of the best.
Check out Tantric. Their song Down and Out is good to start, but the whole album The End Begins is great if that's what you're into.
Siiii....esto es música para el alma...jajajaja...
Should call this Road Warrior metal. 
im glad im not a metalhead, i'd rather listen to some proggressive metalcore or hardcore atleast there are people who look normal and don't need a special style of clothing, and its way heavier too, this is so weak.
not sure if troll or just ignorant...
Who said that they 'needed' a special style of clothing? The costumes are for show. The majority of metal bands aren't as dressed-up as Turisas anyway.  Your metalcore artists wear normal clothing in an attempt to relate to the rebellious teens who are probably the main fan demographic. 
Meh, this is ok. Good concept. I listen to a lot of different bands, this just sounds generic. Nothing wrong if you like generic guitar rifts and lyrics. There are similar bands like this...but they rock out even harder. There other songs are not bad. I am just not fond of this one.
this will play when i die
И всё таки  Ленин был прав....
Patrick Östling Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Finland all i say
For the battle against the dragons :) when it comes
Hold on........ i need to do something. .. i have to say sorry...
I stumbled into the Mad Max band apparently, I am not against this.
These guys seem to have a real talent, but some of their lyrics seem a bit junky to me, like they have to jump from one lyric to the next with no real continuation?
I don't think I could write flowing lyrics in Finnish.
This is shit....Haters gonna hate.
The youtube staff needs to invent the MEGA-Like button, and fast!
Привет пацанам от Денчика!
Stand And Fight! Not Stand up and fight, you shouldn't be on your ass anyways you lazy fucks1
Honestly, I don't like this, it's not my sort've music, I'm into the faster heavier metal. Though, I do respect your choices in listening to this.
не сможете добраться !а он в миг здесь!
aaahhhh yes the accordian. The most metal and badass instrument lol. all joking aside its a badass song
One of the songs I frequently listen to when I'm feeling depressed and suicidal. It gives me strength to hold on another day.
whath is this , like a power metal with some folk 
Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens…
Херня полная
Too many late nights smoking dope and watching Road Warrior.
So, I have been redirected from alestorm music to watch this. And, if we consider that this music was comparised with alestorm, Turisas just looks too boring. The music here is too slow, and it has no special charm. Also, the music does not makes me want to fight, more like sit in my chair and sleep. But its only my opinion :)
Fucking kurwa yeah! 
guys guys gusy ... their instruments cut them deep thats why they all covered in blood...
All these viking metal bands sounds the same. Stick up the hammer in ur arses. 
Dremora appeared in Fallout, fuck, their armors must be strong against bullets.
I like the old Turisas
Iza Kiladze Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
>The pouring rain sticks my hair to my face >Is standing in the fucking desert
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ STAND UP AND DONG ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
David Bowie with metal.
Nobody know mad max or what?!
Friends....for one day!
what exactly is this? it's awesome,but what the hell is it?
Lord Of The Rings with distortion
que maricas se miran...
Shitty? Like you said it best and I will add, "It's your opinion."
The guy rocking that violin tho
MAXI E Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
+Vanesa Purple si, y el video esta mortal me encanta 
am a death metal guy but this is catchy :P
Snezana Virijevic Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Turisas - Stand Up And Fight #metalmusic   #metalband  ❤
it is difficult to win your battles while sitting... you sit when you rule. stand up and walk.
FAILED. I wanted fight metal not this soft cock shit. First result needed avoiding (This shit) big fat throbbing tip for you..... Thoaty chanting into power, continued with brotherhood, more power, step on the throttle, a taste of war, a tiny bit of peace. Silence, into statements, (background = chanty) build up with opposing/ opposition statements, war drums, head punching guitars, pure rahhhh cont. (Cunt) - stepping over bodies, opt.1 fade out - opt.2 gargantuan imposing enemy walk away lyrics, fade out. 3 is your filler, do what you want (brand) You will make more cash, give me some.
This is simultaneously the most precise, and yet most vague thing I've ever read.
It' Isn't HEAVY METAL!! Its very light ""
One of the best bands out today. Saw them at paganfest, and it was way better than I ever expected. They need to be more popular in the states so they can tour here more often. We ride together \m/
+Jesse Sherman Absolutly men really good folk metal!! \m/
WTF is this???  First, I love this song - so don't harp on me. This is my first (known) Turisas song and video.  They are obviously talented and this is an epic, complex and dynamic song. What is up with the blood paint? Is like Braveheart meets Mad Max. A trippy and fun find.
+Michael Welsh Valid. The lyrics are grandiose, which makes me like this even more, 
The video got nothing to do with their album. The album is about the Varangian Guard, Northmen who joined the Constatinople Army during Middle Age. 
Thrash Metal  1.Slayer 2.Lamb of God 3.Havok 4.Testament 5.Sodom Viking Metal/Folk Metal 1.Tyr 2.Ensiferum 3,Fintroll 4.Radogost (Poland Band) 5.Amon Amarth Power Metal  1.Manowar 2.Blind Guardian /Demons & Wizards  3.Dragon Force 4.Hammerfall 5.Sabaton
I wouldn't call lamb of God thrash metal. Oh If you like blind guardian/demons and wizards you should listen to persuader and savage circus.
TURISAS - Stand Up And Fight
Vlastimil Vaněk Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Dalsimoji oblibenci TURISAS - Vikingove ;) 
good inspirations watch new mad max
Madara Uchiha Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Always the finish metal is the best, yeah! 
de lo mejor hpta lml  turisas 
the enemy is invisible in many ways some parts you can see but others remain occult to the common eye.
+Chris Huff Yes, it was. It really was.  They've really lost their flair, I'm afraid.
I saw them on paganfest tour I think they are jus starting to get the chemistry flowing with new line up I'll wait to hear next album the I'll see what happens
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