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by Philip DeFranco • 1,865,078 views

In today's show we talk about the deliciousness that is the Burger King Bacon Sundae, Chris Brown getting hit in the face at a night club, a school in Atlanta that has awesome teachers, how to use...

i love that teacher story. faith in humanity a little restored C:
Caitlin's pic of pizza looks really horrible.....i would actually prefer Pizza Hut to that! this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You just said facebook, and I had this uncontrolable desore to log into my account...
The charity thing is a very good idea
yay more bacon in the world!!!
I was too lazy to pick the exact time frame, but thank you for clarifying it. Yet again, What is the song, anyone!
Your a dumbass. He already gave it away two months before you even posted this.
I almost always just watch a video and like and then leave--but for a redundant reminder, I guess, Phil, your videos and the SourceFed videos are always enlightening and thought-provoking, all the while being hilarious. It makes me look up news / events that I wasn't aware of. Keep up the amazing job, hope De Franco Inc. keeps doing well! =)
Man the give away is kinda like a lose lose situation. Pick the charity you get nothhing, pick the amazon you look like an ass
pick me phil! I used to go to the boys and girls club all through my childhood, and i'd like other people to have some sort of those memories as well
The 'Glass" in Chris Browns nose wasn't glass. It was the inside hook of his nose piercing. Just so you know.
When I watched this I was like "Oh snap, Phil has sold out! Bing was supposed to be for "old people"! ALL CAPS RAGE!" and then he showed the new Bing and I was like "God damn that's pretty cool!" and hated myself.
Phil must have gotten a LOT of money from Bing
And what happens when people search Bing for porn?
it's because he is talking about bing on the show because bing paid him to talk about it.
Definitely the $1000 to the charity fo shizzle!
2 things that make me click on a video: 01. Picture of a Hot Chick. 02. Story about a Rapper Getting his ass kicked.
Phillip DeFranco 2012 independent nominee for president
i will definitely give to charity if i win
Wow I wanna choose!!! Luv ur shows ther awesome!!!
It's so great hearing about those teachers. If only everyone cared they way they do.
This,Waz Awesome Broo, Keep Them Coming
Hey, Phil? The Bacon Sundae segment; Yeah, Greatest thing ever. Thank you, sir.
Funny, you used to talk shit about Bing.
I keep loving this show more and more.
fuck wat yall sayin # team breezy always "It breezy's BADESTT BITCH"
my charity would have been the me foundation, kidding.
Whoring out for Bing? That's low phil... that's looow
lol she was all can we stop eating now D; rofl
For those of you who are interested in the sexy song: watch?v=TnQqWGM5o04
phil no offense but you are a sell out.
Oh that poor girl whp got hit by a bottle, kinda feel sorry for her
I'd give it to charity... I already have all I need :)
Hey Phill the prize is a great idea but many people would choose charity out of pressure.
I heard they were fighting over who is less talented.
Sorry, bing is still for old people who still use internet explorer
Yo, I'm late, but personally I would pick 250$ amazon gift card and 500 for a charity. Good? :P
Charity. Even if my face wasn't shown. However, not enjoying the shaming aspect of the whole thing.
I'm definitely glad you talked about good teachers for a change. Even though there are a lot of bad ones, the majority of teachers I know would do anything for their students.
i'm ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILYF!
the whole social thing would be interesting if i didn't absolutely hate everyone one my facebook... so yeah.
I think I know why it said ninja....
rar bb i would like to catch the the amazon gift card
Does the new Bing let others look at your history? Cause if I look up..."fluffy puppies"...I might not want people to see that I had looked up..."fluffy puppies"
Bing actually looks good now, its about time they destroyed Google
being sucks it's all about Google!
1000 dollars to Kony's Child Army
please pick me for the gift card or chairity?!?!?!
woot research for children diabetes. if you pick me out of the endless sea that is of course the charity of my choice since i myself was diagnosed like first year into high school rough on me but can't imagine it for the younger peoples so yea... need a cure pronto.
i don't give a shit about bing. who uses bing anyway? i don't even use google much any more, preferring to go straight to the sites i like or wikipedia-ing anything i don't know and need to.
Man, getting pelted in the face was a little tricky this time around. I'd probably go for the $500 for my self because I have 1 baby and another on the way and am in need of money after getting let go from my former factory job. Also, $1000 isn't a whole lot to charity's that get millions every year but $500 would be a lot to me.
grreeaaat, so the search engine that recycles google is getting better. that's guud
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