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Natasha Bedingfield - Can't Fall Down

by NBedingfieldVEVO • 194,423 views

Music video by Natasha Bedingfield performing Can't Fall Down. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

I love all the work has been put into this video, they really prove that less is more :) I have been listening to Natasha's songs as far as I can remember.. She is so talented. Whenever she releases an album, there are always 4-5 tracks that get me hooked. I think she is underrated. Thank you for the video and thank you to the band!
Great rythme/flow to this song,Great groove.!
I don't think this song has a bad message. In my opinion it just tells us that we don't need to be strong all the time, we can give ourselves a moment of weakness.
One of her best tracks! <3
Amazing talent! I love to listen to her songs again and again!
Hold on just a minute now, this sounds like its gonna be such an uplifting song in the beginning, and Natasha has a beautiful voice, yet the song is about not taking chances, and basically when life gets you down, stay there, because its easier... When youre at your breaking point, instead of putting the pieces back together, just let yourself fall apart. You cant miss something you never had is the message, and its telling us that we shouldnt go for it either... The hell?
Yuiko Mizuni Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Descubriendo nuevos mundos -
her songs are inspirational
Amanda Kay Howell Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
I don't even know what the song is about yet.. but the first 1 minute I actually cried.. There's something sincere about her personality, her voice, her song, her music and her life.. That's like rare..
its what you make of it. For me it is expressing the fear we all have, which is falling into despair when life and love do not work out. And about falling back into love but fearing being hurt agian. its a mixed bag so i take a lot from this song. 
cried... i dunno why
Wow I hate it when people say stuff about the dislikes, but this song literally doesn't have ANY dislikes!
I've been trying to find a song that relates to me right now. I couldn't find one until now. Thank you Natasha. You saved me :)
i'm so in love with is woman!!!
sensacional,eu amo amo essa cantora,pena que ela não faz pelo menos um show no Brasil
This song is absolutely beautiful.. I really can feel it..
This is exactly how I've been feeling.
I love the incense burning in the background....:)
0 dislikes... let's hope it stays that way :)
- I love this version !!! <3' Absolutely beautiful !!! I'm amazed ' !!
Love the Banjo... Great rendition of this song stripped!
Natasha's not the only one. Did you see the way that band is playing? All around talent.
your voice is absolutely beautifullllllllllllll! your music makes me more optimistic ;) Thanks
cool song beautiful! the prince of the music industry rapper lil'xza
I never get tired of listening to her songs.
Damn... i'm a grown guy and I'm going through a break up with the girl i thought was the one........ this song really makes me feel it.....
I love how she is just simply singing what she is always thinking and saying in her heart. I wonder where she gets the ideas for the music notes..such a perfect fit! It's so perfect!!! This is music!!!
this video should have at least a million views.
I suddenly had the urge to listen to the Less Is More versions of her songs. Ugh. I love her<3 Still waiting for the day I can meet her.
your songs are like magic and medicine in the same time. they speak to the heart and sooth its worries. thank you.
Wow! I think all of us say this to ourselves at sometime. But where's the fun and risk in life if you don't get up?
Wow...i'm amazed!! I love u NATASHA!!!!
What a world. If you never get up you never understand what its like to have a testimony. I think I finally did something right. The manual is starting to come together.
Natasha Bedingfield's lyrics are just so clever, poignant and uses simple language but poetic..
The song is beautiful...i actually luv di whole album, its a smash
What a gorgeous sound. And this song is perfection, Natasha. Thank you for being the voice for so many scared and broken hearts trying to listen to hope and struggling with the idea of standing up again. Myself included. <3
totally relate to it. thank you for being the one person who understands my situation.
One of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard, Natasha is amazing!
drums,guitar, vocals everything!! awesome
wow she always knows what to sing
Her music is wonderful and amazing, To me she's an angel *.*
You're gorgeous. And you inspire me so very much. Natasha Bedingfield, thank you for existing. <3
i cant describe how much i love listening to your songs..i think that you are the best singer ever!!!!
I hate how people like Natasha get over looked for people like Rihanna.
she is singing to me today thankyou natasha :,(
@fiky1003 Thank you for reminding me of that comment! I really needed help and I just found it in the strangest place. Myself.
ตามพี่เนยมา หุหุ
I just love this. Amazing. *crying*
This version stinks! I actually like the album version of this song. It's the only song from her that I've ever liked. But, like I said this version is no good.
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