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HANNAH MONTANA SPRAY - Ray William Johnson

by Ray William Johnson • 5,834,318 views

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My video actually had to buffer during the moment when he froze the vid and I essentially got mindfucked
thumbs up if ray's video loaded faster than urs
So australia just ripped off countdown. Lovely
+Holly Dinh a british show that has run for nearly 60 years i think. Thousands of episodes
That show's called Countdown in the UK. I know. INTERESTING FACT.
In Australia, coon means something very different.... it is a racial slur.
I don't get why some people just hate Ray! 
1:09 So he's an elephant? Makes sense as he's American.
Did anyone notice how he said Dumbledore😍😍😍😍
You love him? I used to find him hot, too. But I am a dude, so I castrated myself.
Am I the only one who doesn't wait the videos to load ??
... And now things have changed. To lower the energy used when you're watching a video, it loads only few seconds in advance. Still working perfectly so no problem for me.
liek if u tok a penisdump today
Dumbeldore is dead ):
People think this guy is funny?  
The kitten was so cute. I would've pet it.
the game show is a british show called countdown
man i love racoons :D
In britain its called countdown
I wonder what the percentage chance of that game show actually getting that is.
rhat gameshow is called countdown in uk
1:11 there should have been a bit of "the north never forgets"
Fany means some thing very different in the UK
and the baby is black :D
Seriously, you're really not funny.
"Here you go grandmother.. Awwh an egg beater" xD hahahaha 
Hanna Montana smell that bad...ya
Funny, it loads faster in his video than in actuality.
OF course it had to be a black baby you racist fuck.
That was f***ing hilarious
This was uploaded on my birthday YAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!
Moment when the views are 55,555,555
That's nothing, I'm the 5,562,224th viewer!
+Barrios Groupie Oh yeah? Well I'M the 5,634,604th viewer! xP
I just noticed the penisdump word is actually peninsula just edited
Oh gosh, 5555555 views. What a number.
i dont know why people cal 1 direction 1 d its sounds weird dosn it?
Oh man, this is f*cking hilarious
I am laying down with a 18.4 inch laptop monitor in my face and he gets up close, i am like "hey ray"
"that's where all the foreskin goes" LOL
Remember when youtube videos used to load fully when you stopped them? Yeah....That's what I thought.
Omg I love how he laughs cx
I accidentally paused it when he froze it so I waited for 5 minutes until I realized
He has a racoon pet 0.o Omg!?!!?€&&!€&€!& Gimme^~^
Laughed so hard.... I pissed myself
Why was the baby black and not white?
I watched this after watching MK loves 'Ray William Johnson '...
if this guy dont want to get bite why he dont let out a big fed fart  sam effeckt but 15 $ cheaper^^
It's called countdown. Honestly.
1:17 - What The Fuckidy Fuck
In uk they call letters and numbers countdown
Because cats love you enough to climb on your shoulder in Michigan. I love being a Michigander.
Worst. Australian. Accent. Ever....sorry Ray
They have that in England too it's called countdown
I wosh my videos loaded that fast!!
fuck of ray dont kill ats
Hey! I'm the 5555555th viewer :D
0:37 haha both looking the same way
R U HURTING A KITTY? IM GONNA SUE U! but u dont hate cats so fine. i wont.
Actually your not the only one
hey, can you fix the playlist to play the first video made and end on the last video? :D Then we can see it like the evolution of bad jokes!
Funny my video was loading too
Where the fuck did the cat come from
But my mom didn't go to college.
My name is Charlie Flanagan so
dats one sexy ass t-shirt girl o_o
I'm not the only one who subscribed when he said hell give £1000 worth of dildos?
Where I'm from "coon" has a completely different meaning
I wish he said 'shoutout for my australian fans' no he said 'australia' in a unnecessary tone that none of us use. FUCK OFF.
Are you retarded?
i knew it every one hates hanan montana
Ironically, at the very start my actual video playback thingy is still on the white circle.
Is that a tgs podcast mic
this isn't santa .grr martin is santa
Australian countdown
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