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Teachers Unions explained

by Battlefield315 • 442,701 views

A supporter of the teachers unions is questioned about her belief that the unions need more money and power. Watch more conversations with a liberal at:

Nothing wrong with trade unions, but government employees have absolutely NO business unionizing. The conflict of interest is absurd! If taxpayer money is funding their paychecks and benefits packages, the taxpayer is the employer. When the "collective bargaining" occurs, it's just one government agency agreeing with another government agency to fork over money that isn't theirs.
Public employees pay taxes too. I think you forgot that.
+christophsworld   Actually, it's the taxpayers who pay those taxes. Because it's the taxpayer's money that fund's the taxed salaries. And at the premium wages and benefits garnered by government employees, it can be easily considered back-fill. 
Children should be held to a higher are GREAT Vids!
Because "they are not unionized"  LOL!
"if teaching is the most important job doesn't that mean there should be MORE scrutiny of their work not less?"  DEVASTATING POINT!
This is the truth! I hear my teachers ranting about how the don't get paid enough. Teacher's unions are all about money. In my opinion we need to reintroduce special schools for metally disabled kids. They mix them in with normal kids and BOOM! It only hurts them. If they are with other kids like them they will like they belong there, which they do. It's a messed up liberal system. Nothing more.
Much like the Samurai of Japan Labour Unions have outlived their usefulness
Having seen a few of his videos, I wonder whether this guy's ever tried applying pressure upwards rather than downwards. Somehow I doubt it.
Throughout school I pretty much had to teach myself everything because my teachers were lazy as shit and did absolutely nothing. I would've been better off learning from home and getting a paycheck for what it costs to have me in school.
Unions, Government, and Police...  The trinity of Socialism.
+FlashToso Well, unions, government, and police all hold monopolies over their share of the work and will inevitably find a way to put people in prison, debt or not. ...But hey, at least there's no possibility of fair labor for young kids. That's illegal!
Get rid of unions and NO ONE will teach. Teaching is very stressful and administration can do whatever they want to them if they work without union representation. Sorry but doing without a union means people will quit teaching.
I understand that teaching is a challenging career. But remember one thing. There are much harder careers out there that pay much less, require much more education, and are not unionized and the people who work in these professions care about their work and even take pride in it.  
+owen reitsma What jobs require more education and pay less?  
I'd like to see some kinda cartoon porn with these two....
This is the same crap as the miners union in the UK, shitty people who wish to abuse the system in order to get paid more, without putting in the work. In America, schools can't get rid of an incompetent teacher because of the union. Short of a sexual harassment or assault charge, they can't really be touched. America needs someone to limit their power, as Thatcher did in the UK 
+MrDioXIII  You clearly do not know tenure law. 
Hilarious, but sadly very, very true.  Unions are as ancient and outdated as the dinosaurs, but sadly they haven't met the same fate yet.  My daughter is an educator and completely agrees.
I would be ashamed to make a movie like this. Teachers are important, and we should be careful not to disparage them like this. I wonder where the funding for this kind of argument comes from.
+dinu1999  Smaller class sizes is just a scheme for the teachers unions to get more members and more power and money.  If you wanted better education there are plenty of other ways to achieve it that don't cost anything that the teachers unions oppose.  Making someone think their job is "precarious" is a great way to improve performance.  That's how everyone in the private sector already operates: be productive or you will eventually lose your job.  It boggles my mind that someone could think that giving bad teachers tenure and letting them keep their jobs is a good idea.  Don't you care about the children?
MrDioXIII Thatcher was more of a man than Obama will ever be and More woman then he will ever have.
Teachers unions are the worst. They've even continued paying teaches who were proven pedophiles and are not working. 
Hope you realize that some of us DO go through RIGOROUS evaluation in the pubic school system, are observed three times a year, plus have 15-20 minute observations unannounced weekly.  The observations are scripted, discussed, and then "scored" on a rubric containing multiple categories. Final evaluations are a compilation of student test scores (50%) and the observations.  When students make NO growth on mandated state tests because of factors OUTSIDE of the classroom, unions are needed to protect hard working teachers. 
Amen!!!  You said exactly what I was thinking!
The video should be called "Any and All Unions: Explained"
yes, get rid of the unions, they are responsible for America's demise. Look at history folks, We became a great nation when we had slavery and when free workers had no right to strike or negotiate for higher wages and when we had an 80 hour work week. We want to be a great nation again?.. I say bring back child labor and for god's sake get rid of all those fancy rules about workplace safety and clean air and water. 
Unfair!!! "You can't quit me. I fire!"
Like that CTU bitch-Potential Chicago Mayoral candidate Karen Lewis????????????.
lets close all the schools. get rid of the unions. shut down the regulatory agencies  and generally go back to the dark ages.
Fredrick, if you were intelligent enough you'd recognize your statement as the "reductio ad absurdum" it is. Are you a "dues paying" teacher in public school?
+E Black the word "enough" is redundant.
Who is the best spinner?  Corporate think tanks or the neophytes they support?  Is there any bias to the corporate crap we are forced to swallow at every turn?  Have any of ever had a glimpse into who really runs this crappy excuse for a democracy?/  Cultural train wreck?/ country?
All democracies are crappy.
I find teachers have no performance requirements. According to them they can do no wrong.
All hail the Unions & Government.  Sheesh!
Maybe the parents should keep their kids home from school?  Vote with your feet.
Unions - Organized Welfare Only in a union can you move at the pace of a snail, be worthless, and untouchable!
Teachers are way overpaid and way underworked. What other job can you have that gives you 3 months and every single holiday off each year? And any teacher that complains about their pay............I do not remember a military "draft" that made them become a teacher. They chose their profession and I'm quite sure they knew the pay going in.
Anybody in a teachers Unions should be taken out beaten to death and shot on sight. And then take their head and use them in Science class for dissection to examine the delusional cells of Communist democrats.
Steve Parkhurst Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Classic. I love these guys.
Look at what they say lol, common sense alone dictates they are idiots. Why? You're looking to join them?
Unionized teachers are less likely to leave the profession entirely and typically have more resources to improve their craft (continuing education, seminars, and more collaboration). The reason why public schools are failing is because of increased disparities between the public schools themselves. See, not all public schools are failing...unfortunately only those in the inner city. Much of this is due to misappropriation of funds.
do you have any idea how much work teachers do, im currently a full time student, and all of the teachers at my college start work at 8am and leave at 6-7pm, then spend the evening marking essays.
Ha, that is a poorly timed typo. Still, that you believe the premise follows from THAT evidence is a little bit crazy on your part. Considering that this country has never had higher literacy rates than we have now, with teachers unions, your premise is hilariously off target.
Wow. What a stupid generalization based on zero evidence.
Hahaha. Seriously, get a clue. I'm making fun of your dumbass. If I rote it rite, you wouldn't have anything to say. You'd be stuck But that's enough making fun of you. Your? How did your unionized teacher fail you. You're?
Charter and private schools are second rate because they are run by non union type idiots. Show me an organization run without a union, and I will show you a bunch of stupid monkeys. F teaching we are indoctrinators Teachers Indoctrinations works very well in NAZI Germany and Stalinist Russia
:49 Students are not unionized. LOL Soo stupid but does highlight the stupid things repeated by the union busting Education Deformers, i.e., Michele Rhee, Jeb Bush, et al.
I WAS a teacher in a private school for several years & they did give me merit increases. I was dedicated and happy. I moved when I sold my home and the opportunities for teachers were low. I also have kids & I saw what happened when they went to public school.....It was not like that 40+ years ago. Teachers WANTED to be teachers & didn't care so much about how much they made; they did it because they enjoyed teaching. Times have changed for the worse unfortunately.
who told u he was stupid? the teacher's unions?!?
Look at your products you buy. They say made in china!
I will concede that we do need to do away with rubber rooms and make it easier for principals to fire teachers...but this doesn't mean that unions don't serve a purpose.
Senior software engineer in Finland - $60,000 average salary Senior software engineer in USA - $120,000 average salary Case still open.
Fascist far left propaganda is ignored by me. Unions bosses are not elected and are out to make a profit, nothing else.
Nearly 65-70% of products "made in China" are made by AMERICAN SUBSIDIARIES. Those "western companies". Your stinking iphone, if you have one was made by SLAVE LABOR in China. Who's 12 now?
WOW, you're a fucking wizard. It's been 2 months. Did you just get bored and decide to fuck with someone or what? And the people making that shit are barely making enough to feed their only child that the gov't let them keep after killing their baby daughters because they don't make good soldiers or factory workers. Yeah, Communism is really working there isn't it? Why don't you just move there, I'm sure you'll love it.
As opposed to people who "...cling to guns or religion..."? Or "the rich"? Or "big business"?
@Dave Henderson - Ah, Dave, you're SOO intellectual!! Come on back here, boy, walk us through that argument of yours about how pressure by (a minority of) the citizens to privatize K-12 is the CAUSE of public schools failing.
who told you i thought that CUZ THEYRE LIEING!!! the teacher's unions right?
there arepeople who male livings with no unions but most employees who have the option take it im oart of a union to pretend to actl ike employers dont try to get over on there employees talented or not its still intimidating going to your boss who has all the power and asking for a raise or health insurance the point about bad teachers are valid but to live in the world of absolutes where unions are bad period is not right
Voucher schools do not outperform public schools. That's simply not true.
Yes because privatization works so well, like with our health care system and prison system.
Oh I thought leftist were not racist. Looks like that's an pile of horse shit.
Real brave behind that keyboard. Come get some, coward
Go to a store, pick up a product, and it will have "made in china" printed on it.
Many urban districts have a higher per pupil spending, much of that goes to administrative things and less towards the actual teachers, books, etc. Also turnover is typically higher in urban districts. Not to mention, students in urban districts are not receiving support at home as much (in terms of resources and whether or not parents are able to help in their education). Blaming the teachers, while convenient, is intellectually lazy and outright dishonest.
Spoken like a public school teacher. nice. Thanks for showing your good side.
That is imposable it is human nature to setup some forms of rules and to have rules there must be people to enforce rules. There has never been a society with out government. Even animals go towards a very simple form of government with a hierarchy.
I haven't seen a union yet that did not reduce productivity. No, most people don't go for the union. It holds you back. If you are untalented, unskilled, or unmotivated, unions will keep you employed.
Do yourself a good favor and murder your family and then cut your wrists.
Teachers (and I was one) all act like they make fucking foreign policy decisions. Teachers are MOST certainly the problem. Tenure, the Taylor Laws, Unions etc... you're full of shit lady.
You mean the China where 80% of the population lives below the poverty level and most on less than $30 a year? That China? And the Soviet Union. Please. You're completely clueless. Please pick one and go there.
You are such a vile creature it's a mystery why God allowed you to form in that jackal's womb.
@justaquickpeak is hard pressed to reply to you because you speak out of both sides of your face. You seem to be a conservative in that you don't march in lock step with public teachers and you don't give public sector unions a blowjob. But your insult about "1 %-ers" supporting either public sector employees or their unions is non sequitur. You're confused. Do you understand politics? Tell us what YOU think "1%-ers" believe. By the way, it's "w-A-ndering around..."
Where do you get this cartoon from ? I want to make a videos like this.
This is soooo spot-on. Supposed to be a parody of the teachers unions but it's so accurate that it's really sad....sad that the American public is forced to tolerate the ludicrous actions of these unions!
There is always some untalented fuck that gets a promotion or raise because he has been there longer. Union rules prohibit people from achieving all they could if they were not held back. If you are satisfied with doing a mediocre job, stay with the union. If you have talent and ambition, without the unions restrictions, you can get somewhere far faster. There are some of us that don't just go to work, put in our time and go home.
Including college, I went to 11 schools when growing up. Some private, some public. We moved a lot so I went to schools from the east coast to the west coast. North and south. The private schools were far, far superior. Those that say that the union ensures they get reasonable pay are correct. Most of them couldn't remain employed without it.
As a teacher, I pay almost $1,000 per year in dues. In my state, an attorney pays only $400 to the State Bar. This video is right-on--fire the teachers' unions and cut every district office in half and then consolidate all districts in the state to one third. That would be a start.
Oh my god!!! You weren't clued in by the fact that I "corrected" my sentence from grammatically correct to incorrect in the same freaking post? Shit, you don't need a teacher, you need to take your head out of your ass. Or pick up a sense of humor somewhere.
I guess these videos are supposed to be misogynistic also??
Socio economic class (SEC) is the number one indicator of a child’s success. Boarding school is effective among all SECs (role models, tutors, healthy meals, safe environment, plenty of sleep). Boarding schools mimic high SECs (tutors, educated adults, successful role-models, structured activities that tech a person to interact with other people and take direction). This would likely cost more money, but would have a desired result of successful, well educated, students.
Hahahahaha...what an idiotic series of straw-man arguments. If this kind of nonsense is convincing to you, go see a doctor; you may have suffered some kind of head trauma at some point.
Did I fail to make a point or did I struggle to "make" a sentence? Those seem like two things?
#3 on the list of defining characteristics of fascists: "Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause" Teachers unions? "Far left" groups? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
But you got a parent's to have rsponsable children not a teacher's! Romney
finland also has no tuition fees and fully subsidised higher education, anyone can afford to go to university.
without unions employers walk all over their employees
I find it really sad that so many people feel that this video is accurate. Truth: A teacher can get fired, the union makes sure that due process is followed. A teacher is on probation for two years prior to getting permanent status. A teacher doesn't mind getting evaluated, the concern is evaluation over a student's standardized test. Public schools are "failing" because many people want to privatize education for profit. I wish people would do their homework before making videos like this.
no collectivized agriculture, poor human rights, ect.
NCLB was the conservative answer to education reform. The students need to be average or better is what NCLB boils down to. No surprise that it was impossible to achieve. I refuse to believe that any politician is that stupid. Yet here we are.
Only if you let them. Unions are good for those that lack the talent or ambition to get somewhere. Unions ensure that they will never have the need to be any good.
idk where you worked but merit still plays a big part in promotions and raises supervisors and upper management have lots of say so at least where i work on promotions and raises if you feel they arent being fair you can go to the union and then a decision is made but most unions arent all powerful besides mlb's maybe
Sure, if you actually believe seven words can adequately describe reality, than it would "make sense", wouldn't it?
Ah more inferiority coming form the leftist. Wants me to kill others because he is to weak to do so himself. I truly am superior.
Wow what brain washed nut created this? I have yet to actually meet any teacher that believes this way. Most teacher I know believe that tenure should be done away with and that teachers should judged on performance not on the govts NCLB which treats children like cattle and forces teachers to pass students that deserve to fail.
This is so biased - you can see it from the first second. When she says "i am part of a union" and the moron replies with "OH NO!!" As if she just said she is a satanist <.<
Yes, that's a good thing. Finland can afford this as they do not pay their teachers so much money. Its fairer to educate than to give in to the greed of teachers unions.
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