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Past Bing - Storyboarding Dear Molly 2011.04.23

by bingradio • 11,985 views

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Bit shaky camera work. Probably resembles your composure at the time (profesh analysis)...
I'd don't think I've EVER seen Lincoln high street as empty as it is at the end of this video, there is literally not one other person near you, what on earth did you do to them all?
The irony in this comment is astounding. You criticise his grammar, but fail to use a capital "I" and an apostrophe in the word "I'm" You also didn't use a space after the ellipse. Oh, and finally you forgot to use a capital letter for "Bing" at the start of the sentence.
Past Bing I hope you change your hair soon... This is so 2011
It was one of his Uni projects and it was never published on YouTube.
0 views? Thank you. I would like to accept this award on behalf of the academy...
Bing, your voice is epic. Have I ever told you that?
..W...Why were the streets so empty?
bing, you need to work on your sorry, but you do.
Mr. Bingham, May I just say that you're quite an inspiration, using some of your advice I have bettered myself as a person and in a hope that you read this, thank you :)
Heyyy Bing, Did you ever upload Dear Molly on to youtube? it sounds really awesome... i wana see it, maybe.
Hi Bing, I'm just going to take this opportunity to thank you, with exam season 'round the corner for me, times are getting a little stressful. But thanks to your videos, I have a place to go when I want to escape from the stress and the pressure. Thank you Bing, keep up the great work :)
I noticed just after posting this that just because it's Monday the 23rd now doesn't mean it was Monday the 23rd last year. Total brain fart. :P
easter sunday was the 24th last year...
The novelty of living round the corner from where Bing lived last year never wears off... Fun fact: The building behind him at 0:30 has now been demolished :)
Living in Lincoln and knowing exactly where he was... -_- but not where he is now damn it!
I thought I saw the fault in our stars book in the background... But when I went back I found I was wrong :/
finally watched all of PBFB so far :'D !! YEAHHH:L
damn i know that feeling, xD problem is, i dont stay as simple as your friend does... i cant draw simple sketches xD ... -.- its a curse...
mm. I love how pleasant and clean the river behind you is. Oh Lincoln.
Now I don't mean to be rude but Bing said in his live show yesterday that he was planning to study art at uni before he changed his mind and went for media.. Probably a good choice there.
I bet you was walking super early in the morning recording that. The town looks dead.
here you go (3 months late :])
Is there anywhere we can see the film?
I'm waiting for Past Bing to get a haircut.
Lactose Intolerance + Easter Sunday = HELL
properly jumped when you said my name aha
I want in on this brony shizzle
Bing, watch it, waterstones will sue for copy right -:)
I found it on a quick google guys, doesn't take much effort. He has it through vimeo
Bing, you need to work on your grammer....i'm sorry, but you do.
i thought 'Hi ima draw ya' was a joke. Turns out it is genuinely the best you can do. Well done Bing! :D
Maybe the town was empty because it was EASTER SUNDAY. jsjsjs. :D
WHY CAN'T I FIND YOU VIDEO!??! I keep hearing you mention, Dear Molly, but I keep searching and searching, and can't find it!
Yeah I think it was. Don't really consider myself lucky though, as I feel like a complete dumbass.I noticed like 2 minutes after posting it. (I knew it already, but my brain are dumb)
bing how do you edit out all the humans on those roads?
Why do you always seem like the only person who goes outside in your town?
0:09 Who!!! Jizz gonna help you make storyboards!!! I though it was to have kids!! º_º
anyone else notice how 28days laterish that video was? just absolute silent streets?
I loved Dear Molly! It was much more entertaining than I thought it would be. Much more engaging than every other student film I've seen.
PONY FLAVOUR. *miniature pony bursts from regular-sized pony*
Bing, Bing BING!!! Were is dear molly, we want to see itttttt PLEASE!!
I noticed just afterwards that the days of the week don't fall on the same date every year. Derp.
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