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Austin Rivers Game Winning Buzzer Beater - Duke Beats Carolina

by ESPN • 2,968,279 views

Duke Freshman Guard Austin Rivers makes a game winning 3-pointer at the buzzer to lead Duke to the road upset of North Carolina. River scored a career-high 29 points, including six 3-pointers.

and he was never relevant again.
I love how people are talking shit about a dude in the NBA behind their computer screens...talking about how is he relevant. Didnt he just have a career high game? Thats what I thought. 
Rivers is gettin better by the day. great players dont start playing like a great player till there 3rd or 4th year.. he's starting to play very well. stop hatin on him kuz 5 years from now i GUARANTEE u this dudes stats will be on the chart
lol look at Seth Curry
"Shoot it, asshole!!"
Smh i remember turning this game off. I thought we was going to lose. I was fucken hype when I found out we won and pissed at same time I missed it.
All that matters is that it was a huge shot in a big rivalry game and it will be remembered forever. What doesn't matter is what any of the players are doing now, or who lost what games after this, or how goofy those UNC fans look after the shot.  Wait, that last one does matter, that will be burned into my mind forever!
I remember exactly where I was and what Duke shirt I had on!!! I woke my kids up screaming so loud!!!
+Brad Stikeleather I was running around our house like a lunatic.  I'm pretty sure I scared my wife.
If Rivers stayed  years at Duke they probably would have already named a three residence halls a library after him by now. But he went early and now he will never be a memorable player at either level
Remember this UNC fans! Go Duke! #ARivers  
That would be interesting! 
True point! I just hate UNC though. I love Quinn Cook, and Aaron Harrison, so I. Fans of Botha.
Worst commentating i have ever heard
Imagine if these guys didn't have to run off to the NBA. The Duke team last year might have consisted of senior PG Kyrie Irving, junior SG Austin Rivers, junior SF Rodney Hood, sophomore PF Jabari Parker, and whoever you want at center. I say might, because you never know how one guy's decision to stay, may have changed another guy's decision to come to Duke. Oh well. One can only dream. Go Duke!
Yessss!!! You go Austin Rivers!!! He's so amazing!!!
Oh, oh, unbelievable. intensity was there
He may not be relevant ever since but seeing that shot feels good everytime ...
ill nevr forget watching this game live!!! its so awesome to see doc and rivers family going crazy
Gus Johnson would vomit at that call. Such a week job by the commentators to such an amazing finish.
Never gets old go duke!! #gthc game day tomorrow 9p let's go duke!
4 weeks later, dook gets taken to the wood-shed in their house. No last second, miracle shot needed. 18 point shellacking to send dook seniors out with a whimper.
crazy how all the guys on the court are in the nba
Should have stayed in college at least one more year.
People can say what they want about Austin Rivers, but this shot is legendary. A classic rivalry game with Duke vs North Carolina going down to a game winner. Doesn't get better than that. 
He can tell his children he made a game winning shot for one of the most legendary rivalries in basketball history. 
Damn you would think they won the nba championship sheeesh
Hey Foxy the Fox U just like Kentucky cause they number one get over yourself go DUKE!!
Cole Whittington Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Good Luck Boo-NC! With our exceptional freshman IN Cameron you're going to have a tough game. GO DUKE!
Most cold blooded shot I've seen
+X Rise I don't think that matters, and don't forget, UCONN was only the 19th seed and Pitt was the number 3 team in the country. Kemba's step back was absolutely filthy and he did it at MSG in the Big East Tournament. You're gonna tell me that his game winner wasn't cold blooded?
It's sports deal with it
what a great call... they both said "riiiverrrrrssss" pandemonium ensues 
0:36 - the crowd's like "what the fuck!"
it was on Tyler Zeller too and now they play together lol
So many future NBA players on the court
id love to be in the middle of all those UNC fans during this game!! GO DUKE
That color commentator is the worst I've ever heard. 
common sense has lost it's mind. WHY WOULD THEY REVIEW THE SHOT..
Why is he wearing womens stocking on his arm?
Ughhhhhhhhhhhh Ughhhhhhhhhhhh uhghhhhhhhhhh unbelievable ughhhhhh
Lol! now he sucks dick what a piece of shit
+Spencer Bender ill tell you what he aint shit but a hopeless 9 to 5 minimum wage working youtube gangster…BOOM ROAST!!!
He's not bad it's just he doesn't get to play and has been injured
everybody on the court on that play is in the league now... Henson, Bullock, Barnes, Zeller, Marshall Kelly, Rivers, Dawkins, Plumlee, and Curry (kinda)
Oh, Oh, Oh, today on 2/18/15 this shot from 2/8/12 still hurts this Carolina Girl! Go heels, beat DooK tonight!
Worst player in the NBA at this point.
Raymond Felton worst than him :)
+Dray Yamsuan Michael Jordan was the 3rd pick.
lmao  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kill em  freshy getting it done 
Still my favorite buzzer beater
One of the best Buzzer Beaters I have ever seen! COLD BLOODED!!!
0:36 the dude's face wear a shirt says beat duke on the left
Austin Rivers Game Winning Buzzer Beater - Duke Beats Carolina #classicsports   #sports  
Came all the way back 
I will always remember where I was when this happened.. crazy.. worked 3rd shift so I couldnt watch it live, but I avoided everybody and I had no clue that it was gonna end like this, but LET'S FUCKIN GOOOOO DUKE GET THE MONEY!
A "basic" fundamental of defense is to have your hands UP! Zeller was at fault for NOT doing this. When you are up 2 you cannot play such poor defense and allow an opponent to shoot an uncontested 3. If Tyler goes after him as he should have, that ball would have been smacked into the stands. Big mistake but Great Shot. Hey that's UNC vs Duke. Best rivalry in college basketball. We should have enjoyed the current chapter tonight. Too much snow in NC.
377 ppl are Carolina fans... wamp wamp!!
Tyler Zeller guarding him. Seth Curry second person about to hug Austin Rivers. Harrison Barnes at 0:22
Damn Kendall marshall right there too, all of em played together ... crazy
I've never seen coach K get hype! Lol but he was on this
Those faces. -__-  lolololololol
1:37 cheerleader in the bottom right corner
One of the best games I've ever seen when you factor in the rivalry the comeback and the finish. Love looking at the unc fans they just got punched in the stomach.
Could've stayed two three more years with the dookies aaaand now he's HOT garbage with the Pelicans.. #BUST 
He showed he had some game this season tho. He could be a decent player down the road.
This is the definition of EPIC.
One of the best Buzzer Beaters of all time!!!! GTHC!!!!!!    Go Duke!!!!
where did Seth curry go?
Great game! Believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior!
As the rivalry begins again this year I love rewatching this. I was 5 minutes from dukes campus when this happened in my own dorm and we all went crazy. Duke all day
the look on the crowds face 0:36. priceless!!!!
Yes it was. Kind of like the time they played in Chapel Hill. Duke was up by 8 with 17 seconds to go. Carolina makes 3 quick baskets, Duke misses a free throw. Then Walter Davis makes a 35 footer to put the game in OT. Priceless Indeed. The Blue Devils were SO NUMB they had NO chance after that. But that's the Great part about this rivalry, it goes both ways. Each program has made the other better. Unlike most Tarheel fans, I like Duke and will always pull for them against anyone else! ACC is the best.
Tonights game going to go down
right on their home floor ouch!
he really shouldve stayed in college a little longer to develop as a player.. now he's garbage.. hope he gets it together though
He looks him dead in the eye then drains the game winning three, that is the definition of cold blooded
0:36 is the best part. I screen shot it and showed my friend. Of course he raged. Lol
ohhhh ohhhhh unbelievable!
that day when all tar heels fans were jumping happy
He stopped working when he got to the NBA
Let's Go Duke!!!!!!!!
That screen from Plumlee thooo
Is that doc rivers son? Why is he white?
Doc Rivers going crazy as well, obviously his son playing at duke. 
And so much pussy was offered that day.
where the fuck is austin rivers now
OOOOOhhhh OOOhhh unbelable
oh dick your a legend
That guy had been so hot during the game that there is no way I would have let have a look at a game winning bucket. NC had a nice zone set up. All big boy "Z" needed to do was step up on Rivers a little bit and pressure him. Instead he let him dribble around and get that jump shooters vibe going and BANG, game over. 
doc's reaction was amazing
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