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Fountains Of Wayne - Denise [Official Video]

by Atlantic Records • 76,164 views

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Tonight's song is "Denise" by Fountains of Wayne. BTW, this video features Jolene Blalock from Star Trek: Enterprise.
I'm afraid if I listen to this song to much ill get sick of it. But I can't help it.
so who was wayne and why are his "fountains" idolized? idk and idc i have always loved this song! lol!
ah, i just remembered- its wayne COUNTY, isnt it?
Fountains of Wayne was a real store that sold fountains, etc., in Wayne, NJ. Now closed.
a song with my name in x ace
this video sooooo late 90's/early2000's..its beautiful
Terence Towles Canote Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Tonight's song is "Denise" by Fountains of Wayne. BTW, the woman in the video is Jolene Blalock, who played T'Pol on Star Trek: Enterprise.
Absolutely no reason to send Jolene Blalock through a car wash except for #FanService  -- excellent plan. 
I saw them live a week ago, this song is sooo much better live. i find my self a little disappointed by the recording :P
I bet those silver suits get sweaty!
aaaahhhhh memories. Pleasant memories....
Kind of Devo take off on this vid, but thats ok because in a way FOW sounds a bit like a modern Devo band. I'd love to party with these guys..wonder if they need a roadie.
13 years looking for this.... what a great song!!
@michaelivingstone If Jolene was 20 years younger, I would date her. I would be four months older than her
Unlike Staceys mum this does not have it going on.
This doesn't look anything like Buddy Holly you fucking unimaginative morons
Fountains of Wayne deserves so much more attention.
Got nothing on stacy's mom ... what name is Denise really?
Denise is HOT, yeah thats Jolene Blalock.
Denise looks a bit like Subcommander T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) from Star Trek Enterprise .... wait a minute!
Can't get this song outta my head ..Masterpiece !!
he reminds me of Buddy Holly for some weird reason...
The ones who write "first" always fail...
I thought they misspelled demise when I clicked on this..
And for those down there whining about innovation, stop searching for power pop songs, ya dinguses. you love me Denise ????
*smacks forehead* Oh my God, I can't believe all this time I've only now realized the homage to Devo in this video. I'm a dork, and not in the good way. Also, normally I'm not a fan of Jolene Blalock, but for some reason she's not unattractive to me in this video. Go fig. =\
agreed. too buddy holly, slash kraftwerk look... already been done. yikess.. not really innovative.
Not enough tite rimes for your swaggity faggity kush black ops thumping ass? Lyrics don't have to rhyme, and this video kicks ass.
Sounds a little like The Cars... maybe explains the video
@richspur2004 one of the band members looks like jason schwartsman
Incredible!!! videos from an era so missed! FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE FOR THE WIN!
I don't understand how there are any dislikes on this video.
In the name of Nuddy Fingas google Camp Nuddy Music
This song has to be in direct reference to the song "Denise" by Randy and the Rainbows. Its a really catchy oldies song that i was looking up possible tabs to and found this song.
too much like weezer, except no talent. But maybe they will create something really cool in the future.
I'm sorry to say that along with stacey, denise is not the girl for you...Staceys Mom forever
Denise is hotter than Stacy's Mom
Denise in this video is actually played by Jolene Blalock. I'll let you Google her on your own . . .
im a female Asian and French upcoming recording artist
wud have been better without the they need to work on their lyrics
i tought this was sum lil wayne cousin.........
I love this song !! Apart from " Denise" being my name !!
@miguelcarvalho2008 nice words dude, nice words (:
this cody simpson kid looks like a gayer justin beaver
Lyrics and video needs work, but great song.
lol stacy's mom aint shit next to this.
They should have cast Denise Richards for this.
Denise is T-Pol from STAR TREK Enterprise :D
Good video! I love it! go go!!
idk man and why the heck does it only have 40,000 views, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!
Well... AT LEAST I GOTTA SONG BITCCCCHHHHHEEEEESSSSS. haha and obviously women named Denise are "shewolfs"<----Shakira definition
The Muses themselves could not better this song, but the video... it reminds me of the nightmares I used to have when I was younger. I don't know why, but it gives me the creeps.
How can someone not like this? 'Denise' rocks! You have to be a dumb freak, stupid idiot, worthless piece of scum to dislike this! And if you are/do, get the hell out of here and let those who enjoy it listen to it without the sight of comments made by retarded bags of pimples and pus.
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