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Newspaper Nail Art

by cutepolish • 15,347,252 views

this step-by-step video will show you how to create newspaper nails. it's a very simple technique! watch this video to see how it's done. the grey color used is OPI's moon...

Very easy and cute #nailart  here you are the first video hope you enjoy it!!
Is there any way I can print on newspaper and create my own designs? Like draw in ink on newspaper and then use this technique? Or print it?
Yes you can print something and it will work:)
Can I buy rubbing alcohol from any market?
Любой маникюр, даже в домашних условиях, нужно начинать с хорошей основы. Обработайте ногти, затем нанесите на них светлый лак, лучше всего подойдёт светло-серый. Дайте лаку на ногтях полностью высохнуть. Затем возьмите 70% спирт (может подойти и обычная вода, все зависит от типографской краски) и налейте его в небольшую емкость (можно взять крышечку от небольшой бутылки). Погрузите в емкость со спитом ноготь на 5 секунд, затем приложите к еще влажному ногтю отрывок из газеты с нужным вам фрагментом, как следует прижмите, и спустя несколько секунд аккуратно снимите бумагу. На вашем ногте должен остаться отпечаток текста из газетной вырезки. Полученный рисунок покройте прозрачным лаком или специальным закрепителем. Кожу вокруг ногтя можно протереть ватной палочкой, смоченной в жидкость для снятия лака.
Can you use an image instead of news paper?
Probably, but it would have to be matte printer ink (as opposed to magazine shiny print) Just try it! Im sure something will work!
Do you need rubbing achlohal? Cause I don't have any.
I just said you can use water +Hannah Rodriguez  I've done it before and it works. Other people have videos of them using water you just gotta press it harder and keep it on a bit longer. and this answers your question +Athziri Rios you can use water.
I did that and it came out pretty, is there a way I can show u ?
I didn't have rubbing alcohol, so I used water. Same result!
It would be awesome if she did a video for negative space nails☺️
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Kori Freeman Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
How long would this last you think 
Can you use Peroxide if you don't have any rubbing alcohol?
Can you use 99 % rubbing alcohol? That's all I have. What else can I use? Plz help
believe it or not, but water can also do the trick! I tried it!
I did this it came well
How did you do that? First what to do? My network is slow that's why I can't watch this video 😞
Put a top coat of clear nail polish Then put grey nail polish on top and then you grab rubbing alcohol and dip your nail in it Then put the newspaper in top of the nail Ofter that put a clear coat of nail polish do the ink doesn't rub off and so your nails don't chip
Oh my gosh this is perfect!
Can you us a images instead of writing
I tried it , it turned out so pretty
I really want to try this! Very cute and unique! TFS! 
Then Collage Students  Use This Nail Art Make The Words Say Math Answers And Thats How Kids Get A+'s 
Não pega '-' Eu coloco o jornal fica tudo escroto o esmalte e nao fica as letras!! Menina escrota, Não ajuda em nada tbm
Does it have to be newspaper or can it be a sheet of paper with words on it
How do you remove it ?
could you also use a white instead of a light gray
Can't wait to try this
Subscribe to my channel,pleasee? :-*
It does not work I tried and it would not work
I'm so excited to try this but can you use white nail polish instead of light grey?
Yes (: I didn't have gray and used a light real color (:
u can also use water but the words don't show up as well
What would happen if you didnt have rubbing alcohol vould you use nail polish remover instead? ✨
No I've tried that just use rubbing alcohol
it does not wurk can you help me
Definitely going to try this!
Now I can read my nails 😍😛😝😜
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whaat can I use instead of water as a liquid ? 
What if I use a color underneath? Like a light blue or something clear.
this is really easy and cute, but what's bugging me is that the letters are backwards, i;ll try printing some letters backwards so when i transfer them to my nails, they'd look good
Can you use hydrogen peroxide?
Look on Abigail harry123 and follow me so you can see all my try to recreate nail designs
Does anyone know if this technique works with plain water instead of alcohol?
i used water and it worked! I just put the newspaper in the water and than held it for about 45sec on the nail. While it was on my nail, with a Q tip soaked in water i tapped on the newspaper firmly. I than took of the newspaper with tweezers ans wolla. :)
do u have 2 use newspaper or can you use different paper for a different design
How do you remove them?
could you use spray hand sanitizer
When im applying the top coat, the ink from the newspaper smudges? any ideas?
When you put the top coat of try not touch your nail with the brush just put a big blob of top coat on your brush.
Wait for the newspaper ink to dry a little
I've tried this multiple times but the newspaper is never really see-able! Any tips?
when I just tried it my nail looked realy realy cool
I like it 😀😃😀😀:p
Could you use a different color instead of grey ???
does it have to be gray or can i use a silver
the nails are so easy that my friends !!
very cute i love the idea 👌😄
Ideas2live4 Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
Looking for some cute and neat-looking nail art? Here's one that's quick and easy to do. :)
Rena Patil Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
how to make newspaper nails art #manicure
Can u use something else besides rubbing alchol please let me know
OK thanks, I will definetly try it!
if you have hangnails dont do it (worst pain ive ever felt in my life)
Paris Fabulous Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
check this out!!!
WOW it wasn't even a minute
What other substance can be used to transfer newspaper ink to the nails other than rubbing alcohol ?
Is there any other way than using alcohol
I've heard you can actually use water, not sure if it works though, but you could try that.
Geraldine Lee Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
A cool way to make your nail pretty (Newspaper Nail Art by cutepolish)
Is rubbing alcohol bad for your skin? It's toxic right!?
No, it cleans wounds. It's not toxic, but it can kill you if you swallow it. 
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