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pokemon diamond- lowest chain for shiny world record-shiny absol chain 1

by 125meadowbrook • 10,960 views

lucky -1 in 4064 ^^ shiny absol caught after resetting the pokeradar one time after fighting one absol. the chain broke at 15, and i probobly never will reach chain 40 absol. yet, a chain one shiny...

@Austin Gordon I got a shiny Buizel at a chain of 7 as well! It WAS in a shiny patch though. I have a video of it. I will upload it one day if I ever get all my SD cards straight.
what if you ran into a random shiny thats not even starting a chain :P
I caught a buizel at a chain of 7 non shiny patch
The best chain is a chain of 0 silly!
does anyone want a feebas?Im giving them away just trade me a starly please respond and meet me on wifi if you want one by the way it took me about 1h30min to find the tile in emerald can save it after you use the radar and go back to it and continue the chain?
i will give you 10th prestige for ALMOST ANY SHINY POKEMON MESSAGE IF INTERESTED
it's called chaining, you cant use AR to hack shiny patches or the pokeradar
cool. (: , just yesterday i caught a shiny bidoof at chain 4. i was surprised, my highest chain so far is 21 nd that didn't get me a shiny so i was like :O at 4!! :D.
Right after I reset my pokeradar I caught a shiny Roselia,
you can also be really lucky to get it on a chain of only one so go piss of other people =.=
Lol, congratz xD Same happened to me with Snubble :3
@RaggedyMimiga technically, while it is possible to see a shiny at chain zero, its random and the shiny patch doesnt appear. either way, i have another video of me cating a grimer at 0.
@125meadowbrook i did that 2 first tme walked into a patch and found shiny staravia first pokemon so
@CollinIsDNA I think the patch wasn't shiny at all, here he knows it's shiny.
it shows you a shiny patch so i grabbed my camera
I cought a shiny Magnimite at a chain of 0. So.... yeah..
no thats my pkmn catching smeargle- knowing oder sleuth, thunder wave, super fang, and false swipe.
hi can i have a feebas please i need one to evolve into milotic
ok, first, i HAVE an AR, but its broken. when i put it in, there is a white screen and it refuses to load properly. second, i have version 1.2, which means i can only get codes from codejunkies(.)com. i cant make them up myself. and third, i have a DSi, which this ar was not designed to work for.
i ran into a lvl 5l prime ape shiny 1 chain not too long ago
I got a shiny zubat at chain 4.......... But the chain was ponyta......... And then I lost my game 2 days later.......
i got my shiny floatzel on chain 1
That smeargle alone couldnt beat my team! ;)
i had a shiny dugtrio at a chain of 0 and i never even had an AR in my life
i dont got a shiny chained at 1, but i got a shinx at 5
Why were you even recording this. did you cheat?
oh, i thought it was the one with draco meteor xD
read my previous comments from bottom to top
oh by the way give me your fc and a time you want the feebas
Yeah, anyone could do that........... with an action replay -___-
You could use an AR to get a shiny on the FIRST patch... Use the shiny cheat, then use the pokéradar, and no matter what, your first pokemon encounter will always be a shiny... so it counts as 1 on the Pokécounter app thing there... not that hard
I bet that its an AR hax And BTW remysVehicle there IS a hack thats for chaining and u can actually get tall 4 patches to be shiny at the chain of two
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