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What Hip Hop Taught Me

by JennaMarbles • 13,870,062 views

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eeeemmmmm................. ok then 
I can't believe 14 million people are dumb enough to subscribe to this retarded cunt.
+Kathleen Lynch Generally speaking, grammar encompasses all aspects of a language including spelling and punctuation.
LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rap and hip hop taught me how to develop ear cancer
+Bridget Star I peeped ur page u dont know real hip hop have u ever heard of EPMD mobb deep kool g rap nas cormega kurupt etc I guess not
wow I'm so birth yet my ass stings. I think I'll go cry now >.> of course I'm just joking and why the fuck would I give a shit if someone gets more likes than me in not some 12 year old on Instagram XD you have all been trolled congrats
Eminem taught me that if my girlfriend tries to leave me, I should just tie her to the bed and set the house on fire.
most of his fans say he's the best rapper even though they never listened to others
You forgot "Smoke crack, be an jackass, get aids, rob elderly people, not going to school, being an idiot, having crappy taste of music, loving repeat.... all songs are the same.... [...] (ten years later) being tone deaf, dressing like a slut, being a race traitor." Oh I can go on and on and on.
This is why Privilaged White America should stay shut about rap. FYI, Hip-Hop is the CULTURE. Rap is the MUSIC. Just based off the fact that the first rapper you named was Lil' Wayne shows how little you know about real rap. Let me make one thing clear. Lil'Wayne, Kanye, YMCMB, etc. All those big names are just mainstream rappers. Those are the ignorant MCs that give the real rappers a bad name. Hip-Hop is not for privilaged white people like yourself. It's not for the Starbucks drinking iPhone accustomed little white girls. Hip-Hop was created to voice the life of the hood, and ghettos of America. For kids who grew up in fucked up situations and by voicing their life helps others in the same situation feel like they are not alone. Do not open your mouth in regards to rap ever again because you know absolutely nothing about rap. You want real Rap? Listen to Nas, AZ, Rakim, or Mos Def. Stick to your little rock bands and stay in your fantasy world. Don't speak on shit that you haven't experienced yourself cause niggas die every day in these streets.
john cursio thank u for making the realest post ever i can relate 100% what u jux said
+Venjamin he's not being racist he's speaking factual shit bitch
Rap music taught me to give zero fucks about whatever anyone has to say about me. Cuz you know what I'm in love with the coco and I'm proud of it.
Came for a cute video, stayed for the amazing Vitriol in the comment thread. Thumbs up, waaaaaaay up.
every1 hates ni99ers, but love dressin n talkin like them :D 
+tuco james Maybe it's because you're ugly or simply they don't give a shit about you and ignore you because you are irrelevant. Leave it to you to imply its because they are timid. Why don't u say "excuse me Mr. Nigger, won't you make eye contact with me"? See what happens...
no no that was my sister and yes i do have a sister and im sharing my youtube page with my sister and she doesnt have her own youtube page so please stop making bad comments and no im not racist at all so plz stop
Man I feel sad, someone who cant see the positive in hip hop , something's I agree with too but she doesn't have to be sarcastic. I've learned so much from hip hop music and no one can take that away from me and from hip hop either. P.S why are you listening to the turn up ,radio songs only and look at songs that the rapper was speaking on a topic or the lesson they learned. Kanye is a very inspiration icon to me , even if his music has changed.
That means I'm complex as FUCK!!!!!
LMFAO......"when your drowning in the pussy, swim to the butt hole".
lol damn if the ass is loose too just "put it in her mouth... her motherfickin mouth" lmao
I think I died of laughter when she said that line. Never heard the song, but damn, that is funny.
I fucking love you lol
I hear +danisnotonfire's sexy end screen music *fangirls*
Lil wayne is gay :u
The late great keith cozart taught me: thou shall not lack in the field.
Eazy E taught me to say "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah." Cuz it sounds cool
hip hop taught me if i was to ever succeed in life i would visit my hood with no bodyguards & show my hood mad love it is all about street credibility fuck mainstream
im not worried, i just wanted to see what you knew about boxing.  but you obviously know very little or you would have given me a straight answer.
that there is what we call an uppity nigger.  bad attitude, irrational behavior, stubborn, stupid, aggressive, delusional.  you cant reason with it.  all you can do is chain it up in the cellar for a few weeks.  soften it up a bit.  you gotta break em like a horse.  once you do that, see how they work out.  if you still have problems, not much you can do but put it down.
This would be a perfect drinking game drink everytime Jenna cusses
People can say that hip hop music is bad but it litterally saved my life because with out all the messages for the music to keep going and love myself it made me a better person. Don't judge something just because of the rep. 
man this shit is epic lol white girl so tipacal lol cant spell but you know what i mean,but this women she dont have a clue
when a pussy whistles, its because a girl is loose xD
When  a guy burps out a disgusting remark about a woman, his dick is TINY!!!
Hey guys! I'm a new channel and would like to start making some videos "Jenna Style" (types of , things that _'s do, what a girls _ means, what a guys __ means, what __ taught me, etc) any ideas????
niki minaje and lil wayne are not fucking hip hop or rap.. get that shit straight..  pitbull, fuck me dead....kanye and jay z are barely hiphop  i honestly thought this was a sincere video because actual hiphop and rap artist are some of the smartest musicians out there.. 
Made the mistake of thinking I could drink while watching this. Specifically during "not only is ham delicious, but you can go it!"  There is now tea all over my comforter. 
sr but you sound like a totally bitch in this video
I hate hip hop too. But then there's Eminem...
HipHop told me one thing well: Life's a bitch, and then you die.
rap taught me to stand up against oppression
Thank you, I still didn't know what that meant
I have such a girl crush on Jenna Marbles.
holy shit wow man wow fuck to tell u  the truth im going to make a vide even tho im a schozo and bipolar is to funny because i have social phobia lol i hope people would see this ok
How old is everyone watching her?  What is the average age group?  Looks like more girls watch her...;.is that correct?
+animeksrules14 Of course everyone has their likes and dislikes. I just made a comment and I can judge anyone like you are judging me?  You don't see how truly two-faced you are?  You are judging me. I never said anyone should or shouldn't like her.  Never once said it.  What I do say is that her comedy is the puerile type that likes to you fuck, shit, and things of that nature that attracts the younger crowd.
+JasonRobert2011 not necessarily the younger crowd, but the less anal-retentive, less puritan,less simple-minded crowd.  yes, the younger generation is definitely less uptight, less likely to be so easily offended than the generations before them, but there are some in every generation,  sorry if we make you cringe in fear.
Jenna don't listen to them ur fucking amazing, so don't listen to them ur my idol.
Hip hop taught me how to be swag:D
Go HAM means go Hard As a Motherfucker. Jason derulo misuses it. You can ,in fact, not go ham sandwich. Go Hard As a Motherfucker sandwich
Yay I'm complex lol I still hate rap
@JohnCuriso and others that are you guys really not understand that she is 100% joking?  She chose rappers that are mainstream because they are the ones who say goofy as shit that she can make fun of, and they are the ones that people will recognize....She is joking....talking about swimming to the butt and making pussies know thats funny right????  I am white, not privilaged, and I listen to Dead Prez, The Coup, Talib Kwali, Brother Ali, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Cage, Blackalicious, Dilated Peoples, Jedi Mind Tricks, Black Star, and so many more...I love real hip-hop even though I'm white because they talk about real S%^$ and they are seriously talented, so yeah, she is joking, it is funny and you need to lighten up and above all not create even more stereotypes in the world.
Milkshakes: where does baby milk come from? And then you shake them and boys come to the yard
Anyone notice how 'Pac was the only artist she mentioned who was too good for her to clown? :)
I couldn't stop laughing 😋😂
you know what girls are the dirty bitch in this world im going to make a video about that  epesily white girls
United you so rude im 10 and i know more than you at least 14 milliion like the video si you can shut the hell up and i am taking up for her im a boy btw she is a pretty lady at least she tries i like her at least you can do is be respectfull my name is Anthony btw
You look so hot in this
I think its time for a 2014 version of this :)
I learned that if I've got a gun up in my waist I really shouldn't be shooting up the place... why? Because I see some ladies tonight that should be having my baby...... baby
Makes me laugh every time I watch it!!! <3
If she's so "retarded" then how do you know that?
If hip hop taught you anything, it means you are a brainwashed looney for letting something like that teach you anything at all.
.....As oppose to what...the US indoctrination system oh excuse, me education system. 
Not sure if you were just... "trolling" (if I used that right in this context and  with appropriate meaning to what I'm thinking) but I'm fairly certain that Jenna is just being playful/sarcastic/light-hearted. I don't think it's a very serious ode to the things she has learned from hip-hop.
I can't stand rap or hip hop but I got a kick out of this. XD Thank you Jenna.
rap is hip hop. i had to log in to let people know that the not all hip hop is about drugs, money, and insulting women. try listening to the underground hip hop. to start you off: Atmosphere, Aesop rock, Cage, Blue Scholars, Blu & exile, Immortal Technique, Sage Francis, C.Y.N.E. and the list goes on. so enjoy these.
hip hop isn't techno either
u suck! hiphop open my eyes to many genre of music
+trl1413 white girls are not a race
If you really take this video seriously, you're ignorant XD she is just trying to be funny and make you laugh. It's not meant to be serious
mike jones thought me why back then hoes didn't want me and now im hot hoes all on me. jeena how much cash you need? I got whatever you want, im aout to be some big time NBA baller soon anyway. like lil webbie said, girl give me that pussy lol.
Mike Jones taught me that if I am to put out a single I need to repeat my name as often as possible.
This made me laugh 👍
She had me at drowning in the pussy, swim to the butt!! :')
you can give a damn BUT YOU CANNOT GIVE A FUCK. 
I'm a white girl who doesn't own an iPhone nor consume Starbucks. Racist bastard. Enjoy the comedy of the video instead of getting all butt hurt and racist. Racism isn't cute in any form. Idc what the norm is now. And i know black people who don't like white people. News flash, that's also defined as racism. White against black is not the only form of racism that exists. I've had someone try to play the race card on me before. I'm so far from prejudice of any sort that I literally just laughed in their faces. Nice try with the race card but it doesn't work on me. This vid is funny. Just laugh or stfu and go on about your day.
Preach on sister! 100% with u on that
+trl1413 it is not racism its sexist
+trl1413 its not racism its sexist
This was kinda sorta funny leave Pac out of it next time tho
why is she trying to be blond
hahaha!   did learn something from Jamie Foxx, "always blame it on the alcohol, 'cause that goose had me feeling loose"
If u guys don't agree with her the y the hell I looking at her vlogs? There are other videos to look- go see a fluffy unicorn
Thats wat she learned from pac she is retarded there was more to learn than i kno who she is now
He maybe gave a damn. But he never gave a fuck. Not a single fuck was given. #Died
I'm complex as fuck.
This beach dissing pac for being dead. Beach, who the fuk let you out from the kitchen?
Well it's because lil wayne and drake aint hip hop or rap they're shit & 2 pac gave plenty of good messages to his people and minorities even women soo dont look at his bad side because real hip hop will not die
Zazazazazazazazaza (says for math answer) bammmm what?
Milkshake=Your Body    Yard=Your Pussy
Shameless ad: Check out my HipHop Channel! ;)
Thats wat she learned from pac she is retarded there was more to learn than i kno who she is now
Just as I thought, it's still garbage for that certain kind of person who thinks it's gold.
Ace hood also taught me that if I go to the projects and go to sleep I will somehow end up in a Bugatti next to a hooker
The trolling is real lol. But that Kodak part tho... Lmao
Rap taught me to forget the haters and embrace success
Dudes, she said to put your happy go lucky rose fucking glasses on. YOU ALL ARE FUCKIN FIRED
LOL this is so awesomely funny...can´t hold it hahaha XD
Makes me sad that this is all she knows of rap and hip hop No Atmosphere, Tribe, Lord Quas, Aesop Rock?! The fuck?
she don't know real hip hop
lol she is mad funny. and her comedy style is soooo funny
What did Eminem and Dr. Dre and Biggie and Suge Knight and Snoop Dog teach you?
what did nas and mobb deep teach her?
+Allan Foret she not from the hood my nigga bitches like her can't relate 
Wtf what about emin3m he is better than all of em
you nail should run for president of the nation
i can't even take this shit anymore because it's true.... people rhyme so stupid nowadays so that a white trash starts to insult hip-hop i miss those days when nas,jay z, tupac and biggie was rapping some old school storytelling texts and gave emotions to the listeners!!! i hope ya'll folks understand what i'm trying to say because i don't want you to support shitty rapper like lil waye or 2 chains!
All rap songs taught me that people can't sing.
Rappers don't sing. Rappers rap. That is why they call them rappers not singers before you criticize a genre make sure you know what you are talking about.
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