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A depressingly effective tactic

by Oshi7 & Serenity • 2,937 views

TV Missile lol

How does he break up the TV in the middle of the flight?
Well I found it quite funny tbh, get a sense of humor and have a laugh once an a while
you're making me get even more mad at DICE for not giving us the patch :/
this video was made before the patch because now on PC you must spot with the commorose
How hard are the TV missiles to control on PC? In my experience on Ps3 its like pressing f8 on minecraft which makes it really hard to hit anything
Enemy jet pilots are monumentally retarded, how did they not kill a stationary heli on the ground..
It is still useless, but that's more because of the fact that you almost whisper whatever you say, and you're therefore mostly not noticed or interpreted as ambient noise by most people, and that you have to wait half a second before it pops up, making it very inconvient to use.
That's true, but in my experience most players aren't very good. It's an effective anti vehicle tactic, provided nobody on the enemy team is good enough to take you out, but it's a hell of a lot worse than just flying around normally (especially when you're as good as you are), as long as your gunner isn't a moron. Are you denying the tactic is easy to counter? Really an rpg from checkpoint or hilltop isnt hard, hell sniping you out of the chopper from base would have worked fine.
this is so sad:P you don't even get the points for disabling:P
Just like the good old days ;) I'm amazed how much retarded the enemy team is, especialy the jet pilots.
u wont need this tactic when u get the patch.. just give any tank a dirty look and it will explode. fact.
Reminds me of the 1-hit-kill TV missiles of Battlefield 2.
Eh ignore him, its far more effective than most realise considering you can be OB for infantry, and close to a tree+ below radar for a jet. Only time your truely revealed is the moment you fire the missile. Ive done this a few times, and ive had it done to me a few times. Its not as simple as RPG him like the guy said, but I am sure you know.
It's funny how many "good" people say this, yet how effective it was on different servers. Also, "a few minutes" could cost your team all its tanks.
Hahahaha! wow... Thats actually a good tactic :P
if i were in this i would have destroyed u from a jet..
it self-destructs after a certain time so that you cant fly it all round the map to choose the perfect target and angle
i cant even use a tv missile the controls just screw me up cuz there not like jet controls
While I do think that the tv missile is definately overpowered in terms of the game's balance, I'm still left to consider whether or not this is actually how powerful these tv missiles are in real life.
Yay i was in the chatbox :D, Great game last night
Ehy oshi add me would like to play with you sometime or some of you guys, my username is napjerdalackurwo
LMAO nice shots Oshi. Have you been hit by an RPG yet? I suffered my first death to one earlier. I basically fed they guy the kill but it was embarrassing nonetheless...
I did that about a week ago... And they all rages
there was some guy doing this crap on a server I was on. The only problem is that we had a good chopper/gunner combo tearing it up when he grabbed it.
Who says you need a co-pilot? :D
it's so damn difficult to get a jet or chopper to kill you when the other 15 people on your team are all camping for same vehicles. It's worse on hardcore because you don't get the 3d spotting.
I don't think so... Blurryfield 3: Suppressive combat is an excellent title for what bf3 has become with this patch =(
now attack heli is mobile TV missile station.
oh lol,i didn't notice the satellite minimap,by the way you can still spot by just pressing Q?
Sitting stationary in a chopper on a hill is ridiculously easy to counter, if you had tried that shit against me it wouldn't have worked for more than a few minutes. A single good player with an RPG is all it would have taken, not to mention any more than awful jet pilot at all.
haha real skillz gettin mad in the chat...why dont u grab a jet and deal with the viper thats just sitting there then hahaaha
how can they expect ppl to buy DLC packs in future when they fuck up the game like this tanks get 1shot good fun
What killed the patch for me is the ridiculous supression, the TV missile, and the tanks being killed so easily. And this whole foregrip + supressor nerf thing...
Pretty much like real life..Sit miles away and fire at targets unknown to you being there
you should fight against norry82! Chopperdownbringer vs Chopper-Good-Guy :D
That new stationary turret is much better than the old ones!
I would have just set up a mortar somewhere and dropped a couple on you if I could.
Si. Aswell as all the other functions that Q were used for, like asking for ammo, medic kits etc. Except squad leader orders though, that might have been moved exclusively to the new commo rose, not sure.
when i see my teammates do this I fly there with a jet bail, and drive it away
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