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Fifa 12 - New Drop Ball.

by JaaacKBroooN • 548,455 views

@SuperOntheedge well no its clearly not. why do you say that? if its because you say fabregas is on arsenal not barcelona then @JaaacKBroooN has already said it's the demo
stop spamming why fabregas is not in barca. kbai
@eaplayerrecovery1 LOLLLLLLL
Why isn't Fabregas in Barcelona?
FIFA12 Fabregas w Arsenalu hahahahahaha ale down
He's not injured, he's actually planking :)
@HardyRuels Fabregas is on Arsenal he gets injured o.O
the funniest was the drop ball that they did in my six yard box
eh.... because that video is from demo version of fifa12 -.-
they should have this rule online aswell
thought fabragas was at barca??
@granturismofan125 because this was the demo before fabregas moved to barca
@gostenhofer11 12 couse Arsenal have new shirts.
0:20 F.Fabregas? Should be C.Fabregas.
Dude his name is F. Fabregas it's C.Fabregas dude!
Swear Fabregas is in FBC. But in here hes in Aresnal. This is lies.
watch?v=c67KoAjNfbA hahahahaha xDD
@KULCAT Fist it is a game so it could not be real and second this was the Fifa12 demo
why didn't you bring on frimpong?
@KULCAT and all the barça fans would say... HATERS GONNA HATE 8-)
Fabregas in Arsenal?? FIFA IS SHIT! :D
@RefractZx Francesc Fabregas is his full name
wtf thats bs u were near enough on goal.
Wtf? Drop ball? Whistling when the player is injured? How come this never happens in my fifa? Is it only on offfline mode(wich I dont play because its fucking boring)
@Konry24 Este es el demo imbecil pes esta perdido con unacompetencia como fifa
@adamc799 c is for cesc and cesc is short for francesc fabregas
Virtua Striker 2002 is still the best on GameCube.
@KULCAT of course its real he perfected his diving drama act at arsenal
@ThatComedyChannel98 in the fifa 12 demo is fabregas in Barcelona
right, the most fucked up thing happened on fifa involving this to me. My player got injured and they had to kick the ball back to me but the ball was with my goalkeeper so they had a drop ball basically next to my net and they scored from it ! :S
Iniesta ist bei fifa 12 doch garnicht bei arsenal ?
fuck u referee it was 1v1 !!!!!!!
@Mynamesnigel It happened to me as well, really frustrating
dude this is so fake and its the demo but the one thing is true there are drop balls
Why was fabergas playing for arsenal>
Happened to me, And after the ball was passed back to me from the drop ball like good sportsmanship. /watch?v=eIJG0TdAc0c&feature=feedu
@BKajun06 it's like that to keep it fair..
its so stupid because when the ref drops it, you automatically just kick it
@lagiacrus666 14 sep 2011 - upload it's fifa 12 demo , so Fabregas plays for Arsenal, so it's THE REAL FIFA 12 , so what ?
People the reason why Cesc Fabregas is playing for Arsenal in this video is because the teams in the demo was already set before Fabregas went to Barcelona. This is the demo.
This is Fifa 11 Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!
is it legal fifa rules to do that?
0:12 F.Fabregas or Cesc Fabregas?
how about this you idiots...this is a career mode and he bought Fabregas back to Arsenal? makes sense? think before you write something stupid
hey look! Fabregas is auditioning for Barca! and he got it!
@RefractZx maybe on the shirt but his name is francesc fabregas.
why is fabregas playing for arsenal? how many months have passed since cesc arrived to barcelona?
@ThatComedyChannel98 take a look at Barcelona's team.. and see that fabregas is on it
@derlampenhalter98 At barca, ;) I am from Austria. I speak not very good english :)
@BKajun06 in real life you'd give the ball back, that's why
in fifa 12 cesc plays for barca
as if the ref stops the game when the other team is going for goal
@lagiacrus666 spelling is not your strong side, is it?
Was this you playing? seems like i did these exact moves before o_O
@lagiacrus666 transfer? edit teams? twat
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@KULCAT Understandable if you didn't play the demo, but if you have then you should know that in the demo they had Cesc on Arsenal still.
@lagiacrus666 I Does Fabrigas pay barcelona? That's wierd...
Fifa12? Fabregas plays by Barca not bei Arsenal, or you have buy him.
Fabregas plays for Barcelona though
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