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(HD) My Favorite Notes Collection: F2-B2

by Manuel Alexander • 1,574 views

- Watch in HD! My favorite 2nd octave notes hit by my favorite female singers! Enjoy! - I know I said it would take months to get this series up, but that's because I planned on having F2-F3...

Like I said, I'm not sure about Beyonce's F2, but I doubt that G3 is the lowest note in that song, I still hear lower notes than that in the song during the bridge, F2 or not :P & I hear a G#2 in "If". Have you found a filtered version of "If"? & Thanks!
the F2 (H) in "I Care" is not harmonized, the range for that is G3-C6 and that G#2 (OU) in "If" is a Bb2 Harmonized. other than that.... loved the video and brandy is my favorite artist.
Thank you! & That's a C3, it'll be in the next video :)
Anggun is best Please Watch this Anggun - 'Cesse La Pluie' Live at Night Of The Proms.mp4
Great Video! I also love your favorite low note! anyway, what song did anggun sing (B2)?
very nice :) i loved the different use of other singers. :)
Annie surprised you? She's one of the best contraltos in history xD
what's the difference between backround/harmonized/octave-unison? And how do you know that its the actual artist un-"assisted" in some of these cases or not other singers (cause some of that stuff has so much going on it's hard for me to hear let alone seperate the voices...>_<)? Just wondering tho, not hating. Great video!!
Not true, if you examine the timbre enough you can tell if it's the singer or not. Or you can search for a filtered version of that song so that you can only hear the backing vocals
@LifeisMusic07 Thanks! & I'm almost positive it's Sade, it matches her timbre IMO
Yes! The lessors could NEVER! I'll download it later tonight, thanks ^^
Are you sure about Beyonce's F2 and G#2, as well as Toni's F#2 and her G#2? Seems Mariah's note in Bliss is an F2 instead of an E but that's still ungodly low for a female.
Wow Amazing vid and great choices! All were relal ygreat:D
YES! I was hoping at least one person would mention the outro song xD "Too Close" is like my favorite song right now hahaha
I thought I commented on this? Anyway, Toni slayed, Beyonce slayed, Brandy slayed. Are you use that G2 is Sade, because sounds like a male backing vocalist comes in at a low tone? Not saying she can't hit it, but just stating what I hear in these headphones.. I like Anastacia's A2, Annie's B2 was really nice.
mariah's F2 sade's G2 mary's G2 brandy's G2
I'm pretty sure Mariah's note is an F2... An E2 wouldn't make sense in the key, as I believe the song is in Bb major
Wow this makes me hella jealous, I'm a 17yo guy who can old go as low as a C#3...-__- I get so frustrated when I hear these women with really big ranges and the most soothing lower registers in the world ugh. Mariah's and Brandt's Bb2 omfg freaking amazing oh and LANa del Rey omg awesome!!!
Great Video,even tho I don´t like the "octave unison" Notes which you can´t really tell if a (male?) back-up is doing them! Btw. MC´s F2 is actually an E2.
Cool! Say, what is the name of the tune and singer behind it at 00:00-00:11? I'm just curious.
Ahahaha I know, that B2 was probably pushed along with a little studio magic but oh well, at least it's her :P
What is Mary's G2 song. I wanna find it filtered. Also Aaliyah's
@VaunTV That's truue, that's the one note I'm not sure about
I love these Vanessa's B2, are beautifuls!
The E2 was confirmed by Youtube´s " Vocal Range Guys" back then. But its your video.....
What is Brandy's Bb2? That note destroyed!
And you make my dream true, a video with famale singers in the 2nd notes. I love wimen in low notes! Do you know a Patti LaBelle Bb2?
@TLPOMNIMEDIA Background means it's a note hit that doesn't go with the lyrics & is usually at a quieter volume level so that the melody can be heard. Harmonized means that the same lyrics are being sung but with different vocals parts at the same time. Octave unison means that the lyrics are being sung in different octaves at the same time. & well you can tell by analyzing the voices, or by searching for a filtered version so that you can only hear the backing vocals. Hope that helped :)
I'm not sure about Beyonce's F2, it could be a male back-up singer, but I just decided to include it anyways ahahah, but I am sure about Toni's F#2 as well as her & Beyonce's G#2's
Mariahs E2 was confirmed as Mariah posted it on her twitter. She wouldn't post something fake.
Oh I love so much this video! Great choices! =D Brandy is the BEST!!!!!!! Her lows are everything, expecially that Bb2 and B2!! =D Mariah Carey and Beyoncé are my favourites too!! You could include the wonderful G#2 in Schoolin' Life! Also Anastacia and Nicole Scherzinger were great and Vanessa really surprised me, love those B2s!! =) Can you tell me the songs at 1:15, 1:50 and 3:42 please?? :)
I love these Vanessa's B2, are beautifuls!
Nice collection. I dont hear any Bb2 for Lana Del Ray at 2:08?
Great video!! Like everyone else, Brandy's Bb2 is my favorite note here, jeez she is amazing. And Vanessa's B2s are so clear and has so much Ping to it. Thanks!!
@hessounusual95 Ahahaha thank you though, your explanation was much more vivid than mine anyways :)
Hmm... I wonder if that's really Bey hitting that F2, she has so many males doing BG vocals on "4."
3:06 "comfort and jooo ooo yyyy" damn! Mariah is so strong in all registers... her range is ridiculous
Mariah's F2 is an E2, and Beyonce's F2 doesn't exist lol.
I don't really like low notes in octave unison....but nice video
:O Beyonce hit an F2? shit. WAIT, Toni hit an F#2? Woah! Hm... @ Nicole hitting a B2, I'm not so sure about that. Live her lower registry is pretty weak at like an E3 so a B2 seems a little.. IDK. Brandy, Mariah, Beyonce, Anne & Sade are my favorites.
Thanks! & Ah damn you're right, it's a D3. I saw it labeled as a Bb2 in another video & I didn't bother to check that note before using it hahah sorry my mistake!
Great video and notes! Love them all. Although I would've included Mariah's B2 in "My All" :)
Thank you! & Beyonce's song is "If", Brandy's song is "Bring Me Down" by Kanye West, and Vanessa's song is "Off On My Kiss"
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