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The Legend of Zelda Music on Guitar Hero

by NinBuzz • 292,742 views

The Legend of Zelda Music on Guitar Hero Video created by: EvilApple567. All credit for this video goes to him - Song by: Shiningami15...

Link would make a hot guitar player.
according to many pictures I have seen on DA, you are not the only one to think so
Damn, wish I could play drums on the guitar.
Dude do you have like fifty fingers or something? I could never get this good at Guitar Hero... or should I say BAND HERO!!! HA I SNUFFED YOU OUT I RECOGNISE BAND HERO ANYWHERE! I RECOGNISE THE INTERFACE SINCE GUITAR HERO HAS A DIFF INTERFACE (Unless this isn't the guitar hero I'm thinking of and I'm derping)
+Stewart McNeil  sorry, I just wasn't expecting that answer to my comment
HOW DID YOU GET THE ZELDA SONGS ON GUITAR HERO HOW?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Brings back my inner Link
tries to play with air controller then cries
OMG how did u do that so fast :O OMG LIKE
It's not guitar hero for sure but it's another game like it and that's not him playing it's a com because u can't have all fingers on the guitar and even if u did your fingers can never move more then 5 mph and that song requires at least 7 mph for u to hit every button so it's good but fake nice try
Sir, you are a GENIUS, I say!
Whats the song called????
ok the bakrond is totaly fake but is that a real song in the game? cus i wold be so happy if it was
Not bad. Not a dingle note missed, AND it sounds cool.
Incredible. How much work did you put into just writing out the music for GH?
You're an ass... I like that :)
What guitar hero game is this? I WANNA TRY!!!!!
No one commented for a while so I'm going to: HI!!!!
with the true background of the game will be more credible
Pretty sure he edited the background in? Still an impressive video
I really like that thumbnail pic! Where did you get it from? o3o
the guitar hero of time e.e ok, i kill myself... this was horrible
DAMMIT! I was just about to make the same joke...
+Xavier Hayden He is talking about the joke he made: The Guitar Hero of Time lol not about the song
how the hell did u play so well like damn
wow... I'm a Zelda nerd for knowing most of these...
I know all of them too, but knowing the most famous songs of the series doesn't make you a Zelda nerd.
You hands must have hurt when you were done o-o
+Ben Drownedd I know right, a professional doesn't get hurt.
Guitar Hero of time
thumbs up for evilapple567,shiningami15, and ninbuzz for creating this awesome video!
Yeah I am sorry and ashamed to ask this because I also love the legend of Zelda but WHATS THE NAME OF THIS SONG? Gomenasai Q_Q
Fake? I can see the original guitar hero on the background...
he put an overlay on so what? does that mean anything? its not fake the guitar hero cannot have custom backrounds so he had to do some editing magic, whoop de fucking do,
He he I get it gutair "hero" hehe
Dark world is one of my fav songs from the series
Because when they made the game links hair blended into the backround so the creators desided to make it pink, lol I know my stuff, i've played every zelda game out ^^;
Right-Click on the Video, says "Stats for nerds". Had to click on it...
More like Guitar Hero of Time heh heh heh.............I need a life.
how ar eoyu supposed to get these songs on guitar hero?????? seriously!
After watching this, my wall looked like I had spread oatmeal on it.
Do you even play music? You'd be surprised at how often high notes sound like low notes (vice versa) if you did.
serieux t trop forttttttttttttttttt
i was hoping for some music from majoras mask or ocarina of time but at least they put clips from the game in the background
Wow! I was never that good at Guitar Hero, but i would purposely improve just to play this.
3:22, Does anyone know why Link has "pink" hair in LttP?!
Link should have been Zora Link cause he's the guitar Link . . .
That guitar has some whack distortion.
um... k now i will answer his question. they'd hide the light force somewhere else right?
"Guitar hero" ...Where the fuck is the guitar ??
easy you just A) either you download it from your Itunes account B) you download it from the internet
I think that in Xbox or pc I DONT REALLY REMEMBER you can upload songs
lol your right! zelda died? oh thats ok use the next one, number 4 please
19 Octoroks 12 Deku scrubs 11 Moblins 10 Wallmasters 9 Redeads 8 Stalfos 7 Tektites 6 Keese 5 Stallchildren 4 Poes 3 Gibdos 2 Wizrobes and 1 Gerudo King all disliked this video
this video rapes my mind, flips it over 3 times, eats it, shits it out, eats it again, throws it up, then a fucking prehistoric velociraptor jacks off on it and buries into a pile of monkey shit
thats amazing how fast it is and not a single miss!!!!
0-0... i would die before being able to play that
Good. Those ones were worse than ET for atari2600.There not made by nintendo. Zelda is one of nintendos trademark characters. So it not being made by nintendo was a horrible idea.And that horrible Idea made horrible games
my hands hurt just from watching that Tal Tal Heights section! totally awesome!
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